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    The ‘Secret’ To Jessica Alba’s Killer Post-Baby Body Is Hardcore Corseting

    Jessica Alba is a mother to two children, a fact that was utterly mind-boggling to The Daily Mail as they recently ogled her bikini body. But in the now great tradition of “how did you get that smokin’ body?” question that is now a cornerstone to celebrity mom interviews, Jessica’s “secret” is...
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    NHL Three Stars: Stewart powers Blues; Kane?s killer shootout move

    No. 1 Star: Chris Stewart, St. Louis Blues The Blues’ power forward scored two goals and had the primary helper on returning linemate Alex Steen’s goal, as St. Louis shut down the Phoenix Coyotes, 3-0. Jake Allen made 28 saves for the shutout – the first of his career. No. 2 Star...
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    Reducing Your Risk Of Colon Cancer: Five Facts About The Number Two Cancer Killer

    March Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month Colon cancer, the number two cancer killer in the United States, is often preventable and highly curable. "It's important for people to understand that with proper screening, colon cancer can not only be detected early, but often can be prevented from...
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    Rumor: Google Is Working on Same-Day Amazon Prime Killer

    TechCrunch claims that Google is "stealthily preparing" to launch a new same-day-shipping Amazon Prime competitor called Google Shopping Express. More »
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    How to read Chasing Lincoln's Killer free online?

    Google didn't help. I lost my book and I need to finish 3 projects for it. I reserved it at the library but I don't know when it'll be ready. Conveniently, teachers are going on strike at my school so I have extra time to work on it. Anywhere I could read it online?
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    Japanese Team Creates Cancer-Specific Killer T Cells From Induced Pluripotent Stem Ce

    Researchers from the RIKEN Research Centre for Allergy and Immunology in Japan report today that they have succeeded for the first time in creating cancer-specific, immune system cells called killer T lymphocytes, from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). To create these killer cells, the...
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    Deron Williams is a Coach Killer

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    Pictures: Ryan Lanza the Sandy Hook Killer in Newton, Connecticut

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    Rumor: Facebook Planning to Roll Out Craigslist Killer? By Jamie...

    Rumor: Facebook Planning to Roll Out Craigslist Killer? By Jamie Condliffe The Daily is reporting that Facebook is testing a new classified ad service that could challenge Craigslist head-on. The Daily cites two sources from within Facebook who independently told the site that the...
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    Killer Virus Uses Protein Wrap To Evade Immune System

    One of the deadliest pathogens on our planet is the Marburg virus, which can kill up to 9 out of 10 people it infects. Now scientists at The Scripps Research Institute in the US have discovered how this close cousin of the Ebola virus wraps a protein around its RNA to mask itself from the...
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    Researchers Find A Chink In The Molecular Armor Of Killer Hospital Bacteria

    There's new hope for development of an antibiotic that can put down a lethal bacteria or superbug linked to the deaths of hundreds of hospital patients around the world. Researchers from the University of Alberta-based Alberta Glycomics Centre found a chink in the molecular armour of the...
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    is it too weird if i make the killer in my story do something non sexual with his...

    ...semen? i want to make the killer do something strange in a non sexual way with his sperm to show how weird he is. would this be too much of a turn off to readers or would it really show how messed up and crazy the guy is? i'm trying for something like silence of the lambs, but not eating anything
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    Is a task killer for iPhone 3 needed?

    I have an iPhone 3 I know i'm behind but maybe people can help me that had one. Is a Task/app killer needed for an iPhone 3?
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    What's more disturbing: a straight serial killer who preys on women or a gay

    serial killer who preys on men? Ted Bundy (straight) versus Ottis Toole (gay). Toole killed women too, but he didn't rape them, so not sure if he was a good example, but he's the only gay one I know of.
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    need a killer, persuasive, attention grabbing introduction?

    about the topic "Money cant buy happiness" for my speech.
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    Computerized Text Analysis Uncovers The Word Patterns Of A Psychopathic Killer

    As words can be the soul's window, scientists are learning to peer through it: Computerized text analysis shows that psychopathic killers make identifiable word choices - beyond conscious control - when talking about their crimes. This research could lead to new tools for diagnosis and...
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    Friday’s Three Stars: Skinner gets winner; Hiller, Shark killer

    </p> No. 1 Star: Jonas Hiller, Anaheim Ducks After struggling with vertigo for much of last year, Jonas Hiller showed the fans in Anaheim that he was feeling much better. In his first game in the Honda Centre since February 2nd -- and the Ducks first home date of the 2011-12 season -- he...
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    Killer headphones with a $1,700 price tag: the Grado PS1000

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    contract killer android?

    i need help with getting a hack for contract killer ................... one that WORKS!!! its impossible to get 190.000 can anyone help me with getting a hack for it or how can i get more money i need at least 190.000 for a new gun so i can play story mission but its not possible
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    Genetically Modified 'Serial Killer' T Cells Obliterate Tumors In Leukemia Patients

    In a cancer treatment breakthrough 20 years in the making, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Center and Perelman School of Medicine have shown sustained remissions of up to a year among a small group of advanced chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients treated...