1. D

    Which country is safest to tour -- Syria,Egypt,North Korea,Pakistan or India?

    Tks for useful tips! :-))
  2. W

    Why do more people travel to China and Korea when much more people seem to like

    Japan? Why is Japan much less visited than China and South Korea every year? isn't it mysterious? Japan has a popular culture like anime and manga. i thought Americans HATED China for political reasons. maybe because of FUKUSHIMA nuclear disaster !! Asia and the Pacific[edit source |...
  3. H

    if i have a iphone 4s korea made and its OS is ANDROID can i turn it into apple ?

    answer please :)
  4. F

    How can China and South Korea prevent Japan from invading them again?

    Japan has invaded Korea and China for at least thousands times and caused a lot of harms(including WW2), but Japan still hasn't learned anything from history. http://news.yahoo.com/japanese-mayor-wartime-sex-slaves-were-necessary-042050746.html it means Japan can invade them again and Japan is...
  5. G

    Brad Pitt and Pax Jolie-Pitt Jet to South Korea, Continue Father-Son Bonding Trip

    Pax Jolie-Pitt's passport is getting quite the workout! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 9-year-old son remained by his pop's side as they continued their father-son...
  6. H

    If you could spend a day with anyone from Korea?

    Who would it be? They can be anyone living in Korea. What would you do if you got to spend the day with them? :)
  7. H

    HELP NEEDED ! >< Looking for a Tour Guide from South Korea, Seoul.?

    I am looking for a tour guide (free and easy) from South Korea, Seoul. She/He must be able to speak English and Korean fluently. Any help will be greatly appreciated ! ^^ Thanks !
  8. T

    what is the difference between the samsung galaxy s3 made in korea and the

    one made in vietnam? i read on my s3 under the battery "made in Vietnam by Samsung" so what is the difference between my device and the one made in korea they both have the same hardware is my device fake or a clone
  9. R

    has north korea really approved same sex marriage?

    I saw this on the tube tonight and if so maybe Kim's son is going to change things in North korea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0kPka1vydQ
  10. J

    Can foreigners in North Korea access youtube?

    I heard that visitors to North Korea can now get on the internet as of February 2013. but does that include YouTube.? Or is it blocked like it is in a few other countries.? I know that North Koreans are not allowed to access the global internet.
  11. J

    Traveling to Korea need advice?

    I am going to Seoul Korea in the near future with a freind. Is it easy for english speaking Americans to travel around the city ? Do they speak English? Is there anything I need to know before I travel to the country? Is there any books or anything that could help me travel there? This would...
  12. wanda

    Why do foreign patients choose to travel to South Korea for treatment?

    Just curious.
  13. A

    Afternoon Links: State-Sanctioned Hair-dos In North Korea

    • Why yoga isn’t a religion (as some California parents seem to think) (The Stir) • Recipe: Butternut squash, chickpea and kale curry (Greatist) • Sourdough bread may be safe for the gluten-sensitive (Organic Authority) • The Nu Project showcases … More » Afternoon Links: State-Sanctioned...
  14. M

    For vacation, If I go to South Korea, Will i be able to come back?Are they going...

    ...to let me come back to the US? if i go to south korea, will i be able to come back to my own country. cause i heard that u cant get out of the country.If yes, then why?
  15. D

    Is North Korea what happens when a country becomes Athiest?

    North Korea is the most athiestic country in the world where just owning a bible is grounds for execution. It is also the poorest, most isolated and impoverished country in Asia with the worst Human rights in the world. figures though, Athiest don't have much regard for human life.
  16. B

    Quiz! Can you tell Japan from Korea?

    Don't google anything. To answer the following quizzes, just use the knowledge you have now. I am just curious about how much foreigin people (especially from the West) know about East Asia. 1: Which company is Japanese and which is Korean? a.Sony b.Samsung c.LG d.Panasonic e.Toshiba...
  17. B

    Is it good idea to unlock U.S iPhone 4G and use prepaid SIM card in Korea?

    I am going to Korea for internship for 4-5 months and I want to take my iPhone 4G AT&T phone with me. I live in las Vegas btw I hear you can unlock it and buy a prepaid SIM card at place like SK telecom? and then you can use the phone I was wondering if this is a good thing to do if I need a...
  18. M

    If I were to vacation in S. Korea and go on the internet while I was there,

    would the everything be in Korean? Would I see Hangul on very website?
  19. J

    When is Big Bang going back to Korea from Singapore after their Alive Concert...

    ...Tour 2012? I heard it will be on Sunday (September 30). I want to know what time their flight will be, if possible. :)
  20. J

    hey.. i have " samsung galaxy k " which is imported from korea and i live...

    hey.. i have " samsung galaxy k " which is imported from korea and i live... ...in pakistan..? I am having some serius problems. i cannot write sms more of more than 90 words it automatcaly becomes mms, cant send sms to anyone but i can recieve, and i cannot make videos more than 5 sec in 1280...