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    Ladies, would you rather your boyfriend/husband drive a sports car or a sports bike?

    Just a random poll. Personally, I believe that sports cars represent wealth and sports bikes represent daring and bravery? (Not to say that a biker can't be Rich or a sports car driving guy can't be brave)
  2. J

    Ladies hair survey: Which looks better.....?

    ...... Long curly hair or long straight hair??
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    Girls, take this quiz. I need to know ALL of this and I need answers QUICK. 1) I had brown discharge once, and im almost 13. Does that mean my period is on the way? 2) How do I keep my skin clear? 3) Any 8th grade advice???? ANYTHING TO ADD FOR A 13 YEAR OLD ALMOST MAYBE ON THEIR PERIOD, GIVE...
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    Ladies what's your favorite gadget? What about you gentlemen?

    BQ: What do you think of the following "future" gadgets?
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    POLL for the ladies: What would you do if?

    You and your husband were going out with a few friends, and just before you left, he helped his friends get their coat on, and then he just handed you your coat and told you to get it on?
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    Under Armour Thinks You Adorable Ladies Need To Choose ‘Your Color’ For Sports Gear (

    On Monday, while creating my "bright running shoes" shopping guide, I was looking through all the sites I would normally look at for sports gear and found a rather striking difference between the appearances of Under Armour's women's frontpage and the men's. More » Under Armour Thinks You...
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    New fashion trend for young ladies?

    I really like this one as a guy who considers himself old-fashioned, maybe it is just me, but where I live in California girls are starting to wear long dresses, they look like they are covered in a river of silk, very attractive, so is this some new trend? (age 17)
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    rumours ladies watch 47480?

    its gold with diamond settings all around the face
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    ladies - if you were lounging in your house in a sports bra and the bell rang?

    would you answer it or put somethnig else on first?
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    Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make Me Loose! Ladies Mouth Off On Lip Color

    Is wearing red lipstick some sort of scarlet letter? According to Keyson Crump, part of the totally whatever male peanut gallery, red lipstick is equal to loose women. After reading that rubbish, I felt the need to have women sound off here. More » Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make Me Loose! Ladies...
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    Tom Cruise's Leading Ladies: Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Renée Zellweger and More

    Tom Cruise has quite the impressive list of leading ladies! The 51-year-old actor has starred with Hollywood's biggest actresses, like ex-wife Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, Demi...
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    Poll: Ladies, do you like the poem I wrote for you...?

    Girl, your eyes sparkle like diamonds all shiny and bright, I'm gonna slip something in your drink and bang you tonight. <3
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    Ladies i need your opinion! How do i meet girls .... ? PLEASE?

    How do i meet good looking girls that are on their way to classes? Help
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    So me and my friend were messing around one day and we put a tampax pearl tampon in a cup of water just to see what would happen. When it absorbed I noticed that it was rectangular. So how does that work when it's inside you and when you take it out? Is it uncomfortable to wear and take out? I...
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    Ladies, when you first start texting/talking to a guy, what makes you lose...

    ...interest in talking to him? How does a guy fail to sustain your interest after you first start talking to him? And what are ways that guys DO maintain your interest/contact with you? ...And also... does ignoring texts and posting facebook statuses about being tired and having headaches...
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    Ladies, what's a romantic vacation destination?

    What would a romantic vacation destination be for you?
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    Lay Off The Liquor, Ladies: New Study Says 1 in 8 Women Are Binge Drinkers

    Binge drinking is usually associated with men, but a new study says that one in eight women engages in this type of alcohol abuse. And--surprise, surprise--the problem is magnified by the fact that we think men are the binge drinkers; not women. More » Lay Off The Liquor, Ladies: New Study Says...
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    How can I pee outdoors?! Panicking! Ladies help!?

    So I keep trying to go outdoors and end up getting it all over myself and jeans and I really need to learn how because i am going on a camping trip with no bathrooms close by I really could use some advice maybe a step by step guide I don't know whatever you have to help me because it will be a...
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    Girl Talk! , Answer this Ladies. How Many girls wash UP their Vagina? and wash UP

    they butt lol? More Details- wash up the Hole's.. this is a serious questions please NO EXTREMLY LONG ANSWERS! * IF ANYBODY GOT ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS I WILL CUSS YOU TF OUT SO CHILL! Also, other girls always ask why does ther private parts smell bad here's a logical answer right now I'm 18 and...
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    Ladies what is the best way for a guy to make you laugh?

    I would love to cause a woman to laugh at me :D