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    Hi to all, I've recently met a lady and she's said some things that's got my...

    ...alarm bells ringing? 1. In the park she says? What would you do if I had another man? My reply I'd get rid of you? I then say, why have you twice but her reply wasn't that forthcoming. 2. She asks in a coffee shop? What do I feel about cheating? My reply no thanks not my thing? Her reply...
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    Whyd the old lady throw her necklace off the boat (opinion)?

    In titanic.. why do you think rose threw her prized necklace into the atlantic
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    What are some character traits of Roger and the lady in Thank You M'am? ,help plz!?

    helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp as soon as possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Michael Fassbender Is Dating A New Lady, And She Can Beat You In A Race

    Double bad news for ladies who were hoping to embark on a relationship with Michael Fassbender and his penis charming personality. Not only does it look like Michael is romancing a new lady, but she can totally beat you in a race. Or catch you if you try to stash Michael in your handbag and run...
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    Beliebers:What do you think of justin bieber's new lady love ella-paige? well if you dont know here here she is.Well she is quite pretty.But i dont like her.She kind of looks slutty.I liked selena better
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    Is Lady GaGa Jesus Christ reincarnated?
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    what is The Rare Jodeci Forever My Lady (Remixes) tracking CD45-2059 as MP3?

    it's hard to find Jodeci Forever My Lady (Remixes) CD Promo as MP3 Version Is Remaster Version not vinyl version
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    Gym Classy Lady: How I Learned To Love Aerial Yoga (AKA Hanging Upside Down In Silk H

    Well, they say the third time is the charm. And not to ruin the end of this, but when it comes to aerial or hanging yoga, I think they might be right. More » Gym Classy Lady: How I Learned To Love Aerial Yoga (AKA Hanging Upside Down In Silk Hammocks) is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on...
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    Officially NSFW: YouTube's Naked Lady Problem (NSFW) (Updated)

    Until last week, I'd never actually listened to anything that Robin Thicke had released. Then someone dropped Blurred Lines into our group chat. And, well, I liked it. Because, well, nekkid. Rather than disappear into a cloud of censorship, the YouTube left the video up for six days. More »
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    4 pictures 1 word men playing basket ball, a car meter,a men talking to a lady.?

    Please HELP!!!!
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    Morning Links: The Health Benefits Of Being A Single Lady (Yes, Even On Valentine’s D

    • To all the single ladies: Here are the*health benefits of going solo. (HuffPost Healthy Living) • Active Valentine’s date ideas for healthy couples. (PopSugar Fitness) • Find out which breed of dog your boyfriend most resembles. Because why not. … More » Morning Links: The Health Benefits Of...
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    Gym Classy Lady: The Time I Tried Adult Sports Leagues (Or, How I Met My Future Husba

    Ahh, Valentine's Day, the licorice of holidays. Everyone either loves or hates this day. And while I don't really have an opinion either way, I'm in favor of any holiday that gives me an excuse to eat more candy and give punny cards (seriously: "I choo choo choose you," what's not to love about...
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    Life in the Lady C Lane: Los Angeles! - Jan 29,2013

    Life in the Lady C Lane LOS ANGELES, hosted by Lady Charlotte Lynham! Part of her job as International Editor in Chief of a magazine is to travel the world in search of the best hotels, restaurants & luxurious places and in this show she takes us along with her to see all that she discovers...
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    who's the asian lady in roger federer's camp?

    I see her in many of federer's matches. What is her relationship with federer's family? Thanks,
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    Some lady thinks i hit a car and she took a picture of my car and I didnt leave a

    note because the other car? had no scratches and I dont want my car towed while Im at school. My car already had a messed up bumper and they might think that i did hit the other car. What should I do?
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    Lady Gaga To Offer Free Counseling Services For Fans On Born This Way Ball Tour

    Present-day pop's number one star Lady Gaga has been in the news throughout 2012 for her honesty regarding mental issues, eating disorders and body image. The tabloids have body snarked her and criticized her weight gain (which was actually not all that much, anyway, but that's beside the fact)...
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    Does Lady Dedlock die in Bleak House?

    im wondering cos on IMDB it says that Gillian Anderson is only in 14 episodes out of 15 of the 2005 adaptation that i may watch cos she is my favourite actress and i studied the novel at school but didnt finish the end of it
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    Lady Gaga and Olivia Wilde: Fashion Twinsies in Christian Louboutin Spiked Pigalle He

    Admittedly, we have a slight infatuation with bold*red heels, especially during the holiday season, but we did mention how much sexier they are when covered in fabulously fierce...
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    Lady GaGa or Nicki Minaj?

    Lady GaGa or Nicki Minaj? I know some people think we shouldn't compare them but I'm just wondering who do you like better? I'm personally a REALLY BIG GAGA FAN!! A little monster :) but who do you prefer? State you opinions on each artist and who you like better! Thanks:) xxx Paws up
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    What was the movie Iron Lady about?

    Doesn't she get trapped in cave or something and she makes a suit to escape?