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    Why are liberals against castle laws?

    If you want to live, don't break into my house.
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    Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools

    I love a good chocolate bar or Cheez-It from time to time, but I’m very happy that these new regulations passed Thursday about junk food in schools — with surprising bipartisan agreement. More » Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    the government should not develop laws to control future genetic research and

    genetic technologies.beacause? Please give me some arguments on why the government should not develop laws to control future genetic research and genetic technologies.
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    what are the laws for (PDA)? more details in desc?

    (PDA) or public display of affection: what are the laws for it in Michigan? sorry i meant rules and inside of middle schools. such as rules for hugging, etc.
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    What are the laws regarding downloading torrents in SA?

    Do South African authorities take the issue serious? Or do they just not care? taking into consideration the high levels of crime I would assume they already have too much on their plate and lack the resources to go around chasing file sharers?
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    Labor laws against minors?

    Okay im 16 and currently a junior in high school but I'll be graduating early. I have a job at taco bell but I had a couple questions. My friend found a few jobs but im required to be 18. What are the rules against that? If I get my diploma can't I show them that and be approved as an adult...
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    What are the laws on roundabouts.?

    Since I started driving with my learners permit, my sister has been getting mad at me for signaling when I exit a roundabout. I say it is polite and courteous so people can enter the roundabout quicker and move traffic faster. She says it could cause an accident if someone put on their signal...
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    Laws in Washington for private party vehicle trades?

    What is the proper rules to do w a private party vehicle trade after 3days has gone by since deal?
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    State Laws Aimed At Improving School Meals Help Teens Eat More Fruits And Vegetables,

    Students' intake of fruits and vegetables increased when states required schools to offer them at lunch, especially among teens who had only unhealthy snacks available at home Teens in states that required schools to offer fruits and vegetables as part of the meal program consumed more fruits...
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    Ohio bird hunting laws?

    Is legal to hunt regular birds with pellet gun. I have looked in ohio hunting laws but I can find the bird I'm looking for. Not sure what they are called but they are pest and they are farely small and black is it ok to shoot and kill?
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    Copyright laws on iPhone apps?

    There is an app called picsilk, you take a picture (the app automatically turns it black and white) and you put it on a tshirt and others can buy it, the money goes to the owner of the app. Other people can follow your account, like your photos etc and make shirt using your pics, I drew an...
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    How many Christians will support Hobby Lobby when they decide child labor laws go...

    ...against their religion? How many Christians will support Hobby Lobby when they decide child labor laws go against their religion? How about if they decide the minimum wage would give their workers too much excess money that could potentially be spent on contraceptives their alleged religion...
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    tn tobacco laws (minor)?

    i know buying is illegal if you're under 18, but is smoking tobacco illegal? my sro kinda hates my guts and is out to get me on anything that he can, so i just wanna be cautious.
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    What are the laws for transporting a lifted truck on a flatbed?

    I'm planning on getting an F-350 and lifting it with 40" tires,I want to take it to different mud parks that range from 100 miles up to about 500 miles away,If you know mud trucks you know anything can break at any time so I don't want to drive it that far and have something break on me and not...
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    Do any of the Pacific states have laws pertaining to hunting Bigfoot?

    Obviously all general rules apply while hunting, so I'm asking about laws specifically pertaining to Bigfoot. But I don't think any lawmakers would mention Bigfoot by that name. Maybe there is a law about "unspecified large game animals" being restricted, or that all legal prey taken from land...
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    Under what laws can U.S. president discuss Prologed Dention?

    Please watch Obama's famous 'tale of two speeches' in full. "Indefinite Detention Without Trial" endorsed by Obama in an insult for humanity. Is it constitutional for a U.S. President to discuss Prolonged Detention Policy? If not, what disciplinary...
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    What's your response to NRA opposition to drunk shooting laws?

    The National Rifle Association has lobbied against laws in several states that make it a felony to discharge a firearm while legally intoxicated. These laws came about largely as the result of the thousands of hunting accidents that occur every year because of intoxicated hunters who shoot at...
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    Are any laws being broken if a child arguing with his mother leaves the house... go his grandmother's? Not me,someone i know who fights with his mother alot and gets in these situations too many times to count.Kidnapping charges get threatened alot. The child is 16 and the mother threatens the grand mother with kiddnaping charges. Also i live in the US. so american...
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    What is "The Wacky State Laws and other radio trivia for 7/14/2012?

    Good Evening and Morning! Thank You Country and Al for your help this week. Also thank you for the very nice comments and prayers. Thanks in advance.
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    Laws In Brazil That Protect Against "Big Food" And "Big Snack"

    Under pressure from civil society organizations, the Brazilian government has introduced legislation to protect and improve its traditional food system, standing in contrast to the governments of many industrialized countries that have partly surrendered their prime duty to protect public health...