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    Does LG Optimus G Have LCD?

    I Am Wondering If My Lg Optimus Has LCD. I Want To Repair The Screen
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    motorola milestone xt720 lcd problem?

    hey i recently got the phone by my cousin and for some reason i tried turning it on nothing showed on the screeen but i heard the sound and when i touched the screen it vibrated but the screen wasn't on and now it wont even turn on or charge so idk what to do if its the battery or the lcd that...
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    how can connect my ps3 to my vga lcd monitor?

    is there any way? if there which is the cheapest way
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    Should I go for a 19" or 23" Coby LCD Tv w/ built in dvd player?

    Im getting an xbox 360 and would like to know which tv size is better. Should i go for the length, or the extra $ in my pocket. ps im 14
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    Samsung Just Gave Sharp $110 Million to Guarantee LCD Supply

    Sharp has just announced that it's getting a $110 million shot in the arm from Samsung. In turn, that will help guarantee Sammy as many LCD panels as it can use. More »
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    How can i connect my home theatre system to my lcd TV?

    Actually i can connect my home theatre system to tv through HDMI cable but the problem is that i can not hear any sound from my tv through home theatre system. Suppose if i m watching channel 9 and i want its sound in my home theatre system speakers, then i cannot hear anything. my tv has...
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    Are LG LCD tv's reliable?

    I'm considering buying a 32" LCD tv. Are LG tv's reliable? How long do they usually last?
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    green tint on dvd on lg lcd?

    When I put in a dvd it plays with a green tint. I've tried all the color settings on both the tv and dvd player. The tv is an LG 55LM7600.
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    which is the best home theatre?? i own a lg dvd player and panasonic 42 inch lcd tv.?

    Onkyo HTS 3400 Home Theatre Yamaha YHT-196 Yamaha NS-P40 speakers alone and connect to dvd player Pioneer HTP 71 5.1 home theatre system Sony DAV-TZ215 Sony DAV-DZ640 which is the best one??? sony has 1000watts output but yamaha pioneer ect mentioned above has only 600 to 660 watts will...
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    Samsung Series 6 UA55C6900 LED LCD TV Composite AV in jack?

    Please let me know what is the Composite AV in output cable for this tv called. It is very different to all other tv's, I want to buy this jack, but don't know what it is called and cant seem the see it anywhere on the internet. On the support page they call it the slim gender cable ... HELP...
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    PS3 on a Samsung LCD, having black screen and 'Mode not supported' display?

    I'm having a problem with my 160 GB PS3 Slim. Ever since we bought this one and a half year ago, it didn't have any problems but I've encountered something yesterday. When connected to 1080p it displays 'Mode not supported' and 'No signal' on our TV then goes black screen then on again. It...
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    My Motorola Atrix lcd is not lighting up?

    Hello my motorola atrix lcd is not lighting up I replaced the digetizer and now the lcd is not lighting up please help!!! Oh and i can not take it back so Please help! Everything works theres just no light
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    How to interface an the I/O ports of my e-gizmo color LCD shield on my gizduino?

    How to interface an the I/O ports of my e-gizmo color LCD shield on my gizduino?
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    how to interface an e-gizmo color LCD shield on my gizduino?

    how to interface an e-gizmo color LCD shield on my gizduino?
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    how do i make my 47" LG LCD 3D TV's 3D look the best?

    The 3D comes out but not significantly enough, not the way they showed it in the demo is there specific settings i should have.
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    Why does my new lcd samsung tv blurry?

    Some channels are crystal clears while most are just blurry and fuzzy looking. Thats not my main problem though. I hooked up my xbox to it (xbox is less than a month old) and when I run around the picture quality is HORRIBLE. Then I stop and then it focuses or something. The picture has like...
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    Samsung 40in tv LCD panel is damaged where can i find a repair?

    The actual screen its self is ok its the small back light board that is attached by ribbon cables at the bottom that is the problem!! it had a fault capacitor, a very tiny one i tried to repair but it was just to small and beyond my skill at soldering :( but also when messing around with it the...
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    LCD monitor won't work(narrowed down the problems)?

    Tried the displayer on bot on-board vga and other computers.Changed cables.Problem is the same.While pc isn't open,the blue led light on the screen just turns on and off as normal.When turned on the pc,it doesn't display anything and LED keeps blinking,but the on-time of the LED is gets a lot...
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    New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down: LCD Soundsystem and Miles Davis

    LCD Soundsystem's "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down" off of Sound Of Silver is already a great song, and a little Miles Davis makes it even better. This barebones mashup by Alessandro Grespan and friends is made simply by playing the song along side Miles Davis's trumpeting at...
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    if the lcd on a itouch breaks does that mean the screen wont respond

    correctly?(Apple)? because my screen got cracked in front and its not that big of a crack its just the screen stopped responding and now i cant slide it to open my itouch or do anything on my itouch at all and i think i need to buy or replace my lcd