1. A

    What other music apps are there besides frostwire and limewire that is compatible...

    ...with Ipod Classic? Arie it does make sense. I am asking: besides frostwire and limewire, what other music apps like them that go with Ipod Classic. Do you understand now? I can not get any easier.
  2. K

    What is the new limewire of 2013? What do you use for free high quality music?

    It used to be Kazaa Then limewire What is it today?
  3. B

    How did limewire make money?

    I often hear companies like Napster, e-mule & limewire made a hell lot of money. I was wondering how? Like I'm sure their pro version didn't make a 100 million, I read somewhere that, their paid client got them all that money.. What does that mean?
  4. M

    How am I a Pirate? I Only Searched Limewire!?

    I typed in Limewire into Google Search and clicked "I'm Feeling Lucky" and then it came up with this animation that said "Do what you want 'cause I pirate is free! You are a pirate!" before it cut to dancing pirates. How am I a pirate? I only searched Limewire.
  5. S

    How do you share music now? Limewire? Brear share? What else?

    Love you, Amy. You know what I mean. love u
  6. R

    any sites like limewire?!?

    this there any sites like the old music downloading site limewire?!
  7. H

    Free Music Downloaders like Limewire.?

    Does anyone know of a good free music downloader kinda like limewire, I need to download music for my friends ipod! Thank you guys :)
  8. D

    Is there still anything like limewire for download these days?

    I'm looking to a download music and videos like limewire before it was shut down.
  9. M

    what torrent downloader software is as the same as limewire?

    Other than lmewire, Is there any torrent downloader that i can directly search files within the software and download like in limewire? can anyone suggest the best torrent downloader and has a search engine? like for example i want to download mp3, i culd just input titles then download. my...
  10. K

    i used to have limewire?

    is there anything like limewire now a days
  11. A

    Anyone know a new site for downloading music like Frostwire or Limewire. I...

    ...really miss those days..? Just tired of not having music on the go.
  12. W

    Do any of you remember Limewire?

    That was the sh*t
  13. J

    Will I be caught for this little bit I downloaded from LimeWire?

    I just downloaded like 3 songs from LimeWire. I put two of them into my iTunes library, but I deleted them both after their quality sucked. I did use LimeWire many years back for like 1 song just to see how it worked, but I don't use it at all, except for the times here and there. From all of...
  14. J

    freesharing similar to limewire and frostwire?

    that is easy and still in use
  15. H

    What is with the Lol Limewire? (Click on link)? thats the link. Everyone in my 8th period class today n yesterday were watching it on the school laptops
  16. A

    Limewire won't play; says requires Java 6. Help!?

    I've had the pirated version for a while, and it has been working fine, but I guess since I updated my Java now when I try to open Limewire it says I need Java 6 or higher. Of course, I have Java 7, so that isn't entirely accurate, but the main thing is it doesn't work. I downloaded the...
  17. K

    LimeWire wont start why?

    When I start LimeWire I get the error message "LimeWire needs the java runtime enviroment 6.0 or above" but I already have it installed.
  18. J

    Can I still use frostwire or limewire in 2013?

    I really am just wondering if frostwire is safe if not could you tell me where I can get free music to go onto iTunes ? Thanks have a blessed day(:
  19. L

    Is limewire safe and legal?

    I used to use limewire all the time and downloaded a bunch of songs and nothing ever happened. But lately I've been using Itunes and I just can't afford to get the songs I want. I really want to go back but I've been hearing about how you have to be very careful because you can download a virus...
  20. R

    remember limewire,kazza etc,is there?

    is there any website out there this day and age where u can get single tracks from,because those ones above r just virus ridden now.thanks for looking