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    Is Need for Speed Rivals a multiplayer of line game?

    if you want to play with 2 people do you have to be online basic is it going to be like the lego games format where you and your friend sit down and play together with 2 controllers side by side i hope what i"m saying making any scene
  2. D

    Can I attach subwoofers to a 2-channel amp in line with coaxial speakers?

    Now, to be fair, I'm not actual putting this in a car yet, I'm just putting together a system from car audio components. (I'll move on to putting it in my car when I really want to make the investment, and when I understand what I'm doing a bit more.) But yeah, can I connect a subwoofer or two...
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    Rays ball boy makes up for errors, protects bullpen with snag of line drive

    Your browser does not support iframes. What started out as a rough night at the office for Tropicana Field ball boy R.J. Boggs, was quickly turned around by one outstanding catch that had Rays players and fans alike giving him a standing ovation. Of course we have to start with the lows...
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    Poll~Is there a song that comes to mind when you hear the line "la la la la la. . ."?

    Poll~Is there a song that comes to mind when you hear the line "la la la la la. . ."? The song Mr. by Kara comes to mind for me. . .lol This is their Japanese M/V for their song though. ^_^
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    [korean] translate this line from a movie?

    i stumbled upon this and wanted know what the actress is saying
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    How about buy Armani watches AR1400 on line on webiste: ?

    i just find a new website : ,this website seem more formal than others ,and the supply free tax lower price original Armani watch, i think this will be a better choose ,do you have some more suggestion ?
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    My Blackberry Storm won't work. There's a red line on the battery with a white...

    ...background.? I have the first Blackberry Storm, I've had it since '09 and it's worked perfectly fine, up until last week. It was working and then when I went to check my text it was on a white screen. I took it back to my hotel room and charged it, but it stayed on the white screen for an...
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    I Just Planning to Buy a Volkswagen Polo Comfort line Diesel is it a best...

    ...option or not ? I'm for looking Price discounts,Deals,Schemes,Offers & Best Discounts.. I'm from Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu... If there any Deals,Schemes,Offers & Best Discounts please answer me for this month JULY 2013
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    Is this the end of the line for Roger Federer? 31 years old, loses in the

    2nd round at Wimbledon? Was it just a fluke, or should he retire?
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    Have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G on T-Mobile, 3 line family plan. Want a

    IPhone when im up for an upgrade.I am? i have unlimited texting, limited calling(1,000 minutes shared between me, my mom, and dad.), and limited internet(2G per/ month) im up for an upgrade, and i want an IPhone! i want a 8G/16G iPhone 4,4S, or 5. I want to stay on the same plan.. Nothing to...
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    Best Cruise Line For 18 Year Olds!?

    Hi, So 2 of my friends and myself are all going to be 18 soon and we were wondering what would the best cruiseline/s be for us to travel on? Some requirements of the cruise line: - The cruiseline has a very good nightlife (clubs, parties etc.) As last time I went on a cruise it was full of the...
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    Need Trend Line Help?

    General forms of the equation through the point (2,1) parallel to the kube 4x - 2y = 3 and perpendicular to the given line.
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    Is the other people added on a family plan just as much as the main line?...

    ...Verizon Wireless.? My sister was going to add me on her contract and make it a family plan. I was just wondering, does that make the bill cheaper on my end? I hope I am wording this right on my end, but say she is paying 90$/month for her phone bill, if I am added will I also be paying just...
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    Duck Dynasty Teams Up With Hallmark for Line of Greeting Cards—See Them Now!

    Nothings says Father's Day like Duck Dynasty. The A&E reality show has teamed up with Hallmark to release a line of greeting cards for dad's special day, June...
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    Introducing ‘Fatkinis,’ A Bikini Line Exclusively For Women Sizes 10 – 24

    Finding bikinis for women over a size 8 – and not just plain, ill-designed one-pieces — can be pretty difficult. Now, with the advent of “fatkinis” and this amazing collection that resulted from Gabi Gregg and swimsuitsforall collaborating, it’s easy for anybody between a size 10 and 24 to find...
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    Video: 19 People Injured at New Orleans Mother’s Day Second Line

    [No message]
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    What is the perfect fishing line for pier fishing in CA?

    What is the perfect fishing line (lbs) for pier fishing in CA?
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    Watch Senators, Canadiens Game 3 line brawl a.k.a ?center ice war? (Fight Video)

    The nasty, tense series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators – from gruesome injuries to zoological taunts – finally exploded in the third period of Game 3, right after the host Senators took a 4-1 lead. Ladies and gents, we give you a Stanley Cup Playoffs line brawl...
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    Florida water polo sore loser uses handshake line after state title loss to launch op

    Things are always tense when archrivals face off. When the teams are competing for a state title, the tension is even more pronounced. Yet that doesn’t excuse what happened at the conclusion of the Florida state water polo championship match between traditional rivals Ft. Lauderdale (Fla.) St...
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    Is there a way to get rid of a high smile line?

    I hate when I smile or laugh and all my gum shows! I just want a nice smile,I'm fed up of having to cover my mouth when laughing and looking away when smiling!