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    why does my LG cosmos touch have lines across the screen?

    I was charging my LG cosmos touch one night and it has lines across the screen but I can still see what is on the screen... I have tried taking out the battery and turning it off then back on
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    Iphone 4g cracked screen and lines?

    alright so somehow my iphone teleported beneath my chair..and i sat on it like BOOM!.. so the screen is annihilated cracks for days, but theirs also these vertical colored lines running down the middle now.. Now i just wanna know if..buying a front Screen will fix both problems...
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    Should Carnival cruise lines adopt this as thier new slogan?

    "Carnival Cruise Lines, now with over 50% less fecal matter"
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    Okay i just booked a cruise with carnival cruise lines and it says you have to

    be 25 and older to be in a room? with a minor and i'm 17 years old and i want to know what's going to happen to us when we go to the cruise or what can we do because we don't wanna cancel the booking for $250. so what will happen is my question?
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    What cruise lines are best for Alaskan cruise?

    We are taking an Alaska cruise next year and I really would value opinions from experience on 3 cruise lines. Holland America, Princess, and Norwegian. A second part of my question is has anyone ever used vacations to, and is that a good site?
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    ‘Boba Means Boobies’ & Other A+ Lines From The Boba Tea Parody Video

    If you watch one boba tea parody video today, let it be this one. More » ‘Boba Means Boobies’ & Other A+ Lines From The Boba Tea Parody Video is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
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    Is the Obama Administration sort of like Carnival Cruise Lines?

    Sometimes it is listing to one side and nearly capsizes .. at other times it has to be towed to shore?
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    Arrested Development: Best Lines Ever

    In a less than four months, the Bluth family will make its way back to our TV lives when the new season of Arrested Development premiers on Netflix. We just blue ourselves with...
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    How do cruise lines stay in business after every type of fiasco is made world known?

    What makes people still go on cruises? Hijacking and murder on a Mediterranean ship. Lost people overboard never to be seen again. Numerous incidents of mass sickness. On board fires. Idiot ship's captain grounding ship with loss of life and the ship. ***** Would it be fair to say that...
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    What are the lines on your hands?

    On your palm what do those lines represent and why are they right there. Those brown lines(well in not sure if everyone have brown lines on their hand). But look at your palm and you'll see the lines I am talking about.
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    how to clean dryer vent lines?

    approx. 20 feet of line to outside, flex type duct. first and second floors
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    Does Carnival Cruise lines have bottle service?

    I was wondering if Carnival Cruise's did bottle service and if anyone knows the prices. thanks
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    Will pushing brake fluid back into lines ruin master cylinder?

    I'm going to change my brake pads for the first time and was wondering how to do it correctly. I have an 86 Toyota Pickup and in the Haynes manual and other Youtube videos people usually just depress the caliper and make sure that the brake fluid reservoir doesn't overflow when the fluid is...
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    What cruise lines have open positions for make up artist's?

    I am looking for a full time make-up artist's job on a large cruise ship.
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    French- can you tell me if the lines in this poem are past, present of future?!!?

    Pull down to refresh Hello Anon 94 points (level 1) Ask Answer Discover Yahoo! Homework Help Your Open Question: Can you tell me if the lines of this song are present, past or future? C’est la belle nuit de noël La neige étend son manteau blanc Et les yeux levés vers le ciel A genoux, les...
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    Rupert Sanders Lines Up First Film Post-Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

    First Robert Pattinson worked the talk-show circuit for*Cosmopolis. Then Kristen Stewart had to hit the road for*On the Road. Liberty Ross walked a runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week....
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    Champagne prices on carnival cruise lines?

    Anyone been on a carnival cruise lately and know what the least expensive champagnes cost? Also how do you get on the cruise lines with booze these days?
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    What type of story lines do typical Sci-Fi films have?

    Just compiling a list for my media studies presentation. So what are the generic conventions for a typical sci-fi movie?
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    Can you provide step by step instructions for replacing VW rubber brake lines?

    This is for a 73 Model 181 Thing, but I expect it is the same as a Beetle's. I can't find my manual. Are there some metal clips I have to deal with? Does the new line just screw in? This would be the driver's side front.
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    Vizio enters PC market with affordable desktop and portable lines

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