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    The EveryJoe Show: Mariah Carey’s Lip Sync Fail

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  2. K

    Hello everyone!! What do you think about all the rumours that Mariah Carey Lip...

    ...Synced her performance? I'm confused? Why would she need to Lip Sync when she's so incredibly good at what she does anyway! Do you guys think Mariah Carey Lip Synced her performance? If so, why?
  3. A

    Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make Me Loose! Ladies Mouth Off On Lip Color

    Is wearing red lipstick some sort of scarlet letter? According to Keyson Crump, part of the totally whatever male peanut gallery, red lipstick is equal to loose women. After reading that rubbish, I felt the need to have women sound off here. More » Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make Me Loose! Ladies...
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    Does anyone know a lip shade close to Lip Tar's Strumpet?

    preferably a lipstick please! it doesn't have to be exact! I just need something similar please c: thank you in advance xoxo
  5. R

    Does anyone know a lip shade close to Lip Tar's Strumpet?

    preferably a lipstick please! it doesn't have to be exact! I just need something similar please c: thank you in advance xoxo
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    Raw lip after chewing tobacco?

    After I pack a lip of skoal I always have a sore lip. It feels cut up but when I look at it in the mirror it doesn't look like anything. Is that just the fiberglass cutting my lip? Will it soon go away and just keep healing itself?
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    Acne along jaw line and on the INSIDE of my lip. Cyst-like boils, inflames...

    ...if bothered- WISDOM TEETH relation? My wisdom teeth have ben causing some pain, and i have bad acne along my jaw line and now on the inside of my lip. Its not normal acne, its big, deep and cyst--like. When its bothered it puffs up and gets worse. Could this be caused from a wisdom tooth...
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    What is on my lip? is it herpes? cold sore? possibly pimple?

    Hi i'm 14 and have a red bump on the top of my lip that is pretty good sized and hurts a lot I have not been sexually active still being a virgin and I haven't kissed anyone in a few weeks does anyone have any idea what this could be? Oh and it will not pop
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    Is O.C.C Lip Tar Worth It?

    I was thinking of buying it but I need opinions first and also is it glossy?
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    does roger waters lip sync at his concerts?

    Anyone else notice this? i don't think he did the WHOLE thing like this, but dang, i pay to hear it live
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    Why is everyone making such a big deal about Beyonce lip syncing?

    Oh my god who the hell cares if she lip synced or not! Everyone lip syncs, even Michael Jackson in his Motown 25th and Superbowl performance lip synced, even Whitney lip synced during her super bowl performance as well , whats the big deal, like honestly if i turn on my t.v or phone and go...
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    Sriracha Lip Balm: A Christmas Gift for Masochists in Your Life

    Sriracha makes most things better, including popcorn and lollipops. But the latest addition to the Sriracha camp—lip balm—might just be a step too far for most people. More »
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    My cat has a swollen bottom lip!! PLEASE HELP!?

    When i got home this morning, i saw that my cats bottom lip was swollen. The area is hard but it's not really red. Although, it does have a distinct reddish-brown line but it does not look like a scratch or a bite, it looks as though it is an indent from her top lip. I have also noticed her...
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    6 ways to rock a red lip

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    Photosensitizing Antihypertensive Drugs May Increase Risk Of Lip Cancer

    Long-term use of commonly used blood pressure medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight is associated with an increased risk of lip cancer in non-Hispanic whites, according to a Kaiser Permanente study that appears in the current online issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. Funded by...
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    4 reasons why you should wear lip liner

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    3 reasons why you have a lip balm addiction

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  18. K

    wide lip floor vent cover?

    i have a few standard size floor vents that I need to find new covers for that have a wider than usual lip. we recently replaced our carpet with wood laminate and some of the edges were cut a bit too short around the vents. i can't find any in local stores, but i have seen some websites that...
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    Occ lip tars or kat von d painted love lipsticks?

    Which one has more color pay off, lasts longer, and gives a more perfect look?
  20. J

    Where can I get Bonne Bell Lip Lites?

    I've only heard good thing about this gloss and I wanna try it but I can't find it at my local WalMart. Where else can I find it and is it a good gloss?