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    Can I Have DirecTV At Two Locations?

    I have DirecTV at my home, but I also stay with a family member several days a week. They don't have cable, so I was thinking that, if it was possible, I could have DirecTV hooked up there as well. Is this possible?
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    FX Networks ramps up peering locations in New Zealand

    FX Networks has announced the availability of increased fibre-based interconnection points around New Zealand. These ISP connections will be available over NZ Internet Exchange (NZIX) points in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch.
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    Entourage episode Return to Queens Blvd locations?

    In this episode at the end when Ari is walking towards Johnny Dramas bar, I think it just has the most amazing look. Being from remote Australia we don't get to see these sides to our world and was wondering where exactly this might of been. I realise it's in Queens, but how about a more...
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    Ohio Deer Hunting...public property locations?

    I live in extreme easter ohio, 3 miles from PA border near youngstown. I have only been here 1 year and have never hunted ohio before being a pennsylvanian transplant. Can anyone reccomend places that offer public hunting for deer....prefer Big woods that are not insanely crowded...
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    My ipod touch 4g iOS 5 is not letting me save reminders at locations. What should I

    do? I have an iPod touch 4g. I upgraded it to iOS 5. When I open reminders, it is not letting me save at a location. What should I do??
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    How many locations does 24 hour fitness have?

    pretty clear
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    Cheap bluetooth headset locations?

    Can anyone suggest a store that sells cheap headseats as in drive there and buy it. I cant order it online i'll be traveling soon. Can be in walmart, target, gamestop, at&t, hhgregs, kmart. Etc. Below 20$ please?
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    What are some good pet-friendly, beach locations for vacations in Florida?

    My family is looking for some good places to go for vacation on the gulf side of Florida, and we want to bring the dogs. We prefer resorts or beach houses, something remote and not too crowded, some place that allows big dogs. So far I've looked at St. George Island, St. Augusine, Amelia Island...
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    A website with tour locations?

    Because I want to see a website that has tour locations of tours from past and present.
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    What locations could i visit for refrences to the Norse religion. ?

    I am interested in the horse mythology and would like to visit some old buildings maybe some old churches and the like. In Scotland if possible.
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    Best Backpacking locations in Europe?

    I will be traveling after I graduate in June and I would like to spend a few months backpacking around Europe. What would be the best city for backpacking. First the city has to be safe, safe enough for a female to walk around by herself day and night. It also should have good public transit...
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    Is there a word for someone who likes to have sex in weird place (locations)?

    Someone who doesn't care for the bed, just wants to do it in strange places like in a tree or something
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    Is a membership to a 24 hour fitness club good @ all locations?

    I will be moving soon and would like to join a gym. I was wondering if I join a 24 hour fitness can I use any of their gyms or only the one I sign up at.
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    What are some good one-day tour locations around NSW?

    My parents aren't keen on really going anywhere this holiday and I suggested we went on the one-day group tours instead. What are some good places to go to and is there any particular company/s you can suggest?
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    Is there a relationship between the locations of earthquake epicenters,

    volcanoes, and plate boundaries? if so, please describe the relationship. thank you in advance
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    Battery Locations of 07 Arctic Cat F6 Snowmobile?

    Where does the battery go, where is it located at?
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    In windows 7 how do I set a folder to save its contents in several locations?

    Hi, I want to back up a certain bunch of files by having them save simultaneously on several drives so that if one drive dies they're recoverable. I edit them constantly so saving them repeatedly to each location is a pain. What I'm looking for is to have a folder on my desktop and anything I...
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    page number and locations to all 17 locations Elie Wiesel traveled in the book night?

    this is a worksheet i have to do and u have to list all 17 locations in order with the page number. example. 1. Sighet, Transylvania Page number???
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    Tulsa, OK - Neat Party Locations?

    Really cool places to have parties at in tulsa, oklahoma????
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    times and locations for gkr karate in region 2?

    where and when are classes for gkr karate in region 2