1. B

    how do you reset central locking for Porsche Baxter?

    After replacing the windshield, alarm and window are not working and is making two beeping sound when I try to lock it with the remote
  2. M

    Citroen C3 - Central locking gone, car won't start?

    I've had my Citroen C3 for about 3 months, 05 plate. Ever since I bought the car the central locking hasn't worked too well - I have to manually open the driver's door with the key before the central locking will allow the other doors to open. A pain in the arse but I've lived with it. At the...
  3. L

    2007 bmw 328i door not locking through remote?

    So for some reason the remote stopped locking the drivers door. it locked the rest of them. So i decided to look at the fuses to see if thats the issue, i replaced all the door fuses correctly and now when I try to open or close the doors through the remote the only thing that happens is the...
  4. K

    Getting Locking out on terminal server?

    Hi, hope someone can help im pulling my hair out here I have a user that keeps getting locked out every couple of hours i have looked at what DC server the account is getting locked out on and checked the event veiwer it told me the Server that is sending the wrong credentials, the server that...
  5. D

    Have a problem with the locking system on my car ....?

    When I press the button on my key fob to lock the car , all four doors will lock and unlock fine . The boot however will stay locked . Could this be just a fuse that's popped or something more sinister and expensive. The car is a 57 plate Vauxhall Zafira if that helps .
  6. M

    Central locking on nissan terrano locks all doors but only opens the drivers door.?

    right hand drive, checked fuses they seem ok any ideas please
  7. T

    Do Blueray Players have Region Locking?

    i was looking up some anime and found out one set of movies which i thought was never released outside japan was released only once in the US but as since sold out and no more of this series has been released this got me wondering, i live in Australia and i already own a 1st Gen PS3 which i'm...
  8. G

    Central Locking problem in my Car (opel)?

    Hi, I have Opel Astra 1995 1.6 G sedan type car (it's known as Vauxhall in some countries) and my car's central locking system has jammed all the doors lock except the driver's door. I have been facing this problem earlier time to time but for very short duration and this time it's like dead...
  9. E

    Hi, I have a Volkswagen Jetta 2000 1.8 turbo. The trunk randomly stopped locking one

    day and nothing seems to? be wrong with the locking mechanism. I think that a fuse is out for the electronics portion of its function. I opened the fuse box and there's no help as far as which fuse is which. The manual says to take it to a dealer and I don't want to because it's so simple...
  10. N

    porsche 911 central locking PROBLEM!!!!?

    Ive got a Porsche 911 996 (1999) carrera 2 and the central locking has decided to stop working! when I press the key the light comes on on the key but doesnt lock or unlock the car i only changed the battery couple of months ago so cant be that...I can manually lock the car but only lock the the...
  11. F

    Why are my front breaks locking up?

    This is a Toyota 4 Runner 1998. A few months ago I replaced the front pads. All seemed to be ok. Now for some reason the front breaks appear to lock up temporarily. What could be causing this? I've tried to bleed the calipers but no luck.
  12. J

    Why are my doors locking by them selves? 1992 mazda 929?

    I don't lock my car doors because the key doesn't unlock them. I understand that the locks activate when you put the car in gear, but the last 2 days, I had to call AAA to unlock it. It locked by itself while I was at work and again yesterday overnight.Could someone tell me why, and what can I...
  13. A

    Problem with remote locking of doors on Lexus LS400 & windows wont open and close?

    Problem with remote locking of doors on Lexus LS400 & windows wont open and close? Just woke up to this problem. Any ideas. Already checked battery in fob.
  14. M

    I have a bmw 320 d 2003 model and the central locking is not working what

    can the problem be please can? the central locking worked on and off for a little while now it wont lock at all i thought it might be the key first i tried the spare key same problem please can you help
  15. J

    Locking Windows 7 gadgets?

    Is it possible to lock the gadgets to the desktop so I cant move them around? The reason for this is I accidentally press the close button or slide them around the desktop occasionally. I am using Windows 7 Starter.
  16. X

    what's a good dvd to buy to learn popping and locking?

    i wanna learn to dance, popping and locking and robotic moves and maybe bboying too
  17. H

    Locking Blackberry curve?

    how do i lock the blackberry curve 9330 so as not to accidently call/text people etc.?
  18. T

    Medisafe 1 Technologies Locking Syringe Adds ERP Compatibility Feature

    Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: MFTH), a developer of patented technologies that physically prevent unauthorized administration of prescription medications, announced today that that a customizable ERP compatibility feature has been added to the company's barcoded locking syringe device...
  19. K

    How do I stop my 2000 GMC Sierra from locking the doors after I go over 15 mph?

    I have read over the owners manual and it says nothing. I don't care if they never lock or unlock after I shut the vehicle off.
  20. B

    citroen relay 2007 back and side doors keep locking?

    doors lock auto when closed is this fault