1. J

    Delete my long path files?

    Hello Friend's, I'm james, and I have problem in my long path files please suggest me best tools to delete my long files?
  2. R

    How long do ufc tickets take to arrive by mail?

    I order tickets for ufc 166 and I was wondering how long do they take to arrive by mail, I ordered them August 2
  3. A

    If someone calls you long distance do you have to pay?? Telus?

    Someone called my friend from Florida and she answered and was wondering if she has to pay too.... She's with telus
  4. I

    On Bittorrent why are my video downloads taking so long?

    I downloaded Bittorrent and started torrenting a couple days ago. It was fast when I first started it. Downloaded SPN season 3 in roughly 3 hours and it was 5.4 GB. I downloaded some other files relatively quickly and a couple days later I'm trying to download season 4 which is 7.5 GB. But it's...
  5. B

    Long ringtones to find?

    Were can i find long ringtones on playstore i need ringtones tgat are like 1 min long or longer than 30 sec were can i find some
  6. S

    How long do guys take to delete nudes from their iPhone/Android?

    On kik, someone put my face on kik and sent them to a handful of random guys. I got a hold of that persons kik username and they were deleted, but I get the feeling those guys saved the pics. I saw them and they looked professional! My question is, how long would it take for someone to delete...
  7. H

    Ipad games for long car rides?

    I am going on a long car ride on friday and I need some fun and addicting iPad games, they have to be free but in app purchases are okay. Any suggestions? :)
  8. J

    What tradition from India hangs a colorful long string with bells, possibly...

    ...elephants, tradition is this? I bought a long bright colorful string with bells and elephants on it from tj maxx and it was in their "celebrate india" area. I'm finding similar ones on eBay and amazon. Does anyone know what this tradition is about or what's it called? Something. Thank you!
  9. J

    How long does putting fixed braces on take?

    I'm getting fixed braces on the first of August and I'm really excited and slightly nervous.I also want to know how long does it hurt for because I think I'm going to Alton Towers on the 8th of August and I'm just wondering what pain killer is best and how long it lasts for.If you have an answer...
  10. R

    My cd/dvd drive takes long to come out.?

    It won't come out the first time i press the eject button. Its like it tries to come out but *the sound of closing the tray comes* then gets stuck and then i need to press the button again and again. It takes around 10 seconds and then i put the cd/dvd in the tray. However it doesnt happen when...
  11. J

    Looking at my workout plan, how long to see results on the gym?

    I am quite skinny and I am planning to go gym more often. I am going to say what I planning to do in the gym and assuming I have am doing good with other factors of weight gaining and muscle repairsuch as eating and sleeping. Could you guys give me an estimation of when . Should start seeing...
  12. R

    How long does it take cat urine smell to degrade outdoors?

    I think I did something stupid. I dumped a bunch of old cat litter in a gravelly area outside my house. I thought I could just wash it into the ground with a hose and water. But now the area smells really bad. Will it just degrade over time? And if so how long? If not, what can I do?
  13. G

    How long will black ops 2 be 33% in the xbox live marketplace?

    Just wondering because i dont wanna buy 2 1600 ms points cards and they put the price back up to $59.99
  14. G

    Veronica Mars Movie Scoop: Justin Long to Make Cameo!

    The Veronica Mars movie just brought another familiar face on board: Justin Long! Sources confirm exclusively to E! News that the actor will appear as a cameo in the much-buzzed-about...
  15. A

    What are some good, free iPad games/apps for long car trips?

    I'm going on a 5 hour car trip tomorrow so I need apps to keep me entertained. Tell me of some hidden gems in the App Store,
  16. B

    How long do blackberry cuvers last with full battery?

    Well I'm going camping for 4 days and I want to listen to music for bout 2 hours a day would it last ? X
  17. P

    How long should i train each day to become a professional football (soccer) player ?

    I play for a Football club but when i don't have training how long do you reckon i should train at home to become professional. i know how to juggle i can reach up to 100 max. And i'm a key player in my team because i can dribble. But i'm not good at shooting what are some things i can do to...
  18. D

    How long would Indian and Thai curry dishes keep in my cooler?

    I've decided to be vegetarian, and curry items made by Indian and Thai restaurants are my favorite and will make this transition easy. I don't need the meat to love the flavor and especially Indians have a lot of vegetarian items. Ok, too much info, but my chooler is 3 degrees ambient temp...
  19. A

    How long will it take me to lose 30-35 pounds if I... ?

    Okay. (this is not my account, this is my cousin's) Well, I am a 15 year old female and I weigh about 190 pounds.. I hate being this big. I mean, Im not fat or anything, I'm just very uncomfortable in my own skin. So.. I have been going to a gym and working out for about 1-1&1/2 hours at a time...
  20. D

    How long do you have to back out of a Telus contract?

    We signed up for a contract 2 days ago for telus mobile internet and I was wondering if you could back out as we did it quite rash. Is there any cancellation fees? Thanks