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    How do I sync my iPhone to a new computer without losing all my music and apps?

    I have an iPhone 5 and my old laptop that has all my iTunes info. isn't working so I have to use my desktop so my question is how do I connect my iPhone 5 iTunes info to my desktop without deleting everything. Please help!!!
  2. A

    Is running, biking, or jumping on trampoline best for losing weight?

    I am trying to lose weight and thigh fat (dont judge) , i am planning on doing one of those for 1 hr each day, or i can do all three for twenty min if that is better, and please have 2 answers on which one i should do and should i do all three because in case i dont want to do all three.
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    How Chael Sonnen is Trolling Everyone and Still Losing Before Retirement

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    Daily Mail Pseudo-Praises Britney Spears For Losing Weight, Then Fat- & Photoshop-Sha

    Daily Mail Pseudo-Praises Britney Spears For Losing Weight, Then Fat- & Photoshop-Sha When it comes to being rational, the*Daily Mail does not have an excellent track record. It’s bad to get plastic surgery, but also bad to show signs of aging; losing weight is important, and it’s inspirational...
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    How can i get over losing a loving cat that loved attention?

    My cat (batman) died a fewdays ago (well put down) i miss him so much all i think of is him. Please help :'(
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    How can i get over losing a loving cat that loved attention?

    My cat (batman) died a fewdays ago (well put down) i miss him so much all i think of is him. Please help :'(
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    Citroen xsara picasso still losing power?

    On reading the citroen technical forum where other people have had the same problem a few people have said the brake light switch tells the fuel system it's braking and to stem the flow of fuel hence causing stuttering power if the switch is faulty, now i don't know as i'm not a mechanic,but...
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    Is he losing interest?

    I've been talking to this guy for a couple months, we still aren't officially dating, but we are a "thing". Anyways, we hung out over the weekend, and everything was fine, he told me he liked me a lot and I made him happy. But now this week when we've been texting, I feel like he's not putting...
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    I'm sick and losing my voice, and I go on vacation in 2days!?

    How do I stop this? I think its all in my sinuses I have a slight sore throat, I feel like my nose is running to the back of my throat. And I sound like a man :(
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    Something strange is happening in the WAC with the top two seeds losing to teams well

    If you asked the following question at some point in the evening Thursday after perusing the college basketball scoreboard, you weren't alone. What the heck is going on the Western Athletic Conference tournament? The top two seeds in the WAC bracket - Louisiana Tech and Denver - were upset...
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    Have you heard about the 90 day Challenge. Are you interested in losing

    weight, gaining muscle, or just better? over all nutrition? Check out our website at www.tammyandchrisbodybyvi.com
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    Sync ipad to laptop without losing apps?

    I didn't sncy my iPad with iTunes on my laptop first because it was being funny but I want to back up the stuff on my iPad but I need to put it on itunes on my laptop but gets rid of my apps when do that Any ideas how to do it without losing stuff?
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    Since religion is Obviously losing to science, when do you think we will

    have an atheist President? With science curing HIV in children and scandals in the Catholic Church causing the pope to resign, it is obvious that we are moving farther religious and closer to science. (Not that the two are mutually exclusive). When do you think we will have an atheist president?
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    Gym routine for losing weight?

    Hello! So my boyfriend and I just got a gym membership a few days ago! However I want to lose weight, but I don't know where to start... I'm a bit of a noob, lol. I usually get on the treadmill and walk for a mile, bike for 2 miles and then use the weight machines for arms, back, and legs. Could...
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    how do i take my i.d and cell phone ito the club without losing it?

    im going salsa dancing..i think i might just leave the cell phone in the car....bring 2 safety pins and put my i.d in my pocket of my jeans and pin it shut so it doessn't fall out...
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    My boyfriend has this irrational fear of losing me, but its mainly because I

    follow the PDA rule at school.? I have always followed the PDA rule in school or make bounderies in other places, but my boyfriend doesn't get it!!! What should I do? Im willing to step a bit out of my comfort zone
  17. 7

    Linksys router losing internet connection?

    Hardwire to modem internet works fine without router. Wifi and hardwire from router lose conn after 3 min from reboot. Wifi signal stays but drops internet. File sharing works. Same happens after rebooting router and modem. Any ideas?
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    Blue Jackets part ways with GM Scott Howson, probably because of all the losing

    He survived last year's franchise-record slow start, the worst by an NHL team in nearly two decades. But he couldn't survive another. Scott Howson, the second general manager in the history of the Columbus Blue Jackets franchise, at the helm of the team since June of 2007, was fired by the...
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    Why does everyone contradict themselves on the topic of losing your

    virginity and whether you lost it or not? When I say that I'm not totally a virgin, the person looks at me funny and the response I get each time is "You either are or aren't", there is NO in between. Then if you ask someone, "What makes a person a virgin?" Everyone gives the same answer as if...
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    Can i sync my iPad music to my friend's library without losing my apps?

    My friend wants to put music from my library into his iPad ( his ipad has a different apple ID linked to it), but he does not want to lose his apps. If i select to syn music, will he lose his apps, or only the music that is currently on the ipad ?