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    Summary of this book please--- I'll give you lots of points if you answer.?

    There is a book called the Chinese Girl Graduate by R. K. Douglas. Please tell me the summary of this book because it's depending on my life. I got too many F's this quarter and this is my lifeline of me failing this subject or not. I've searched high and low, right and left for this summary...
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    Where can u find cheap lots of used, or broken cds, dvd, and/or games?

    I'm decorating my room by sticking CDs onto my ceiling and don't want to pay $1 per CD when I need quite a few. Help please?
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    Sony announces PlayStation 4, but leaves lots of questions unanswered

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    Do guys like to show lots of PDA?

    I'm a girl and I don't like to. I believe there is a time and a place for kissing. But how do guys feel about it?
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    Dreams about lots of different girls?

    Ive been having dreams about alot of girls i know, and some i dont know. In these dreams theres nothing but fighting with them having fun with them or just being around them, What could these dreams mean? They have been sexless although ive always been a sexual person, I just got out of a...
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    How many URLs do people who memorise lots of URLs memorize?

    [I was deliberately inconsistent with the title of this post, so that it could be found in more searches.] Hi, I was wondering how many URLs a person can/does remember should they have a tendency for that sort of thing. I'm not really thinking about the average person, because the number of...
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    Recall recap: Bosch Miter Saws, Isuzu Amigos and Rodeo Sports, and food recalls, lots

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    Quiz: What OT book foretold the casting of lots for Jesus' robe?

    Anyone? :)
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    Lots of questions about PS3 from a complete newbie!?

    First up - please be kind! I've never used a games console in my life but I'm thinking of buying a PS3. 1. Does it matter what memory size you get (eg 180gb or 320gb) in terms of gameplay? Do games play faster on the 320gb or is this just useful for more storage of photos etc? 2. Can you play...
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    Where are all the privately owned used car lots near raleigh, nc?

    private owner Used cars
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    Where are all the privately owned used car lots near raleigh, nc?

    private owner Used cars
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    Lots of fun stuff at Toy Fair 2012

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    Need lots of Hunger Game quotes?

    only from book 1, i am making a tee shirt and need lots of them:DD:D:D:D:D
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    whats a good martial art that does lots of strikes to the throat and eyes?

    i want to become a lethal weapon,the most badass ever to walk the streets,which martial art is the best at striking to the throat and all the pressure points?i want to be a lethal weapon because i am afraid of everything,even to go out at night,even to walk down the street,why?because i was...
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    I Have lots of white worms coming out my mouth, how do I get rid of them?

    at night I have lots of white worms appearing on my lip, actually crawling out onto my lip from my mouth. they seem to be getting bigger and bigger, I know what they are and stuff I just wanna know how to get rid of them without telling anybody :/
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    Please let me know a car, suv or minivan that has LOTS of legroom?

    I have asked this question in car section and I get no reply or bad replies like "honda civic", "toyota corolla" etc etc. I have been battling with insufficient leg room for years. I am a very tall man who needs excessive leg room. In fact, even the 2012 toyota camry proved to be tight for my...
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    Are there lots of lesbians, Bi girls and Bi-curious girls these days?

    Curious to know. I heard that in my uni tons of girls are bi-curious, there are more bi girls and Ive seen lots of lesbian girls.
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    What's that style with lots of tweed, and is sort of hunting or...

    ...equestrian inspired, very english? So, I know the style, and I like it, but I was wondering if there's a name it goes by that woiuld make shopping for that sort of thing online easier. Its got lots of earthy tones, yeah.
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    The Big Pocket Travel Jacket: A Coat For Cheap Travelers With Lots Of Luggage [Travel

    Small British company Rufus Roo has created the Big Pocket Travel jacket, a lightweight parka that lets you carry up to 22 pounds of junk with you on the plane. It's like an oversized, airline-friendly version of a Scottevest. More »