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    my car makes a loud noise when i first turn it on (cold) on idle then gets quite?

    i have 2002 ford taurus with 215,000 miles on it when i first turn on the car in the morning its really loud then when the car gets to temperature it gets quite then while im driving the car makes the same noise when i hit the gas and it get louder with the more gas i give it makes the car...
  2. S

    Loud hissing noise coming from where the air filter sits in my 86 s10 chevrolet...

    ...blazer...? Whenevrr i have the truck running i always hear this reallly loud hissing noise coming from inside where the air filter sits. Theres a couple wires in there but i thought maybe it was coming from the vaccuum hoses. But i cant find those to see if thats the priblem. Anybody have any...
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    Audiophiles: I need help finding headphones that are loud enough for use on a plane.?

    The last time I went on vacation, my wife and I could barely hear the movie we were watching in our ear-bud style headphones. They were not very high-end headphones. I've been considering buying a headphone amplifier, or I might just get some better headphones, but I want to be sure they are...
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    How Loud can your exhaust be in NY state before it is illegal?

    How many decibels
  5. H

    Why is my 5,000 watt subs not loud enough?

    Hello I fitted my 5,000 watt amp/subs today, I have tested them and the bass is sick but it's not that loud. I have read something about "breaking in" to the subs? Any help? Thanks
  6. L

    How to stop my puppy from howling/barking at loud noises?

    Whenever a car drives past our house (It's a main road) My puppy (4 months) starts barking. Same when someone walks past on the sidewalk. It is getting very annoying! How can i stop her? Also she howls along to the fire truck/police siren! The neighbours have actually come over and told us to...
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    Will a muffler tip make my car sound loud?

    Vauxhall Corsa 2002 Model SXi 1.2 16v http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TWIN-DUAL-EXHAUST-TRIM-TIPS-MUFFLER-PIPE-CHROME-TAIL-UP-TO-60MM-UNIVERSAL-FIT-/281015484035?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item416dd3fe83
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    I have a 2004 gmc envoy and I have a loud grinding noise from behind centre

    of the dash? I have a 2004 gmc envoy and I have a loud grinding (errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound) coming from behind the center of the dash. It will start when on ACC and restart on startup then stop, then start. This happens 3 times with the second time being louder and higher pitched. This happens...
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    Can you read this page George Zimmerman wrote without laughing out loud at him?

    Was he drunk when he wrote this? Or is he just stupid? Enjoy! http://www.gzdefensefund.com/donate/index.php/updates who wrote it then? his attorney? yikes! LOL!
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    What's wrong with my LG Blu-ray player? It makes loud buzzing/grinding

    noise and doesn't read disks.? I purchased an LG BD670 3D Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Player with Smart TV about a year and a half ago. I recently watched a movie one night and it worked fine but the next day it started making really loud grinding noises when I put a disk in. It seems to...
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    Puppies stomach making a weird loud noise?

    Hi I have a 8 week old husky, his stomachs been making a very loud weird noise! We took him to the vet on Wednesday and he had his first shots and his stool had a lot of hook worms, tape worm and round worms, they have him a special d worming pill! Can it be the pill or should I be more concerned?
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    Referee?s profanity heard loud and clear by television audience and crowd at stadium

    There are many profane words said on a football field during the heat of battle, and officials evidently drop a few swear words too. After an illegal substitution penalty was called in the fourth quarter of a tight game between Miami and Indianapolis, back judge Greg Wilson asked for a...
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    why does the volume to my cell phone LG GW300 wont ring loud when I get a a message?

    I Have the full Volume up for the message setting But it only rings for a short second and not even loud How can I fix this When I bought it it was working good until a couple days after I bought it It hasn't even been a month since I bought it :/
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    Is it crazy to make yourself laugh out loud?

    When I am by myself I sometimes think something funny and I end up in fits of giggling and just laughing at the thought, and I also think I'm pretty hilarious But is that weird to be like that or is it good thing?
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    Concert-Going Mom to Justin Bieber: You're Too Loud!

    Looks like the paparazzi aren't the only ones Justin Bieber has to worry about. Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to the Biebs' concert back in July 2010 is suing the...
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    My stand-up electric fan's making loud, high-pitched squeaking and whining noises-

    what's the reason for this? Does that mean it's on its last knockings or what? Is it safe to carry on using it like this? I'd really appreciate your angles on this one, please, guys. Much obliged. Peace and love. Be lucky.
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    What Your Loud Music Habit Says About Your Sex Life

    When drive home tonight, be sure to turn your music down--otherwise, your neighbors are apt to think you are an irresponsible slut who drinks too much, has unprotected sex and likes to get stoned. At least that's the conclusion from a new study *about people who like their Lady Gaga on the loud...
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    When my home theatre is connected to the TV, the sound isn't as loud as it should be?

    When I turn my home theatre system (when it's connected to the TV). the sound isn't as loud as it should be. When I connect my iPod to the home theatre system, it's really loud and it sounds like what it should. What's wrong? I've tried playing around with it, but I haven't been able to figure...
  19. D

    Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset Making loud noise?

    My sony PS3 bluetooth headset is making a really loud, and violent buzzing noise at random times. When this happens the USB end of it also gets faint then flashes off and back on. Is this a problem that can be fixed? is it a factory defect? I'm loving them otherwise! Thanks for the help!
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    When I turn on my Ford Explorer's heater, there's a loud clicking sound under the...

    ...dash? It sounds like I put a pencil in a fan. It's really loud and only happens when I turn the heater on.