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    Love and compassion

    The prophet’s mercy to animals, Even the bird found a place in his heart The prophet’s heart would be shaken to its very foundations if he saw a distressed bird that lost its babies. A wounded animal, a hungry animal, a sick animal , insects burnt, water being polluted...
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    I love plants, but hate the outdoors!?

    So I really like plants, and I want a career in the botany or agricultural fields, but I hate the outdoors. Getting dirty and breaking a sweat is no problem, insects are. I have a horrible fear of bugs. Even when I water the garden in my backyard, I do it from afar, because I don't want to be...
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    Why do I not feel weird or off-put from reading a story about lesbian love?

    I'm not a homophobe. I have nothing against gay people or have no problem with them. But I would be lying as to say when I'm faced with a situation involving a same sex relationships I feel weird and uneasy; out of place you could say. But I've been reading a story that is about two girls...
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    How do i get love film on my panasonic blueray player?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    my daddy just got a blueray player and i want to put love film on it
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    looking to read a good "alt" love story?

    I recently got introduced to reading stories on fictionpress and livejournal, im still introducing myself as to how to find things i would like to read. Im looking for a "alt, emo, goth, punk rock" love story that is not homosexual romance (i know alot are really good, as a teen i read some, not...
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    WHY does Edward love Bella more than Renesmee?

    Parents are supposed to love their children more than anyone.And in chapter 26 Bella tells Nessie ''You're more beautiful''(she told Ness that she's more beautiful than Bella herself)and Edward says ''I'm not sure I can agree''.That part made me mad.Plus, he hated Nessie because she was stronger...
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    Do you love Taco Bell?

    My friend got me loving Taco Bell! I loveee their freezers!
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    Where to find tokimeki memorial girls side love 3 rom

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to find the japanese rom for tokimeki memorial girls side love story 3. I've already looked at many websites and either I can download it but when I try to play the game it says the runtime is expired or that I cant even unzip the files because they're either corrupted...
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    Meet Kaley Cuoco's Shocking New Love Interest!

    Now that's some serious PDA! Despite splitting from Man of Steel hunk Henry Cavill just last week, it appears that Kaley Cuoco has moved on. The Big Bang Theory actress was...
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    Love handles workout ?

    What are some workouts that would help with my love handles ? home workout please
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    Which Episode of American Dad does Roger fall in love with Hayley?

    Pretty self explanatory.
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    who is the girl with tom cruise in 3oh 3 - you're gonna love this music video?

    anyone can answer the lead model in that video?
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    I want to restore a 1970 vw beetle but love speed and want quite a

    powerful engine so please help!? I know about a rotary engine but thats a bit too fast and this is a project I'm doing with my dad and he said I have to get all the info first
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    SEXUALLY ACTIVE? JUST REALLY LOVE SEX? I have a quick survey!!?

    What is your age and gender? Is your sexual attraction to someone related to how emotionally comfortable you are around them? Would you be willing to have sex with a person you find very attractive but only just met in the last 24 hours? What does someone have to do/say/look like in order for...
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    is a sci fi / fantasy / love story where the protagonist has a lot of psychosis an

    interesting idea? is it a story you would want to hear?
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    Ho do i make my baby sitting application GLOW I love kids and games,outdoors

    and basiccly anthing they like? I am energetic and a fun person. I can cook also. Can you help me add that into my application . make it glow Hello, My name is Nicolas Jimenez. I have had three years experience in childcare, caring for children ages three months to 12 years. I have had...
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    Love and Other Contact Sports' Eric Decker and Jessie James Are Married!

    Congratulations! Eric Decker and Jessie James are officially husband and wife E! News confirms. The gorgeous couple were married today at St. Francis in Castle Rock, Colo., in front of...
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    (I'm gay) I'm so in love with my exboyfriend. Now what?

    Were both 17. He's really insincere and he's kinda a whore. Were still friends though. We recently went on a trip together with school to Disney World. I've got a physical disability and its hard for me to get out of the rides. He picked me up out of every ride. I fell and my head slammed into...
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    I Love Melissa McCarthy’s Response To The Critic Who Called Her A Hippo

    The joint Crushable application to be the third wheel in Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock‘s friendship is still pending, so we’re not entirely sure yet how Melissa feels about us, but with every day that passes we get more sure of how we feel about her. Spoiler alert: it’s an obsession. More...
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    How do you describe a romantic love scene (for a novel)? PLEASE HELP!?

    5 stars to the best novel description!!!! the scene goes like this: the guy enters the girl's room as she finishes playing the piano. after he comments on her brilliant playing as usual, she then tells him that she wants to be with him even for just one night and wanted to be his wife. the...