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    Are there any computer or iPhone games like Madden 13 Career Mode?

    I am looking for a game that is similar to Madden 13 in the sense that you are a coach and you manage players and contracts and those types of things and then the games get simulated. If anyone knows of any please leave the name or link. Thanks.
  2. S

    Madden 14 rookie ratings?

    Could I please have detailed important ratings for Geno Smith Jarvis Jones Manti Te'o Eddie Lacey Monte ball Jonathan Franklin Matt Barkley
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    How do i download the rookie draft for madden 12?

    I dont have ncaa 12 but i want the draft classes. how do i download them
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    MADDEN LEGENDZ SHOW - Oct 28,2012

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    Madden 13 is out what do you think of it Part 2 - Sep 03,2012

    Madden talk and OBA and some callers expressing what they like and dont like. football | madden | beer | Sports | xbox More...
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    Can I import a ncaa player on a ncaa football12 ps3 into a australian madden 12 game?

    i bought a american ps3 from america an got ncaa football 12 along with it and had them sent down to australia now i want to export my player to madden 12 but i dont know if i can port him into a australian ps3 madden copy
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    Madden ?13 will include ?Tebowing?

    Forget the new schemes and routes, the advanced player modeling, and the always-impressive realism of the Madden game. The question you've all been asking has now officially been answered: Will we be able to "Tebow" as we're playing Madden '13, which will be released on August 28? The answer...
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    Madden 12 Rookie Skill Level Penalty?

    I just got done playing Madden 12 My Ultimate Team and trying to get some coins and they charged me a Rookie Skill Level Penalty of -450 points. How can i change that and that wont happen any more? And whats the best way to make some coins fast so i can buy some high ends cards for my My...
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    Is there a way to change the difficulty/ skill level on Madden 12 online play for

    PS3? It's on all-Pro right now. Is there a way where I can put it to All-Madden, for ps3, not xbox, i know u can for xbox but dont know how for ps3?
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    Why can't you use your custom playbooks in Madden 11 franchise & other game...

    ...modes on PS2? This is pissing me off. My custom playbooks don't show up when I pick which playbook to use, they only show up in play now & practice. Not in game modes like franchise/fantasy chall/sstar. This is for PS2, why isn't my playbook showing up?
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    How do I scout on Franchise Mode Madden 11 Ps2?

    I am playing Franchise Mode on Madden 11 in my ps2 and I do not know how to scout any prospect. Any tip? I don't have any "Scouting" tag on the menu.
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    Where can I find accurate draft class downloads for madden 12? (PS3)?

    I can't seem to find accurate draft class downloads that go from ncaa 12 to madden 12. Can anyone send me a link? (PS3 ONLY)
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    Where can I find accurate draft class downloads for madden 12? (PS3)?

    I can't seem to find accurate draft class downloads that go from ncaa 12 to madden 12. Can anyone send me a link? (PS3 ONLY)
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    How can i play as a rookie kicker in Madden 11?

    Is there any chance to play just as a kicker?
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    How do I use my bluetooth headset for Madden 12?

    I just bought a bluetooth headest for my PS3 to use when I'm playing Madden 12 online. I charged it and linked it to my PS3. Do I need to activate it somehow to use it to voice chat while playing the game? HELP!
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    Does Gamestop Still Accept Used PS2 Madden Games?

    I KNOW I will get about .30 cents for it IF I'm lucky but I don't care. The game was given to me and I don't play football games. The game is Madden NFL 07 and it has the original case and manual. I wanted to trade a few other things so I figured I would throw that in too. I have a feeling...
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    Wht game should i get for xbox dead island or madden 12?

    i love both catergroies
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    Madden 12 Ultimate Team (PS3) - Deion Sanders?

    Does anyone have a Deion Sanders card they're willing to put up for sale? I'm willing to part with 1,000,000 coins. Possibly more, if such is needed. The PSN is Truth7. Serious inquires only please. No scams. Send me a message if you're up for it.
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    Where did the rookie photos from Madden 2012 come from?

    When you get a year into the game, they begin showing the rookies that the game made up, and they all have photographs of actual people. Where did they get these? No, thats what they used to do in the previous maddens, but in this one they are actual photos of people
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    can you edit scouting rookies on madden 12?

    on the scouting menu is there a way to edit players names and numbers and college?