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    where would i find free topgear magazines that i can download and read at..., most sites are torrent sites.? if it helps recent copies and safe for work sites would do, thanks
  2. R

    What are the main reasons why an aspiring Fashion Stylist for magazines

    isn't hired when applying? Can anybody give me a detailed answer, please? I really need your help. Thank you so much.
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    Mario Balotelli named one of Time Magazine?s 100 most influential people in the world

    Mario Balotelli has been named one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world for 2013. The list has previous included the likes of Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba, but 22-year-old Balotelli is the only footballer to be named this year and one of four athletes along with LeBron...
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    books, magazines, newspaper that have something to do with acceptance of...

    ...homo for my technical writing? i need some sources for my technical report... and if you know something or have read something similar to mine can you give me the link? i just have no idea bout this things
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    Avoid Promoting Miracle Diets For New Year, British Lawmaker Urges Magazines

    Please do not promote "miracle diets" for the New Year, British Women and Equalities Minister, Jo Swinson has urged magazine editors. Every year throughout the world, magazines are awash with miracle cure diets that guarantee incredible results after weeks of overindulgence during the Christmas...
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    why did bodybuilding magazines turn into supplement catalogues?

    I mean really? Every other page is an advertisement for a product you buy at a health food supplement store or gnc. Most of the magazine is just ads and pictures of muscular men posing also and features few women anymore, why is that too? They used to have a lot of stories, articles, features...
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    Are there any free car audio magazines besides Crutchfield?

    I was looking for a good car audio magazine that wasn't Crutchfield.. Any ideas?
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    Should fashion credits in magazines be inclusive of VAT?

    Sometimes suppliers give prices that are VAT exclusive. Is it the magazine's responsibility to add VAT to those prices?
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    Your Favorite Magazines are Coming to the iPhone [Adobe]

    Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite powers some of the biggest magazines, including Wired and the New Yorker. Their latest iteration of the software brings some powerful new features—like alternative layouts—which means that it's now possible to build a one-size-fits all digital magazine that works...
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    want magazines on dvd for blind?

    i know there is a uk based company that produces dvds of weekly magazines anyone know address
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    Lessons From Health Magazines: Men Are Buff, Women Are Half-Naked

    When you look at the cover of a men's magazine, what do you see? Typically, a big, strong guy showing off his muscles while appropriately clothed. But when you look at the cover of a women's magazine, you are more likely to see a thin (or too-thin) woman without curves or muscles showing off her...
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    Where to buy Japanese teen fashion Magazines?

    I live in the US so its hard to come buy a japanese magazine. I am learning how to draw different types of styles and I find that the japanese really have a unique fashion sense. Im not looking for a fashion website, I need magazines. So if you know of any popular japanese mags that are sold in...
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    What are some interesting questions based on magazines?

    Hi guys, I'm making a millionaire game and I need some questions based on magazines available in Australia. Thanks a bunch!
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    I need the names of some UK gossip magazines...?

    Heat magazine, Now Magazine, Ok Magazine, More Magazine, Hello Magazine Any more that are entertainment based.
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    Where can I buy extra magazines for my Umarex H&K USP Co2 BB Gun online?

    please, i love this bb gun and it works flawlessly. the magazine for the gun however, leaks the co2 wippet as soon as i put it in. if you have any questions on what the exact gun is let me know but i think i have it pretty well covered up top. thank you!
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    The Reason Why Publishers Started Putting Their Magazines on the iPad [Ipad]

    When Apple announced their digital subscription rules and locked down the iPad, publishers weren't exactly rushing to bring their subscriptions over. And then all of a sudden Conde Nast, Hearst, and Time Inc brought their magazines to the iPad. What changed? More »
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    I found porno magazines in my dad's office at work, how do I discuss it with him?

    So I was looking through my dad's stuff and found porn, which I think is awesome! How do I talk to my dad about watching porn and jacking off together? It might sound gross, but I heard it brings your relationship better and I need to bond more with him, and I really wanna do it. I found it at...
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    What were the Alt Press magazines top 100 bands to know in 2011?

    I think the issue came out March 4th or 5th
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    What were the Alt Press magazines top 100 bands to know in 2011?

    I think the issue came out March 4th or 5th
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    What are some good fashion magazines to order for the Spring/Summer 2011 trends?

    Taiwanese magazines for women please ;)