1. Jordan

    What is an ideal route to making iphone games?

    Ive heard i should focus on learning c first then others have told me that I should just jump in and learn syntax as I go.
  2. A

    “Love Hormone” May Be Making You Crazy

    Oxytocin aka the "love hormone" may not be all that and a heart shaped box of chocolates More » “Love Hormone” May Be Making You Crazy is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
  3. B

    I am usig sony ericsson e16i , this is giving probelm while making call and

    receiving call also, when i making? call i am not getting dailing tone but other are lifting the call and voice is not auidable from both the sides , when others making call to my mobile ringtone is coming in my moblie but voice is not hearing plz tell me the solution if any one knows
  4. S

    is google pay money for making gadgets?

    is google pay money for making gadgets
  5. E

    Any good ringtone making apps?

    I have found a few except they make you have to use iTunes sharing files and i don't know how to use that.. Is there any app to just make it and save it to your ringtones?
  6. C

    My girlfriend is making my lack of PDA a big deal. Is it?

    To me, it honestly feels unnatural to kiss in public and do too much besides holding her hand or holding her close to me when we are standing. But shes told me that she wants me to be more aggressive but how do you kiss someone in public if you are always walking, moving, and the times you do...
  7. N

    is your idea of gourmet cooking, boiling water and making yourself a box of mac

    and cheese? i suck at cooking..
  8. I

    are there any good music making apps on android?

    on iOS there's a couple good ones such as beatmaker 2. i'm lookin for something similar.
  9. R

    Making a cellphone change. Opinions?

    I'm choosing between the new HTC one or the iPhone 5. What are your opinions on both? And which should I get? Or which one would you get?
  10. A

    Going To Bed Late Is Making You Fat

    I mean, has anyone ever made a healthy decision at 3:00 a.m.? More » Going To Bed Late Is Making You Fat is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
  11. G

    my itunes keeps making copies of playlists when I add a song from my itouch?

    whenever I add a song to a playlist from my iTouch my iTunes makes a duplicate of the playlist. for example I have a "workout" playlist and now i have "workout 1, 2, 3, 4" on my iTunes and iTouch. is there a way to just make it update the playlist and stop backing it up? thanks!!
  12. A

    Making Windows Custom DVD?

    I have installed a custom windows edition (not an official one), but now I've lost the installation DVD. Is there a way of making one from Windows installation files? Also, what files should I copy from C:/ to a USB to be able to say "I have back-uped my Windows Installation"?
  13. R

    Should i get a ipad for making my flash games an videos or razor tablet?

    I want the ipad cause its cheaper but low prices always are a problem cause it can break down a lot or something gos wrong atleast from my experience with by expensive. things
  14. S

    Do making and posting ads for your facebook page make you money?

    I made a facebook page for my blog and it asked to create an ad for my page and give payment information. If I create an ad, fill out the payment information, and post the ad, will every time someone clicks on that ad do I make money? And do I have to pay for the ads to be posted?
  15. J

    Qualities in making the best badguy for a story?

    So what qualities could a bad guy in a story have like to motivate him. All I seem to be able to think of is the cliche ones like power etc.
  16. B

    Les Miserables Quiz making advice?

    I'm making a Les Misérables quiz for my friend just for fun. On the movie not the book. I already have who sang it, fill in the blanks from songs, name five songs characters ad settings, true and false, and I have pictures of the characters that she needs to label. I really want this to be a...
  17. Z

    Me and my friends are making a independent film to be aired by telus is it illegal... mention an other movie? Like Toy Story 3 or a character from that movie?
  18. G

    Making sense of patterns in the Twitterverse

    If you think keeping up with what’s happening via Twitter, Facebook and other social media is like drinking from a fire hose, multiply that by 7 billion – and you’ll have a sense of what Court Corley wakes up to every morning. Corley, a data scientist at the Department of Energy’s Pacific...
  19. D

    Which iPhone app is better for making memes?

    PicMeme VS Meme Generator
  20. J

    What are DC's plan about making a Justice League movie?

    I really wanna know...pls. answer