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    My bike tire says inflate to 95 PSI. What is the max I should inflate it to?

    It is a street bike with thin tires. I had one before that said inflate to 120 psi but when I did it was so full the spokes were poking holes in it when i went over little bumps -- it was too full, so I always only filled it to 110. Should I only fill these ones to 85?
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    Download free games apk for android working free no money at Gta and max...

    ...payne and asphalt? anyone know a site that i can download free android games please it has to be free and working site and has to be free games like Gta and asphalt and max payne for android
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    Max speed a car can travel around a curve? Help!?

    The relationship between the maximum speed at which a car can travel around a curve without skidding is S=squareroot 21.2 R, where S is the speed in kilometers per hour and R is the radius. What is the max speed a car can travel on a ramp with a radius of 130 m to the nearest tenth?
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    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard vs Max's Super Shred?

    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard or Max's Super Shred
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    Action replay max (ps2) help?

    I've recently bought action replay max again because my old one broke. It works just fine with the other games however, ( and this is the same problem i've had with my old a.r ) with one particular game, i enter the codes and check them but when i launch the game, the codes don't work. The game...
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    Have you seen the ford b max advertisement?

    Where a diver is jumping through its open doors in a pool? It says "don't try this at home" but I want to try it at home. What will I need? I don't have a car, a pool or a crane. How will I stabilise the car and how will I calculate its location right under the ramp where I'm gonna jump from?
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    Lindsay Lohan "Can Party as Hard" as The Wanted, Says Max George at Jingle Ball in NY

    Lindsay Lohan "Can Party as Hard" as The Wanted, Says Max George at Jingle Ball in NY Lindsay Lohan has been spending a lot of time with The Wanted these days. Max George, the Liz & Dick star's (assumed) love interest, told E! News Friday at NYC's Jingle Ball...
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    I have two kicker 15s with 1800 mono d amp an two 300 rms 600 max 12s do you think

    the two 12s wo Car audio...? I have two kicker 15s with 1800 mono d amp an two 300 rms 600 max 12s do you think the two 12s would sound better for highs an mids or my 800watt eclispe 10 in bandpass box with dynamatt that slamms just about like two 12s...there going to be installed into a...
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    Max Scherzer and Quintin Berry exit Tigers win with shoulder ailments

    Even on a night when Miguel Cabrera homers twice and they overpower the Oakland A's to earn a critical 12-2 victory, the Detroit Tigers come away much worse for the wear after two key players in their push for a postseason position were forced to exit early with shoulder ailments. Starting...
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    Report: NHL proposes reduced revenue share, 5-year contract max for players in CBA ta

    "Welcome to Hell, kid." I think most of us worked really hard to convince ourselves that the way the NHL and the NHLPA dragged their feet on labour negotiations this year might turn out to be a good thing. Maybe, some of us thought, the short turnaround will force them to be reasonable from...
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    How do I record TV shows/video games/movies from my LG HDTV on to my Max OS X 10.7.3?

    1. What hardware do I need? Elgato EyeTV, Visiontek TV Wonder were some I found online. 2. Do I need a special software to edit and upload on to my website or YouTube? I believe the hardwares above come with computer editing software. 3. What type of external hard drive should I buy for my...
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    If You Haven’t Seen Schmidt (Max Greenfield) Spin, You Need To Watch This Video

    If you haven't seen Max Greenfield—aka "Schmidt" from Zooey Deschanel's New Girl—spin, you need to watch his workout video. And then, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of Los Angeles (and have an hour and $100 to spare), you need to sign up to ride with him at SoulCycle in West Hollywood...
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    How do I extend the 29 min max video time on my Samsung camera?

    I have a Samsung WB500 camera. When filming, the max length of video it allows is 29 minutes before it autosaves and stops the recording. Is there any way to lengthen/alter that limit?
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    Planned Parenthood Rejects Money From Tucker Max; PETA Says They’ll Take It

    Was Planned Parenthood right to reject a $500,000 contribution from renowned misogynist ass Tucker Max? On the one side: It's a contribution from a renowned misogynist ass, and it came with conditions like naming an abortion clinic after him. But*Planned Parenthood of Texas, where Max tried to...
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    how do i use Action Replay Max to play region 1 DVD on my PS2?

    I want to view a region 1 DVD on my UK Playstation 2. I've got Action Replay Max, which is supposed to allow multi region DVDs, but it comes up with a message saying "can't recognise your DVD player" and asks me to put in a region x code. How do I find out what code to enter? Seriously? I can't...
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    What is the max speed a car can travel around a given radius?

    Assume that a driver (car modeled as a point mass) is negotiating a circular turn with a radius of 160 ft. The car and driver have a combined mass of 3800 lb and the coefficient of friction between the car and the road is u1=0.85. What is the max constant speed the car can travel and remain on...
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    3ds Max 2012 Scaling Gizmo?

    I recently upgraded to Max 2012 from 2010, and the scaling tool acts completely different, is there a way to make it function like the one in 2010? Or should I just downgrade?
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    whats the best 3ds max training dvd for human character?

    hey i already got lynda taringng dvd and 3ds max 9 Training dvd set they both don't have what i want
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    How do you find the max speed of something traveling along a known trajectory?

    Find the maximum speed for a particle with trajectory c(t) = (t,cos t) for 0t.
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    What is the max Fps your the human eye can pick up?

    I have been looking at getting ether one or two Asus 6850 graphics cards and have been wondering if the human eye can even pick up the increased fps. If you want double points I also asked this under health and optics cause it is a mix of tech and the body.