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    Disney Med Cruise,looking for tips?

    Disney Med Cruise,looking for tips
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    Mathematicians Partner With IU Med School To Explore More Efficient Treatments

    Mathematical modeling being tested by researchers at the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and the IU School of Medicine has the potential to impact the knowledge and treatment of several diseases that continue to challenge scientists across the...
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    I'm a future doc (still in med school) and my accountant sister is already...

    ...telling me she wants to do my taxes? Why in the world would I want my own sister to know how much I make yearly? Why is she trying to stick her fangs in me so early? She says she doesn't want me taking my business to somewhere else. Really? Is that all it is? Or does she just want to...
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    Phone-Hacking Fallout: Harry Potter Scribe J.K. Rowling Decries Invasions of U.K. Med

    Unfortunately for J.K. Rowling, invisible cloaks don't really exist. The Harry Potter author has officially had enough of the aggressive U.K. media and has joined forces with other...
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    Can I get into med school with a BS in Nutrition?

    I am currently pursuing a degree in biology, which is working for me. However I am wondering if maybe getting a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics would also work in order to go to med school.
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    Alt med and research. We often read about hundreds of hours of research,...

    ...but where was it done? I'm doing about 600 hours of research *per year* in order to get a higher degree and it's likely to take 6 or 7 years before I'm deemed worthy. Where do these alt medders do their research? I've spent hours and hours following stuff from one kook website to another...
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    Are trained doctors who also offer alt med scammers too?

    I have found that certain websites allow you to look at lists of medical practioners and browse what they specialise in, and you can choose from many GPs who also offer a different range of alternative medicines from energy work (reiki) to naturopathy, homeopathy, the list goes on. So I am...
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    Selling my med patent?

    I have this doubt: what is the determined %/fee for my attorney to collect from the selling of my patent? What is his percentage in the selling (if has experience)? If doesn't have any but he success to sell it? If I got 4M, how much he earns? The med patent was already granted.
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    Can someone tell me when the uss puget sound AD-38 returned from the med cruise in...

    ...1995? My husband was on this ship and I know we met in july of 1995 the ship was in VA. and it stayed there until it decomissioned in the winter of 1995. So the hull website is not correct.
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    Baggage allowance on a western Med fly/cruise from UK?

    Hi, Im slightly confused with this because I have read that you can have 90kg on the ship, but obviously flights have different allowances. So can anyone help me with info on this? (e.g. does anyone know what the allowances would be on a flight or do they have any special things for them etc?)...
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    how do i get to meet and date med students and doctors?

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    Where can i meet med students/doctors who are single?seems like they are

    all already married? thanks haha okwithme you r funny!lol
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    Discovery That Vaginal Microbes Vary Among Healthy Women May Lead To Personalized Med

    The delicate balance of microbes in the vagina can vary greatly between healthy women, according to a new study led by the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Institute for Genome Sciences. Researchers hope further study will lead to personalized reproductive medicine for women, allowing...
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    Med and Phil Metcalfe-January-(DEF003)-WEB-2010-SSR

    Category: Music-MP3 (Trance) Size: 129.44 MB Files: 15 (7 pars) Group: .NFO: View NFO Posted: Mon April 5th 01:28:41 UTC Download NZB
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    How much is the taxi fare from Club Med, Cherating to Awana Kijal and to...

    ...Astana Golf & Country Club? Is it easy to get a taxi from Club Med?
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    Can anyone recommend me a good Medical Magazine that talks about the latest in med ?

    Ideally something todo with Bone Specialists or any professions in the medical business ? My sister plans on doing something in med.
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    Our lab is 10yrs. with no evident med. problems, BUT when a dog whines and pants... there something wrong? She's been doing this for the last 3 months or so, but outside of that she seems fine. She eats well, pees well and sleeps well. Should we worry?
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    Would a little more than a month get rid of a med. tollerance to Ectasy?

    maybe answers from expierence or something in that area
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    In Travel: is Club MED fun?

    I am planning to go with my family. We started discussing the posibility a few weeks back but we aren't sure if it's worth it. Like, in Spring Break though, because in the Summer, I am going to California, NYC, Vegas, Paris and Tokyo and have no time whatsoever to go to Club MED then. Is it fun...
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    looking for help to get med no cost/or co pay /no work no inc/ just had heart

    att /meed to get med /an a dr? need help to get med , no work no inc need med /had heart att 2/16/09/needto dr.