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    Hard rock / alt metal bands like Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin?

    I like interesting vocals. The lead has to have an impressive range, so many bands like BVB have a singer with a generic voice and who use the same note in every song Growling and screaming is a must, not over the top, like Chevelle and BB Just a single vocalist please and no lineup changes...
  2. K


    Anyone know any bands or songs similar to this: Forrest Griffins entrance song. I can't find it anywhere. I want those epic songs like this one, and Earshot- Wait is similar. If anyone knows the song or ones similar that...
  3. C

    Would this go off through P&O cruising security metal detectors? If its not metal, it wouldn't go off, but what if they tell me to take it off?
  4. T

    What is the current style of heavy metal?

    I'm looking for the style of heavy metal that's been around and popular between 2009 and now. What is that particular style, and what bands are leading the way? Also, are we still in the era of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal?
  5. K

    97 dodge neon with sohc plastic has tank. can I put metal tank on it?

    So I have a 97 2 door neon and I can't afford a has pump for it. I live at a car lot ( house is on the car lots property belongs to me and my sister) the neon is my baby and I really want to get it fixed. I have 2 other neons same years but they're scrap cars, both have working pumps but they're...
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    How to get my iphone 4 through metal detectors at Lincoln highschool!?

    i need it for football after so dont give me any shit i need the music to work out . I need a sure way of doing it > we have a metal detector and a xray machine so when we walk in we put our bookpacks in the xray and we walk through the detector .if something rings they check if you have a belt...
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    Bros, when you visit the big blue sheet metal box with the yellow sign and

    absolutely isnt that the reason to visit the big blue sheet?
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    Christians, what do you think of the thrash metal band Slayer?

    I'm a Christian but that doesn't mean I'll become a satanist if I listen to them! I don't really agree with some of their lyrics but that's what I've grown up listening to and I hate Christian metal. It can't be metal cause it's all too happy. The only religious music I listen to is Ko?n's...
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    What is the best DVD course for metal guitar?

    I've just recently gotten back into playing the guitar, and am looking for a course that will allow me to focus my practice time. I've seen that "Metal Method" appears to be a popular one, but was wondering if there was something that focuses more on the heavier metal styles (rather than hard...
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    Hindu metal? Is that a thing?

    I've been recently studying Hinduism and see a great deal of aesthetic value in it, so was wondering whether anyone knew of any good metal bands that use Hindu imagery and sounds? I'm imaging something along the lines of Orphaned Land. That'd be sweet. Best answer goes to whoever suggests the...
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    Help with finding a death metal music video?

    I saw a death metal video on one of MTV or Fuse's metal series shows years back. I remember it being a strange type of animation unlike anything I had seen before. I want to say the band was more brutal death metal or technical death metal as far as sound. The best example I can come up in...
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    Do you think heavy metal music is just a guy cliche?

    Do you think people(specially guys) listen to heavy metal just to prove that they're macho or something? Like, if you do not listen to heavy metal, you are gay. It seems metalheads do not really understand any of the song but just like to jump around and do some headbanging, whatever the song...
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    Why does everybody whine about grunge killing metal?

    Grunge didn't kill metal, it just became more famous than the stock standard hair metal. But everyone decides now they'll interpret it in their own little way, "ooh such and such at the NME told me smashing pumpkins are better than extreme and mr big" or, "man I'm so glad nirvana killed...
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    Where can I find a working Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Refined Metal hack,

    that doesn't have a survey? Well, I'm not a new player, I am premium, and I know how hard it is to find enough items to be able to craft Refined metal, so if anyone knows where I can find some working TF2 Refined Metal Hacks that don't have surveys, can you help me out?
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    How Full Metal Alchemist and FTA brotherhood relate?

    Is one of them a sequel to the other plot wise, or are they intertwined, or two separate things. I have watched FTA brotherhood but before starting with the other series I want to know if it is actually worth it as well. So want I want to know: How the plots relate, How the quality relates. Gah...
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    Cube U30GT mini - 7 inch HD IPS Metro UI Ultra slim metal android 4.0 tablet?

    i don't have one but will get it if it work with smartglass app for xbox360 plez help
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    What was the name of the cbbc sci fi show about sone kids who use a metal suit

    to fight crime? It aired on cbbc around 2000-2004. There was an underground base in it, which had a talking head on a computer screen. They also drove round in a van. It had a bad guy, who had a red metal suit that was much faster, and I think it had a crab on it. It was something to do with...
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    Scratched Punto bodywork down to metal - will it rust?

    My car (Fiat Punto Grande 07) had an incident with another car and the rear panel where it meets the bumper is scratched down to the metal. Do I need to get this sorted out urgently or can I wait a month or two?
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    How can I use my new Fashion Clip Metal Mini USB MP3 Music Media Player Support 1...

    ...- 8GB Micro SD TF? Hello, i just bought a Fashion Clip Metal Mini USB MP3 Music Media Player Support 1 - 8GB Micro SD TF but have no idea how to use it, it came in a bag with no box or manual and I need help. i would appreciate your help a lot.
  20. K

    ARES Full metal m4 sling adapter help?

    For the ARES full metal m4 airsoft gun, I'm having trouble finding an adapter thar will fit the buffer tube..any help?