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    Keeping Millions Of American Women And Their Families Healthy

    Women's issues play a major role in the health of the nation and should be a key consideration for policymakers as they design and set up the new insurance exchanges, according to a report co-authored by policy experts at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health...
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    Can the millions of Jehovah's Witnesses confirm even one prophecy that has come true?

    The Watchtower magazine has been around for decades. Has any prophetic material from the JW cult ever come true? If they keep on predicting the end of the world every few years they might get it right eventually? Is Towerwatch good for highlighting JW cult errors?
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    Hacker Leaks 300,000 Verizon Customer Records and Claims to Have Millions More

    Sometimes it seems like no one's keeping your data safe; this is one of those times. A hacker just leaked 300,000 Verizon customer records, and that's only a sample of the 3 million he claims to have gotten in his little raid. More »
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    Cheryl Cole Sues X Factor Producer Over Firing, Claims She's Owed Millions

    Cheryl Cole left The X Factor*on a sour note—and she may still be a little bitter. The British singer, a judge along with Simon Cowell on the U.K. version of*The X...
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    Millions Of Women Getting Unnecessary Breast Cancer Treatment; Researchers Say Mammog

    A new study has yielded some surprising news about breast cancer in the United States: namely, that mammograms are responsible for a rapid increase in breast cancer overdiagnosis. The study, published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that breast cancer was overdiagnosed in...
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    How come if 1 person has an imaginary friend it's crazy, but if millions do it's...

    ...religion? If he is real then may he smite me where I stand and proove it.
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    Researchers Reveal Massive Encryption Faults in Android Apps Used by Millions

    A team of computer science researchers have revealed that Android apps used by as many as 185 million people can expose online banking and social network credentials, as well as emails and IM content. More »
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    Millions could benefit from hearing aids, but don't

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    Serena Williams and her chest get up close and personal with millions of Olympic view

    The only obstacle on the way to Serena Williams advancing to the second round of the Olympics was a rogue camera operator who got a little too close to the reigning Wimbledon champion. [ Photos: Serena & Venus Williams at the Olympics ] Serena easily defeated former world No. 1 Jelena...
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    Why is Congress wasting Millions upon Millions of dollars challenging if...

    ...Roger Clemens lied to the grand jury? Don't we have bigger issues to deal with? Like who lie and who knew about Fast and Furious that got machine guns in the hands of cartels that already killed a Border Agent and many civilians? Just because the Dem's wanted to crucify this guy and the case...
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    Athletes are spending thousands on Mega Millions tickets

    Multi-million dollar contracts aren't enough to curb lottery fever in some athletes. Millionaire professional athletes like Chris Singleton of the Washington Wizards and Michael Huff of the Oakland Raiders are buying thousands of dollars worth of Mega Millions tickets in hopes of winning...
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    Lauren Scruggs Pictures – Wants Millions

    You’ll remember Lauren Scruggs as the model who accidentally walked into an airplane’s propeller. Well, she’s in a fight with an insurance company and reports have the insurance company offering her $200K. But Lauren Scruggs thinks she’s due a lot more and has filed a lawsuit seeking more than a...
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    If Heidi Klum and Seal Divorce, Will He Get His Flippers on Her Millions?

    Who stands to win in the Seal-Heidi Klum divorce? —Evans, via the inbox I shall first give the standard toadying answer, which is that no one wins in a divorce, for it is...
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    why cant a movie star or rapper live with millions and be done?

    If rappers make 500 millions dollers and movies stars make 250 million dollars a film, they should be able to live like a normal person. I would be happy with 1 million and live like i do now
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    Atheists!!! Why do you ignore all the millions of fulfilled prophecies

    as witnessed by history and archaeology? There is no way around this one. The prophets predicted the downfall of entire cities and civilizations...sure, it was a war-torn region, anyway, but I don't care! Hit me with your best shot, unbelievers!
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    I am aware that humans have evolved over millions of years?

    so where did lawyers evolve from?
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    Breakthrough Discovery Takes Significant Step Towards Improving Health For Millions

    A scientist at the Gladstone Institutes has discovered how a gene known as SIRT3 contributes to a suite of health problems sweeping across America, offering new insight into how to combat these potentially fatal conditions. In a paper published in Molecular Cell, Gladstone Senior Investigator...
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    Don't make those turkey burgers yet: Massive turkey recall affects millions

    [No message]
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    2.000.000 oil barrel a day aaaaaaaaaaaaand 200 millions american dollar a day ?

    islamic republic! in Iran sells 2 millions oil barrel every day that belongs to its people and receives 2 millions dollar every single day and still every year about 800000 of its skilled young students fled, enjoy.Any idea? 2000000 oil barrel every day beside that the Iranians native...
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    Introduction Of Bar Codes Will Save NHS Millions, UK

    A new system to tackle variation in how much NHS hospitals pay for products was announced by Health Minister Simon Burns today. Some hospitals are currently paying nearly three times as much as others for the same products like surgical gloves and stents. Introducing a fairer and more...