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    I miss my vacation so much?!?

    I got back from Coronado California today and I started crying. It was the best vacation anyone could ask for. I went with my family and my brothers girlfriend. I miss every single second if it and I would do anything to go back. Too bad we can't afford it. My grandparents laid for it so we...
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    Is it possible for my cat to miss her old owner?

    She has warmed up to us nicely, I assume she was just a friendly cat to begin with. He hadn't been home for a couple of days when we got her, he was on vacation, so his son and daughter in-law gave us the cat. He authorized the decision. Anyway, I guess she used to always sit on his lap and...
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    He dumped me over text... still has my dvd and I miss him?

    I had a feeling this was coming.... He started to blame everything on me.... Basically told me I can't do better than cheaters and how he found someone better. And it all started because I didn't reply back to his text message. I am a shy person so I hardly ever held his hand first. We held...
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    David Price diagnosed with left triceps strain, likely to miss at least one start

    Your browser does not support iframes. An already disappointing start for reigning American League Cy Young Award winner David Price ran into another hurdle on Wednesday night after the left-hander was forced to exit his start against the Boston Red Sox with what was originally termed as...
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    Rachel Swetnam, Former Miss Oklahoma, Dies in Boat Accident

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    Melissa King: Porn to Miss Delaware to Probation

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    Is it really bad to miss a week of college for vacation?

    I'm leaving in 9 days and I'm totally regretting it. My program is Graphic Design and its INTENSE. The trip is for my cousin's wedding and I pretty much had to go for it. I'm stressing out like crazy over missing a week and I have tons of work to do before I leave. I told my profs 3 months ago...
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    Melissa King: Miss Delaware to Miss YouPorn?

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    Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King Offered New Title—From Porn Site!

    Well, folks can dream. Melissa King, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA who turned in her crown after she was identified—mistakenly, she maintains—as the star of an amateur...
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    Melissa King Porn Video – Miss Delaware Resigns

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    10 Melissa King Pictures – Miss Delaware Before the Porn Video

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    Jennifer Lawrence Looks Vintage Glam As Miss Dior (But Not Much Like Herself)

    IN her first photos as the face of Miss Dior, Jennifer Lawrence conjures classic 1940s/1950s glam -- and a sophisticated (powerful?) look that's at odds with recent past Miss Dior campaigns. More » Jennifer Lawrence Looks Vintage Glam As Miss Dior (But Not Much Like Herself) is a post from...
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    I am in a relationship but I miss the feeling of loneliness and solitude?

    I am 21 I have a girlfriend and I love her very much. We have been 3 years together, but sometimes when i hear some songs or see posts about loneliness i miss those feelings. Is this normal ?
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    Ole Miss hopes the excitment around signing day carries over to the season

    Following last year’s national signing day, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze embarked on an unusual recruiting ploy. He blanketed the country with more than 240 verbals offers hoping some of the nation’s best recruits might take the bait. He was right and the Rebels finished Wednesday’s national...
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    How do breaks/vacations in highschool work?Do you miss all february?

    How are the breaks in your highschool? Do you have a break for all feruary? I don't get your breaks
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    Miss Bumbum Walks Times Square In Bikini In 12-Degree Weather

    It was 12 degrees in New York City yesterday. I wouldn't even leave my house in a parka, so why was Carine Felizardo parading around Times Square in nothing but a bikini, sash and stripper pumps? All in a day's work for a Bumbum queen, you see. More » Miss Bumbum Walks Times Square In Bikini In...
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    Pictures: Tessi Tolutau – Miss South Pacific

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    Miss America Announces Alexis Wineman, First Autistic Contestant (And Super Positive

    Say what you will about the Miss America pageant (like how it sexualizes women and perpetuates our society's unhealthy obsession with body image), but they are doing something really awesome right now: They have announced their first-ever contestant with autism. Meet Alexis Wineman. The...
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    Miss Alabama's Katherine Webb Posing for Sports Illustrated

    Katherine Webb's journey to stardom isn't showing any signs of slowing down. ESPN announcer*Brent Musburger's focus on quarterback*AJ McCarron's gal...
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    BBVA Compass Bowl preview: Pittsburgh vs. Ole Miss

    BBVA Compass Bowl Pittsburgh (6-6) vs. Ole Miss (6-6) Jan. 5, 1 p.m. ET (ESPN) About the Panthers: Pitt is going to its fifth consecutive bowl game after winning its final two games to reach bowl eligibility. This Pitt team has been hit and miss. At times – in a triple-overtime loss to Notre...