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    Xbox modding and cheats?

    Does anyone know where or what I can get things to sorta cheat on xbox fps games?? For example, Modded controlers, screen targets stikers, stuff like that that arnt to big and are cheap? Thanks
  2. D

    Modding iPhone Headphones?

    Hi all, I've just gotten comfortable using my iphone headphones. The microphone and music controls are nice. But then my girlfriend, bless her heart, got me a new pair of iHip headphones. No controls there. I don't want to disappoint her, but I'd like to have my microphone as well. So...
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    Modding a Chrysler LeBaron?

    i have 1990 Chrysler LeBaron in my driveway that my dad said i could work on (im looking to buy a coupe to modify in the near future). is there anything i can do to tinker with it make it better, faster, anything? i dont know much about cars so anything little would help. all i know is that is...
  4. J

    I need help with modding my PS2?

    Recently, I bought a PS2 modchip to mod my PS2 with, thinking I could solder and install it myself. However I quickly realized that I was wrong and soldering was not my forte. I was just wondering if the community here could help out? P.S. Fuck off if you're just going to call me a cheap or...
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    An Official Moleskine Kindle Case, No Modding Required [Cases]

    A whole cottage industry has sprung up around the idea of modifying Moleskine notebooks to house gadgets, and now the historic brand is getting in on the action themselves: they're offering an official, no-modding-necessary Moleskine cover for the Kindle. More » Business - Shopping...
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    motorola razr v3c modding? club lights?

    i want to mod my razr(yes i have a razr....) and i cant find a tutorial that actually works. can someone please help me?
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    motorola razr v3c modding? club lights?

    i want to mod my razr(yes i have a razr....) and i cant find a tutorial that actually works. can someone please help me?
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    motorola razr v3c modding? club lights?

    i want to mod my razr(yes i have a razr....) and i cant find a tutorial that actually works. can someone please help me?
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    2002 mercedes benz c320 modding?

    i have a red 2002 mercedes benz c320. it currently has all stock parts. it runs pretty good, but i'd like to have a little better performance. what mods if any could/should i make to my car as far as exterior look and performance go? thank you for your answers.
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    Modding 1998 audi a4, coilovers, springs, and suspension help?

    im going to mod my 98 a4. i only wanted to drop it about 1.25" so i dont know whether or not to invest in a coilover kit or just to get shocks and springs. i drive normal in southern california. i don't race or go crazy off road bumps. but i do want to have a ride that will not be OVERLY...
  11. G

    Modding the Sims 3 Base Game Careers?

    How difficult is it to mod the carrers, i.e. the hours, pay, names, etc. I am mainly looking just to edit the names and descrptions of the career and level with also the oppurtunites and lifetime wishes that relate to said career. Any info would be great, thanks.
  12. K

    what does modding a PS2/PlayStation 2 mean and do?

    just curious
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    1998 Dodge Avenger modding?

    It is a 1998 Dodge Avenger, 2.5L, V6. I have done a CAI, and a new exhaust from cat back. What are mods i can do for more power?
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    Is there ANYWAY to play import games on the Xbox 360? WITHOUT MODDING?

    I understand the most common way to do such a thing is to mod the console, but I also know that if you DO you have a high risk of getting banned in Xbox LIVE (which at this point I don't want, since I recently got an xbox, and i have friends I want to play with online). So, is there ANYWAY of...
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    Book about performance modding honda's?

    I was looking around on amazon, and I saw a couple books about modding hondas. The first one was "Honda and Acura Performance Handbook (Motorbooks Workshop)". The other one that looked good was "Honda/Acura Performance." If anybody knows of a good, semi basic book on this topic let me know. Thanks.
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    Will a 60-66 chevy truck body bolt on to a 67-72 frame with little modding?

    i have a 69 chevy but thinking about a 66 .... is the frame the same?
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    wii modding questions?

    1. which mod chip is the easiest to install for wii 2. how much uninstallment is required 3. if i dont know how to install the wii key who can i call?
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    Need help in modding my Impreza rs?

    Right now my 98 Subaru Impreza RS2.5 can do 0 to 60mph in 8.0 secs. However, I was wondering what mods I should install to improve this time. I am making about 165hp right now. Everything is on the engine is stock. I got new Falcon performance tires though.
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    VW Polo modding - head/tail lights?

    Would it be possible to replace the headlights/tail lights of a 2004/5 VW Polo and fit the 2006 onwards headlights? The only reason I ask is...
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    Xbox Modding Service sites? ?

    I want to have my xbox modded. so it can play backups. Does anyone know any good online sites that does this. preferably within the US.