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    My mom is tracking me through Sprint Family Locator, Make It stop ?

    Hello to all well recently I've been presented with a problem. My mom has recently started tracking me through Sprint Family Locator, and i would like to know if there is ANYTHING i can do to at least throw her off enough so that she doesn't get my exact location or what street I'm on or just...
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    Is Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom Obnoxiously Self Righteous Or Just Plain Right? (NSFW

    If you haven't heard of*Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom, you are probably one of the billions of people who doesn't care about Instagram drama. Wanna know what that makes you? More » Is Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom Obnoxiously Self Righteous Or Just Plain Right? (NSFW) is a post from Blisstree -...
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    Special Needs Mom Receives Horrible Note On Car, Reminder Disabilities Aren’t Always

    As somebody with an "invisible" condition, I relate to this immensely. More » Special Needs Mom Receives Horrible Note On Car, Reminder Disabilities Aren’t Always Obvious is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental...
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    Mom Allegedly Discovers A Live Worm In Her Kid’s Capri Sun Juice Pouch And Understand

    I think Maria still has me and everyone else beat for the most disgusting story ever reported on Mommyish award, even though this one comes pretty close, but because I know you guys love you some gross stories I have to share this one with you. More » Mom Allegedly Discovers A Live Worm In Her...
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    Anonymous Mom: I Was A Pregnant Rock Climber

    When I first found out I was pregnant, my husband and I had just gotten home from an eight day rock climbing trip in Utah. A couple days during the trip I had felt sick and not like myself. I assumed it was heat stroke. We had actually been trying to get pregnant for almost a year but, for some...
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    Why do I get mad when my mom chews gum?

    Whenever she does it she just pops and chews it loudly i don't know what to do
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    My fiancee mom got into a car accident I jus had a cesarean I was the passenger... much money can I get? The car hit my side I have really bad lower back pains headaches neck sprains how much money am I entitled to
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    Looking at getting my mom an SUV this summer, any suggestions?

    My Mom has always wanted to get an SUV, the vehicle should be good on gas, roomy interior, budget is nothing outrageous, nothing old, at least 2010, they seemed to like the following ones so far: AUDI Q7, Cadillac SRX, Lincoln MKX, Infiniti QX56 (I know it's a gas guzzler), CHEVY Avalanche...
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    The FDA Wants To Regulate Fecal Transplants—So One Mom Watched Online Videos To Do On

    Fecal transplants have been in the news in the last few years as a novel way to treat powerful, debilitating bacterial infections, namely those of people infected with the bacterium*C. difficile.*The FDA is has introduced strict new regulations for the procedure, however, which is causing some...
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    Can any one tell easy and health cooking for my family for an working mom?

    I want some plan as these are the things I do, are eating my time. 1.I have 2 boys,7 months and other one 7 years. 2.I make purees ,Ragi, riced porridge every day in the morning for my baby and breast feed and Pump milk. 3.Elder kids diet, who is 7 and doesn't eat a many things .He takes only...
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    As A PPD Mom, I Appreciate The Risk Christine Quinn Took In Coming Out As Mentally Il

    When New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn recently revealed her past struggle with an eating disorder and alcoholism, I imagined it must have taken a great deal of strength for a woman in her position to go public with her mental illness. Of course, people are questioning the impact...
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    help!!!!!!why do my ipad apps always end up on my mom's iphone?

    whenever i download a new app on my ipad, it gets onto my mom's iphone too. this is a pain in the ass because if i download something that she thinks is inappropriate, it ends up on her phone and she flips a shit on me. how do i stop this from happening?
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    I got my iPhone like 6 months ago and gave my mom my 4s?

    I was only one who upgraded is my mom still eligible for a upgrade
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    Terrence Jenkins Surprises Mom With Early Mother's Day Visit—Watch Their Adorable Reu

    Terrence Jenkins is just that sweet. The E! News*cohost jetted to Rocky Mountain, N.C., to surprise his mom, Lisa Gonzalez, ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday—and he...
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    My Dad hid my iPod Touch and I threw my mom's phone?

    My dad isn't in the country at the moment and a few minutes ago, I asked my mom where my Ipod touch is, she said that my dad took it. So I went upstairs to search for it and came down sweating with anger since I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. My mom asked me to do some settings on her...
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    I Went From A Childless Yoga Hater To A Full On Yoga Mom

    I was a few months postpartum when my husband bought me a month of unlimited yoga. It sounded great, but my initial thought was “How can I possibly leave my baby to go do this?” But I knew I had to. More » I Went From A Childless Yoga Hater To A Full On Yoga Mom is a post from Blisstree - Get...
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    Evening Cool-Down: Gift Ideas For That Fit Mom In Your Life

    32 gift ideas for*fit*moms*(Greatist) Why this writer is glad*dieting*doesn’t work (HuffPost Healthy Living) 6 ways to*green*your life in time for summer (Intent) 7 sexy and sporty bikini tops (POPSugar Fitness) Vitamins and spices that protect your*skin*from the sun (YouBeauty) 13 … More »...
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    My mom wants to take her boyfriend with us on vacation?

    So me, my mom and my grandmother were going to go on vacation. I was excited to go, just the three of us. But when we started taking about the dates, she mentioned having to see if her live in boyfriend could get the time off. I really don't like this guy, and she just yells at me when I express...
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    I just told my mom and big brother that I had sex with my boyfriend?

    I told my mom and big brother that i had sex just one time with my boyfriend of 2 years and a half and I think they hate me and i feel like I hate myself and I just don't know what to do anymore.. he's the only person i've done things with but I just feel like a horrible person . by the way I'm...
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    Meryl Streep's Daughters Glare Just Like Their Famous Mom

    Meryl Streep isn't always in the mood to put on a show. The three-time Oscar winner was spotted out in New York City along with two of her and hubby Don Gummer's four...