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    how to connect a monitor to a motorola cpx 8000 series server?

    I have a motorola cpx 8000 server .I want to use it for something but i don't see any way to hook a monitor , it did come with a linux os disk . I have no idea what i can do with this i guess.
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    Injectable Nanogel Can Monitor Blood-Sugar Levels And Secrete Insulin When Needed

    Injectable nanoparticles developed at MIT may someday eliminate the need for patients with Type 1 diabetes to constantly monitor their blood-sugar levels and inject themselves with insulin. The nanoparticles were designed to sense glucose levels in the body and respond by secreting the...
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    Tablet + Bluetooth keyboard & wifi printer vs PC + office 2013 n printer n monitor?

    Tablet + Bluetooth keyboard & wifi printer vs PC + office 2013 n printer n monitor? Would it be better to get a tablet + keyboard n printer since it would be under $750 (my budget) n wouldn't a pc with the other stuff cost more than $750?
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    My monitor won't keep the same position settings after shutdown?

    I'm using a Dell E773C CRT monitor (I know CRTs are horrible, but my LCD met a ghastly fate with a water glass that was knocked over by a cat) and it loses it's positioning settings every time I restart my PC, so everything is going out of the edges of the screen, so I have to mess with the...
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    How do you connect a Samsung galaxy admire 4G usb cord to PC monitor?

    Would like to connect p.c. monitor to phone .
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    My Samsung computer monitor goes to black while playing my playstation 3?

    I bought a 27" Samsung LED Computer monitor to play my PlayStation 3 on. while playing the screen goes to black but the power light stays on so i turn it off and back on and the display is back. sometimes it will go to black every minute or two and other times I can play for a while. I have the...
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    Blue Ray won't play on PC monitor?

    I'm trying to watch a Blue-Ray DVD on my laptop, but I keep getting the message "The content is protected. The content is not allowed to play in the current display format". I'm not trying to hook it up to any other TV - Just my laptop screen. I've played other Blue Rays on this laptop before...
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    how can connect my ps3 to my vga lcd monitor?

    is there any way? if there which is the cheapest way
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    Samsung Monitor SMS27A550H having issues.?

    Ok so I have a 27 Inch Samsung Monitor. It used to work great. No issues, no dead pixels etc etc. The problem I going to explain happened about I'd say 6 weeks ago or so. I haven't had time to fix it but I thought I would see if anyone could help me. Ok so I wasn't at the computer when...
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    How accurate is body fat % on scale/handheld monitor?

    I have been consistently weighing myself daily, and on an electronic body fat % scale, it's said I am generally in the 22.7-23% body fat range. However, today I tried a handheld electronic body fat monitor and it said my body fat % was 16.2%? Which is more accurate? It's almost a 7% difference...
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    I have Intel DH67Bl motherboard and LG E2260V monitor both are HDMI ports.?

    But I am attached thru HDMI cable. No any respose there. Only masage to connect the cable.
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    Do i need 3d monitor to watch 3d blueray?

    mp4 file movie blueray
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    How do I fix my Melody settings on my Samsung HDTV Monitor?

    I turned the melody off but the setting keeps resetting. There is no sound on shutdown but the noise is back on startup. The melody setting is back on medium again when I check it. Please help.
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    i need help,all colors changed in my monitor!:(?

    since a few days ago all the colors of my computer(monitor)changed at first i thought it will be better but it didnt,all the colors changed...for example blue became black,and it looks like the resolution is low but when i change the resolution the icons will be large there any one know...
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    Can I connect two Monitors in my single Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor X with dual DVI slot?...and what happen I connect two...Will it take more power or what?...
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    Why is my new LG computer monitor not working ?

    I just purchased a new LG monitor. For some reason I don't think it's compatible with my Compaq computer. I hooked everything up and turned the screen on and it comes on but then it says D-sub power saving mode then it goes blank. I've tried everything. I've rebooted the computer, I've pressed...
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    Sharp's 32-Inch 4K Igzo Monitor Might Be What Makes All the 4K Hype into a Real Thing

    Sharp is showing off its Igzo 4K monitor at CES, but so what—everyone's showing off a 4K something or other. Except Sharp's actually getting ready to sell these things. More »
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    Sharp's 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display Is More Exciting Than a Monitor Should Be

    Sharp's new monitor promises to be something special, offering up 4K resolution powered by ultra-thin IGZO technology to make for a ridiculously high-res but sleek display. It's going to be gorgeous. But it comes at a price. More »
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    ChiMei 19" 937A monitor has 2 inbuilt speakers. Underside has a VGA input & an

    ChiMei 19" 937A monitor has 2 inbuilt speakers. Underside has a VGA input & an 1/8" stereo jack? Yes that's right. The sound input stereo jack is green and is half way between the VGA input and the power input.
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    Resolution for blue ray on 27" monitor?

    I am thinking about buying a 27" monitor. Newegg has several for around $200-300 dollars with resolutions of 1920 x 1080. If I spend $500 + I can get resolutions of 2560 x 1400 for this WQHD: Is it worth spending...