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    Two months with the 2013 Macbook Air

    Apple had my money at thin, light, beautifully designed and with batteries that run all day. After two months I’m still happy with the 2013 13-inch MacBook Air. That buyer’s remorse moment never happened, here’s why: Thin and light*really are essential for my work. I’m a journalist so I often...
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    moby became a few months ago an android. atb is too an android (i think).What... an android, in wizards world? wizards = 2 = 5 = 3 = 6.
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    Hi, i have pimples on my face since 3 months now also but my cheeks are

    very big why? Why? How can i reduce? Iam 20 yrs boy. My frnds say looking very bad. Help me any body how can i reduce my cheeks size. Is there any effect from eating meat daily and looking XXX videos after hand pressure on my penis (masteradtion) pls help me
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    Been doing pushups for 2-3 months now, no results?

    I am male, 5'8 and weigh 100 lbs. I have been doing pushups for a while now, and I have pretty much seen no results. I used to not be able to 20 pushups, now I can do 50-60 at time, but I don't feel any stronger or look any stronger, I have been skinny my whole life and want to get bigger.
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    I broke my knee cap in a bike accident Now its been 8 months and i cannot move my

    leg it only bend 90 degree? if anyone suffered or suffering from patella fracture or kneecap fracture please give me some suggestion how my leg get to normal
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    i bought a alienware m14x 3 months ago and i dont like it cause its not...

    ...great, can i still return? i order it online from the dell website and it didnt turn out like i hope it would
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    I've just started the gym about two months ago and have protein shakes when will I

    see a difference? I'm 5ft 10" and weigh in at 72kg I'd like to weigh 85kg I train pretty hard almost 5 tines a week and up to an hour a day on weights. and on 3 protein shakes ( mass matrix 1112 calories and 57 protein ) a day and I'm not seeing anything .. Should I be seeing results now
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    Sorafenib (Nexavar) Delays Rare Thyroid Cancer By 5 Months

    Sorafenib (Nexavar) stops metastatic thyroid cancer tumor growth for nearly twice as long as a placebo, researchers from Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania announced as they reported on a randomized phase III trial at the ASCO Annual...
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    Will it still be ok if I get a samsung s4 in two months?

    Phones and technology in general seem to be moving really quick. I really want to get a galaxy s4 but have some bills to pay right now. I was wondering if it would still be considered "new" or recent" in two months. Although I think this phone may be good for a couple of years. lol dumb question...
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    A Neanderthal Child Was Weaned After 6 Months So Clearly The Breastfeeding Debate Is

    Breastfeeding politics are considerably loaded topics to discuss with strangers and relatives for good reason. A mother’s choices surrounding the boob are highly charged — with a never receding group of individuals who feel completely entitled to school you. And now that conversation includes...
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    I got my iPhone like 6 months ago and gave my mom my 4s?

    I was only one who upgraded is my mom still eligible for a upgrade
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    im 5'9.5 male 21 in how many months will i reach 5'10?

    please will i be able to hit 5'10
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    Taking a vacation six months after starting new job?

    It was already planned for December of this year. I accepted the job last week. Should I mention the vacation this early?
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    I have 17 months left on my telus contract how much to buy out?

    I have a contract and I have 17 months left Does anyone know how much to buy out? (Ontario) I want to get a better phone with Bell. Telus sucks so bad. Also, any ideas on how to maybe get Telus to upgrade me to a better phone without buying out instead? I might stay with Telus if they give me a...
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    Can I travel to the UK with my indian passport only valid for 5 months 20 days?

    I have an indian passport which is valid till the 20th of Nov 2013. I do have a valid UK work permit visa which lasts for 3 years. I am planning to go to the UK on the 1st of Jun 2013. So will I have any trouble traveling to the UK, will I be denied entry to the UK? Because my passport is not...
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    I am going on a cruise during which I will be 5 months pregnant. any advice?

    I have gotten the proper forms filled out by my doctor and have secure a middle cabin as suggested by things I've read. my biggest worry is motion sickness and possibly being in a windowless cabin. any advice? suggestions? I know it is safe I'm just wondering if anyone has done it themselves and...
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    Exclusive Breastfeeding For More Than 4 Months Lowers Mother-To-Infant HIV Risk

    HIV-infected mothers who exclusively breastfeed for more than the first four months of life have a lower risk of transmitting the virus to their babies through their milk. The finding came from scientists at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and was published in the journal...
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    It Took Four Months to Recreate Jurassic Park in Minecraft and It Was Totally Worth I

    If you're not interested in watching Jurassic Park with three d's, here's something that might change your mind. Jurassic Park, completely recreated in Minecraft. It's so amazing and just as awe-inspiring as the movie version! More »
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    Zumba fitness for 3 months?

    I'm going to do this for two hours a day. (Everyday) Walk the dog every day. And once in a while, hit the treadmill. How much can I lose in three months+ (I'm going to eat pure fruit and veggies) I am 4'11 126 pounds and going into freshmen year next year.
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    Is there soccer in the summer months?

    Hi everyone, so I really wanted to start soccer this year and I just missed out on registration for the soccer season. Im really upset that I missed it :( I'm a beginner and I'm turning 16 later this year and I'm a girl and I was wondering if they had soccer after the seasons ends like in...