1. M

    How do you unlock motorola dct700 cable box

    Does anyone know how to unlock a Motorola dct700 cable box
  2. B

    Sync iTunes Music & Movies with Motorola Android Phone

    Have a huge iTunes library and now you purchase an Moto G or Moto X. You must want to transfer all media from iTunes to Moto, so you can enjoy them on the go. With TunesGo for Android (Mac), you can sync iTunes music, playlists, podcasts, movies, TV shows, iTunes U to Motorola Android Phone...
  3. T

    Motorola Photon 4g Help?

    Hi, I have a motorola photon 4g previously on Sprint CDMA network. I rooted and unlocked the phone to a USA GSM network and I put net 10 sim card on it. It is on 2.3.5. In order to fix the wifi, I read on a forum that if I go to this page:
  4. V

    What to do if you put in Simcard and it got stuck in DROID RAZR M by Motorola?

    Then when you try to turn it on DROID RAZR M by Motorola, it says no simcard when its in there. I can't get out the simcard, even though I press it to remove itself. Someone please help. I put the gold contacts...
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    how to connect a monitor to a motorola cpx 8000 series server?

    I have a motorola cpx 8000 server .I want to use it for something but i don't see any way to hook a monitor , it did come with a linux os disk . I have no idea what i can do with this i guess.
  6. B

    Sync old Motorola Q with Windows 7?

    I have an old Windows Mobile-based Motorola Q that I'm trying to get photos off of. Windows 7 doesn't recognize it at all when I plug it into the USB port. I can't install ActiveSync as it's not compatible anymore. Is there an easy way to explore the phone's folders to download the photos?
  7. A

    Motorola w418g will not make calls?

    I am using a Straight Talk prepaid phone by Motorola. Model number w418g. My issue is that whenever I try to place a call; I get silence and then the phone goes back to the main screen with no error messages. It is a GSM phone and I have made sure the sim is properly installed. I also noted...
  8. U

    motorola e1070 what kind of problem it is ?

    my Motorola E1070 works without sim but when i insert sim card it start searching for network & automatically turned off & again turned on for 2sec & again turned off for long time ...means it not working with sim card ? what kind of problem it is ?
  9. J

    I have photos on my Motorola cellphone and do not know how to forward them

    to my email or download to computer? Any sites that instruct on how to ?
  10. A

    Motorola RAZR V vs LG Optimus L9 vs Samsung Galaxy Ace 2?

    I want to get a mid range Android phone with Wind Canada and these phones caught my eye. I did my research but I can never know which one is better without hands-on experience. I want a phone that can run fast ( RAZR V is the fastest from what ive read ), multitask, have good screen quality...
  11. V

    Motorola 116 stopped working?

    I had this phone for ages, now I love my motorola 116 she's beautiful I have the pink one, the keyboard stopped working and when I post stuff on Facebook the phone turns off I really don't want I new phone, I love this phone soo much should I buy the exact phone again brand new, or take it some...
  12. J

    motorola cp200 programming?

    WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK TO RVN4191 CPS.???? Please someone, where can i download RVN4191 CPS I have the usb cable and radio need the software to RVN4191 CPS-Customer Programming Software PLEASE :(
  13. D

    Motorola Phone wont charge?

    I have a Motorola Citrus (sucks, I know) and as of last night it wont charge. I plugged it in with 5% battery left, and let it charge all night like I normally do, and I woke up this morning and it was still at 5%. I have been fiddling with it and now it's at 15% but it wont charge past that at...
  14. J

    Am I really smart? to buy Motorola RAZR i (NO CONTRACT) for £150?

    I just bought Motorola RAZR i for £150 (No Contract) and am using sim only unlimited data 30 day contract for 12.90/m? I feel as though I am making such a huge saving compared to my family members who each have a Samsung S4/Iphone4S/HTC one and are on 24 month contracts each around £35/month...
  15. A

    I have bought ex-military motorola 16 channel GP340 hand held radio.?

    Question; (1) How do know if they are UHF or VHF (2) Do I need a licence to use them during airsoft skirmishing?
  16. J

    I just bought Motorola Razr i for £150 and am using sim only unlimited data

    30 day contract for 12.90/m? I feel as though I am making such a huge saving compared to my family members who each have a Samsung S4/Iphone4S/HTC one and are on 24 month contracts each around £35/month. Why don't people purchase the cheapest high spec phone they can afford outright, then use...
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    addin a ROM to a rooted motorola backflip?

    ive rooted my motorola backflip and im trying to install a rom and it keeps saying installation aborted (bad) zip on the recovery screen, ive already done all the steps to root it, and flashing the recover onto the phone(clockworkmod recovery v5.0.2.6 , its just a matter of installing the OS...
  18. J i need to know which one to put on my motorola backflip mb300?

    i just installed CyanogenMod 7.2.0 motus on my backflip mb300 now i need to know which softare to flash to my specific device to get google play store on my phone, so i can start adding apps :) help?
  19. A

    Samsung Galaxy S4 or Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD?

    So my upgrade is coming up and I'm torn between the Galaxy S4 and the Droid RAZR Maxx HD. I'm leaning more on the side of the Galaxy but I'm not sure about it because I currently have a samsung smartphone which I was not impressed with at all. Is there anyone that can confidently say the GS4...
  20. M

    Motorola electrify wont send or receive MMS messages?

    Every time someone sends me a picture and I click download, there's a box that pops up saying, "No data Connection. MMS messages cannot be sent or received until the data connection is restored. Please check your MMS APN configuration in mobile network settings." I've tried to fix it but I can't...