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    why isn't my sync bluetooth working in my mustang?

    it is not connecting to my phone and voice command is not working. It seems to be since I installed tint in my windows. Could it be related to the tint?
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    what is the cause of my sync bluetooth in my mustang to not work?

    it is not connecting to my phone and voice command is not working. It seems to be since I installed tint in my windows. Could it be related to the tint? it was working before the tinting windows were installed.
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    mustang v6/ mazda rx8 insurance cost?

    i am a male, turning 15 in october and i will be getiing my permit... i am wanting to purchase a 2005-2009 ford mustang v6 and i want to know how much insurance will cost me monthly and anually. Also, what about a mazda rx8, how much would insurance cost on one of those monthly?
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    Driven: 2014 Roush Stage 3 Mustang

    Roush’s latest, greatest Mustang is perhaps only a victim of what we expected it to be rather than what it is. It is a blisteringly fast, visually and audibly loud vehicle that is about as rare as Mustangs can be. It’s the kind of vehicle that, despite the existence of better alternatives, is...
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    1967 mustang convertable?

    i need help finding a cheap 1967 mustang convertable something just like a fixer up car in the wisconsin area thanks :)
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    67 mustang body and Lincoln frame?

    Just curious if this is possible. I have a 67 mustang the frame and floors are in horrible shape. The body is excellent shape. Is it possible to place my 67 mustang body onto a 1988 lincoln mark series frame and suspension?
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    Transmission problems!! 2002 Ford Mustang v6, auto?

    I have been working on my girlfriends mustang for quite awhile now(2002 v6, auto). And Just today she went to leave her house when the car wouldn't allow her to select drive. (I just recently filled up her trans with the correct fluid and to the recommended level.) so I went to check it out and...
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    Ford mustang throw out bearing?

    I just droped my transmission in my 3.8 2000 mustang and part of my throwout bearing just fell apart and im clueless on how to replace the rest of it?
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    mustang vs infiniti which should i chose?

    hi i own a 2001 infiniti i30 in good condition and am wondering if it would be worth it economically, reliability and realistically to get a 1999 mustang gt with cold air intake and some other upgrades like exhaust and performance it worth getting that mustang for a daily driver or...
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    Review: Ford Mustang Boss 302S

    The Boss 302S is built by Ford Racing, together with Watson Engineering, as a ready-to-run road racing car. The basic specs are aimed at Pirelli World Challenge GTS class racing, but the car is also suitable for SCCA and NASA club events. In the world of factory racecars, the Boss 302S is...
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    How much to replace a 2002 Ford Mustang head gasket?

    Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to replace the head gasket on a 2002 Ford Mustang?
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    1999 Ford Mustang V6?

    I'm in need of someone who knows more about cars to help me on this problem that's weighing me down.. I just turned 18 and I bought my first car, a 1999 ford mustang v6 ( keep in mind I am barely getting my driver's permit). the reason for me buying a car right now is because I need one fast! I...
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    how can i give my mustang acceleration power?

    Its a 2003 mustang gt i just need a little acceleration power .any tips??
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    How do I remove the big Shelby Cobra badge on the back of my 2006 Ford Mustang?

    I Know about the hairdryer and fishing line trick, but the situation might be different in this case. The Mustang I have is ACTUALLY NOT a Shelby. The previous owner just liked Shelbys a lot and decided to put his own badges on and everything. The vehicle is really just a 2006 Ford Mustang. I...
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    Which would you rather buy? mitsubishi?acura?or mustang?

    I am in love with them mitsubishis' though I am having trouble finding one that is used & that can cost me less than 5,000. Would you rather go for an acura? Mustang or a mitsubishi? And why? o_0
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    How much is a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse and a 2001 Ford Mustang ?

    I'm saving up for a car and I'm gonna save up at least 75 dollars every week until June and my parents are going to give me 500 dollars so I should have anywhere from 1500-2000 dollars .. hopefully more.. what are the price ranges ?
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    Which color Mustang is better?

    White with grey stripes: Grey with white stripes: or what other colors are better? I was thinking of getting white with grey stripes
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    1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 body or restoration for sale ?

    i want to do one of these up but have had no luck finding a poor condition one to do up any ideas of a good place to look ??
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    should i get a ford mustang mach 1 or a ford mustang cobra?

    2001 ford mustang cobra, a 2004 mustang svt cobra coupe, or a 2003 mustang mach 1
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    Should I keep my Expedition? Or buy a 2011 Mustang GT?

    I'm 21, have a good job that I've only been at for about 4 months and I make about 2200+ before taxes every month. I still live with my parents and don't spend money on much really. I completely understand the reasoning behind not having a car payment. I like it. However, I LOVE cars. It’s not...