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    In the Greek mythology, has anyone killed Ares? If yes, who killed him?

    EDIT Ares is the God of War.
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    Good books of paintings/artwork of Greek Mythology? Kind of like the

    Spectrum art books? I want a book full of people's artwork of Greek mythical creatures and gods/goddesses, kind of the way the Spectrum artbooks are. Examples:
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    Is there any good documentaries/books on early Jewish mythology?

    Like the early Jewish texts and any Jewish Folklore that may have been passed down? Or something that goes into detail on how the Torah was put together.
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    Where Can I Buy Celtic Thunder Mythology Deluxe DVD?

    I bought the regular edition but just found out that there's a deluxe; however, I cannot find it for sale ANYWHERE!!! Where can I find it? Thanks!
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    Hi. I've allways been interested in Greek Mythology. I believe i am a Greek...

    ...Demigod. Son of Ares.? If anyone could help me on this subject to help me better understand this please help.
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    Humour and Greek Mythology Books?

    Could anyone recommend some books which have Greek or Roman mythology books that is for adults. Preferably, it could be funny too, like Marie Phillips "Gods Behaving Badly".
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    Good Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Philosophical, Mythology, or Historical Books Over 400 Pages...

    ...But Under 600? After reading for 10 years, I finally found my sweet spot for page count. To easy under 400, and my ADHD kicks in after 600. I like all the genres in the title, so any suggestions?
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    What are some interesting Greek mythology stories?

    I have having to do a art book for my college design class. I was thinking about doing it on greek mythology, so I wanted to know what are some interesting stories from greek mythology?
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    i want to introduce myself to mythology, i just don't know where to start?

    i just dont know where to begin my reading? any advice (: ?
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    Which mythology out of the following interests you most?

    Greek mythology Egyptian mythology Hindu mythology Roman mythology you can say any other, which do you find most interesting. Based on god, life style, culture and religion.
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    Mythology, Religion, Prophecy (adept responses only please) ... Prophet

    Muhammad on Dajjal? The prophet Muhammad has been quoted as saying of the dajjal “Verily he is one-eyed. And Verily, your Lord is not one-eyed.” In other hadith it had also been said that our Lord is truly two eyed and that the dajjal has one eye that "floats like a bulging grape". Now, taking...
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    What are some good Greek mythology fiction books?

    I have all ready read the Percy Jackson series.. I want to read some more like that or just some Greek Mythology fiction books so any one know of any good books like that?
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    is there an electronic book version of Classical Mythology Images and Insights

    6th edition? and where can i get it
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    It's Another Girl for Tina Fey—With a Name Ripped From the Mythology Books

    Tina Fey's new baby has a goddess complex already! The Emmy-winning actress and writer welcomed her second daughter with hubby Jeffrey Richmond on Wednesday, Fey's rep confirmed...
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    does sci-fi twisted with mythology movie are cool to you?

    I'm planning to make a project with both of these elements...
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    Free age of mythology torrent?

    not the add on just the game. i had the game but my friends bro stole it and moved. i dont want to sign up for anything or do anything like a survey thanks.
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    Is any religion today as fake as greek mythology?

    If you swap these religions so that people today are going to believe in Greek mythology will they be as zealous and devout as they are today with their own religion? or may be slightly less inclined?
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    Will people forget about christian mythology just as they forgot about

    Greek mythology? Honestly what makes your religion so magical that it will somehow magically survive forever? Same follows Islam and Buddism. Your religions aren't carved in stone. Your religion will be forgotten and another cult will follow its stead. In the end will christian mythology...
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    were can i download age of mythology free prefferably just a regular nontorrent

    file but i guess torrent is ok? i really miss this game please help
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    were can i download age of mythology free prefferably just a regular nontorrent

    file but i guess torrent is ok? i really miss this game please help