1. R

    Anyone have neon green pee and green stool from taking GNC mega men

    multivitamin? Is it normal to have that? GNC mega men multivitamin
  2. L

    How to put neon cords together in a sub?

    I bought a band pass system 1000 watt 2 way band pass system with accenting neon lights well I looked in the box and seen a cord dangling there looked at the color wire that was hooked to the neon light and that was it now how do I put that wire together? How would I take the box apart with out...
  3. K

    97 dodge neon with sohc plastic has tank. can I put metal tank on it?

    So I have a 97 2 door neon and I can't afford a has pump for it. I live at a car lot ( house is on the car lots property belongs to me and my sister) the neon is my baby and I really want to get it fixed. I have 2 other neons same years but they're scrap cars, both have working pumps but they're...
  4. J

    where in thailand to buy chrysler neon parts?

    i live in thailand and would like to find a supplier that sells dodge chrysler parts for a neon 98 new or used
  5. I

    '02 Dodge Neon won't start?

    I recently replaced the battery in my '02 Dodge Neon, after that I had some trouble with it. It would turn over but no fire, and today my dad came over and took a look and my cam or crank (can't remember which) sensor was loose so he fixed it and it started right up. Now it sputters, bucks, and...
  6. A

    should i buy this dodge neon?

    its a 97 with 161 thousand on it. Everything works perfectly on it except it needs a new rack and pinion. He only wants $300 for it, would it be worth it to buy? I'm pretty desperate for a car
  7. M

    dodge neon started car idle at 3000 wont go down?

    drove car to work,started to go home the tac is reading at 3000 instead of 1000
  8. N

    i have a neon c3298f tv/dvd combo and a magnavox remote control. anyone know what

    code to use to make it work? I can't find the code anywhere for the remote to work. please help.
  9. T

    2002 dodge neon or 1999 vw jetta?

    the neon has 35k on it would be buying i from a family friend for only 2500. it needs an alignment and a new starter the vw has 120k from a private seller. needs nothing as i know of i am really not sure which one to get seeing ive only heard bad things about neons and only good about vw...
  10. A

    2004 Dodge Neon SXT... golden oil squirted on windshield inside car then smoke

    came from vents? The Engine Heat Gauge wasn't in the red, we got it off of the road before it went into the red. But I saw smoke here and there on our way to the store, didn't know what to think of it. Then it got worse on the way home so we pulled off. My dad (who lives 1,000 miles from me)...
  11. P

    What is the neon sign in The Big Bang Theory?

    In the background of Stuart's comic book store there is a blue and red neon sign that looks like a flying saucer or possibly the USS Enterprise. What is it??
  12. V

    Is the LG Neon II a good phone?

    The blue one was discontinued... where can i buy it?
  13. M

    How do I enable my signature option for the LG Neon phone?

    I used to have the LG Neonll phone but I just bought the older version (LG Neon) because I needed a new phone. But anyway on the Neonll i could just go into text message options and itd say signature,but on this new older version it doesnt show that. Does anyone know how I can enable my...
  14. K

    Opinion on Dodge Neon?

    My friend is selling me his dodge neon.. I haven't heard much about them. He said there's nothing wrong with it (which I believe him, he's one of my closest friends). How reliable are they? What usually goes wrong with them? Anything I should keep an eye out for? Any info helps.. Personal...
  15. L

    Sound system for a 98' Dodge Neon?

    So I have a 1998 Dodge Neon Sport, I already have four MTX speakers (plus the two stock dash speakers if you even want to call them speakers) and a Sony Xplod head unit invested in it... It sounds pretty good as is but I plan on adding an amp and sub(s)... My rear 6x9's push enough bass to...
  16. M

    LG neon opinions? Preferably people who have owned one.?

    I had it, but switched to a new phone, and kept it. My newer phone got water on it, and I was gonna switch back to it. But I had only had it a little while. I hear that it randomly shuts off, and it did that some while I had it, but not so much to cause trouble. How bad is the randomly shutting...
  17. S

    idle goes down on a 1997 dodge neon causes?

    idle goes down on a 1997 dodge neon causes
  18. C

    can i mix neon tetras with glow light tetras?

    i have a 10 gallon double filtered tank with tons of hiding places. i have a male betta and 3 glow light tetras. I was going to get 3 more glow light tetras, but i was thinking of doing 3 neon tetras, so then i'll complete the school of six. The water perimeters are good and its cycled. my Betta...
  19. M

    I have a 2000 dodge neon with 107k miles. I stopped at a red light. It stalled.?

    I was on the phone calling in a tow truck. A stranger was going to push it out of the intersection. Then suddenly. It started again. Why would it stall? If I take it to a mechanic, what should I tell them to look for. The check engine light did not come on. Only the oil light. However, there was...
  20. F

    lg neon add contacts?

    I just bought an LG Neon for my son. I'm trying to add his contacts for him. I add the name and phone number and there are 2 buttons on the bottom of the screen - one says save (towards the middle of the screen) and one says back (on the right of the screen - soft key). How do I save my...