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    Special Edition Midnight Opal Nissan GT-R

    Nissan will sell a GT-R Special Edition in limited quantities in the US, with a hand-painted Midnight Opal paintjob.
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    Does anyone have a radio code for my 55 plate Nissan Micra factory fitted

    stereo? BP538753302358 & 7645387318? Does anyone have a radio code for my 55 plate Nissan Micra factory fitted stereo? BP538753302358 & 7645387318
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    Nissan or Toyota for first truck?

    Im looking at a 1990 toyota pickup with over 200 kilometers on it for $1000 or an 1985 Nissan pickup with around 100 kilometers on it for $800. its going to be my first vehicle and I need a good 4x4 so I can have some fun. im going to be adding a lift and some more off road parts.
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    Nissan Debuts ZEOD RC Electric Le Mans Prototype

    Nissan has introduced its electric Le Mans prototype racecar, capable of speeds over 186 miles per hour. Called the Nissan ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car), it serves to test electric racing technologies in advance of the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hour race and a potential running in the LMP1...
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    Honda Jazz or Nissan Micra for first car?

    I will be purchasing my first car very soon and have narrowed it down to these two with a max spend of £3,000 after insurance. So out of the two which is best to go for and why?
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    Which car would you rather drive:Hornswoggle's FIAT or Rosa Mendes' Nissan?

    Go to 1:07: It's tough but a Fiat looks fun to drive since it's small sized.
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    2005 Nissan Sentra Sedan vs 2003 BMW 325i sedan?

    So im debating hard i have 2 choices 05 nissan sentra 4cylinder 4door 93,000 miles for $5,500 but dropped to $4,500OR03 BMW 325i 6cylinder 4door 145,000 miles for $5,300 or best offerBoth manual.I was going for the BMW right away i mean its a beamer you know but then i have been reading many...
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    When do you need to change a cam belt on a nissan terrano II 2.7 tdi & a... cherokee tdi? I am looking to buy a nissan terrano 1999 or a jeep cherokee tdi 1999, I am just seeing when the cambelts are to be changed can anyone help please?
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    How much fluid does an automatic nissan altima take to drain and fill the

    transmission? reg maint 03 2.5 4 speed
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    2006 Nissan Altima cruise control problem.?

    I own a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 . Recently I was going on a highway and I tried to use the cruise control on my car, but when I try to set the speed, the "set" light did not come on until after 10 seconds, and it was blinking. I tried to let go of the gas but the car started to slow down, which...
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    1999 Nissan Maxima (auto.) shifting problems? Need help ASAP!?

    Hello, about 4 months ago after (stupidly) letting my moronic little brother borrow my car he returned in a less than favorable condition. I noticed after that the transmission felt like it was sluggish in both shifting and speeding up. The car used to get to speed in a snap (as I kept it fairly...
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    Nissan Announces Pricing On 2014 GT-R

    Want the ultimate Nissan GT-R? Then get ready to shell out quite a bit of cash. Nissan has just announced pricing for the 2014 GT-R range, with the base model starting at $99,590. The Black Edition adds $9710 on to that, for a total of $109,300. Finally, the GT-R Track starts at $115,710.
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    Do all nissan 350z 35th anniversary come with brembo brakes?

    I own a 35th anniversary, but the one I own does not have brembo brakes. Only one previous owner before me.
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    i am going to get my first truck and im looking at from a 05-08 nissan titan, ford

    f-150, or dodge ram 1500? which one would you recommend???
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    i have a 95 nissan and transmission fluid is leaking from the bottom?

    to start i dont know much about cars) welll my 95 nissan maxima and its leaked all of its transmission fluid and i looked underneath and there was a crack from where it was leaking so iam assuming its the pan, so my question is how could i fix that and what would it cost? please and thank you
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    Locked my Keys inside my NISSAN SENTRA 2006?

    hi so i locked my keys inside my 2006 sentra. I tried using a hanger but its to weak to pull the lock.. I need other ideas on how to unlock my car. I dont got money, or spare keys. I no if I had a stronger metal rod i could unlock it but i dont got any strong rods, and I can't afford anything...
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    99 Nissan Altima no start,not starter, carborator is getting enough gas

    but can't find problem? Engine is turning, trying to start but won't catch.
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    99 Nissan Altima no start,not starter, carborator is getting enough gas

    but can't find problem? Engine is turning, trying to start but won't catch.
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    Video: Nissan GT-R Driver Lucas Ordonez Talks Monza

    This is Nissan driver Lucas Ordonez, behind the wheel of a GT-R Nismo GT3. He’s tackling the legendary Monza circuit, a hallmark track on the Formula 1 calendar. Follow along as Ordonez flings his racer around the high-speed course, discussing the unique challenges that the Italian circuit...
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    My dashboard lights on my Nissan Sentra keep flickering?

    I have a 96 Nissan Sentra and the dash lights flicker from time to time. I think it's time to change the bulb. It's my first car so I don't know how to do that. How do I change the lights? Also, where and how do I find a replacement light? Thanks in advance!