1. D

    Which country is safest to tour -- Syria,Egypt,North Korea,Pakistan or India?

    Tks for useful tips! :-))
  2. A

    What?s that Honker? It?s North Dakota?s best mascot

    There's no debating North Dakota's best mascot. It's the Honkers, by a distance. OK, that might not be entirely fair. Still, Kenmare (N.D.) High found a unique way to honor the most populous and popular bird in its area while still captivating the imagination. The Honkers name, obviously, is...
  3. Y

    Where is Austin? (north, east etc.)?

    North Texas, South Texas, where?
  4. A

    joining the North american hunting club?

    So I just joined the north american hunting club and just wondering what benefits is there? Will they send me anything for joining like a key chain or something? Thank you.
  5. J

    Will the Sony Ericsson Xperia SP phone come to AT&T in North America?

    I'm a big fan of Sony Ericsson, but I live in America and usually their phones are released in like Europe and Japan and Canada or something like that, but idk if this phone will be released in America. I know the Xperia TL is available on AT&T, but I really like the SP. I am eligible foe an...
  6. F

    What can you do to a person who is here in north Carolina on immigrant visa?

    There this girl my brother goes out with She comes to my apartment from her home country then never tells me when she coming or when she leaving is there anything I can do within the immigration system to stop this she really becoming a problem but I don't know what my options are.
  7. J

    will Alli Simpson be with Cody Simpson on The paradise tour North American 2013?

    some times she goes with but she gonna go to his paradise tour North American 2013
  8. T

    Seaweed From North Atlantic Is Safe To Eat

    Seaweed has been eaten for thousands of years by people all over the world, and it can be considered a tasty and healthy food item. This is the conclusion from professor Ole G. Mouritsen, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark, who has scientifically...
  9. W

    An electron travelling north with a speed of 8.9x10^6m/s enters a...

    ...magnetic field of strength 0.069T pointing e? An electron travelling north with a speed of 8.9x10^6m/s enters a magnetic field of strength 0.069T pointing east. (a) what is the radius of the electron's orbit? (b) in what plane (upward and north-south, upward and east-west, or horizontal)...
  10. R

    has north korea really approved same sex marriage?

    I saw this on the tube tonight and if so maybe Kim's son is going to change things in North korea.
  11. A

    Well North Dakota, At Least You Didn’t Pass Personhood…

    The North Dakota legislature has been extremely busy this year passing every anti-abortion measure that they could dream up. And as the bills started to pile up on Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple‘s desk, the main question became, “Which one would he sign?” Well, it looks like we have an...
  12. J

    Can foreigners in North Korea access youtube?

    I heard that visitors to North Korea can now get on the internet as of February 2013. but does that include YouTube.? Or is it blocked like it is in a few other countries.? I know that North Koreans are not allowed to access the global internet.
  13. A

    Afternoon Links: State-Sanctioned Hair-dos In North Korea

    • Why yoga isn’t a religion (as some California parents seem to think) (The Stir) • Recipe: Butternut squash, chickpea and kale curry (Greatist) • Sourdough bread may be safe for the gluten-sensitive (Organic Authority) • The Nu Project showcases … More » Afternoon Links: State-Sanctioned...
  14. D

    North Islanders, does Auckland or Wellington have more influence over you?

    Which Main Centre in NZ do you prefer to visit during weekend trips? Auckand or Wellington? And why? Please also state the NZ town/region where you currently live or had come from so I can have an indication of the extent of that Main Centre's influence.
  15. D

    Is North Korea what happens when a country becomes Athiest?

    North Korea is the most athiestic country in the world where just owning a bible is grounds for execution. It is also the poorest, most isolated and impoverished country in Asia with the worst Human rights in the world. figures though, Athiest don't have much regard for human life.
  16. R

    How is the T-Mobile coverage in North Carolina? Would you suggest switching...

    ...from At&t to T-Mobile? We have a contract with at&t, and we only have unlimited texting, 550 minutes, and 200MB of data for one phone. The other two of us have crappy nothing phones, and with T-Mobile, we could pay $10 more per month and have unlimited text, talk, and data. We all want nicer...
  17. KelseyMerritt

    A remote controlled car moved 5m north then turned and covered 3m east. It turned to

    the south and travelled a? A remote controlled car moved 5m north then turned and covered 3m east. It turned to the south and travelled another 5m before it stopped. What is the total displacement of the car?
  18. A

    North Dakota’s House Passed Two Anti-Abortion Measures, Making ND Even Worse For Wome

    The House of Representatives in North Dakota has just passed two new anti-abortion measures, making the state's anti-choice climate even worse. North Dakota has only one operating abortion clinic and has been rated the worst state in the country for women. More » North Dakota’s House Passed Two...
  19. S

    how important was religion in the founding and settlement of England north American

    colonies? I know that with out the religion the colonies wouldn't have made it but i was wondering if someone could help explain this to me better. I know that its how we got our states and how they started breaking away.. If someone could help explain this to me I would really appreciate it...
  20. A

    north face mens jackets ifiw

     They were working overtime Here's what's happening right now IN THE NEWSS The Banyan Tree Group was founded on the island of Phuket in Thailand in the late 1980 But it is here we will deal with it"With his traditional ties to Asian countries and his command of Mandarin, the former Utah...