1. P

    when i was young i was obsessed with bloody mary and heard bells? help me?

    when i was a little girl, i became really obsessed with bloody mary. i was never scared of her, i wanted to meet her and see her. i would talk to her for comfort, she was kind of like a substitute for a motherly figure in my life because when i was 5, my actual mother left my family. i would...
  2. A

    why are we obsessed with zimmerman, race, and trivia instead of rebels in syria?

    obama is always up to no good and its like the people are distracted by the media. you sheeple don't even relaize whats going on over there and the U.S. is involved in, or that obama armed rebels in syria. Obama funded the rebels and armed them so thats now making it our issue. you guys are naive.
  3. L

    Was there a time where you were obsessed with celeberity gossip?

    Was there a time where you were? One time when Joe Jonas was dating Ashley Greene and everyone started saying that she was bad for Joe and that Joe's a man whore. I was obsessed with like finding asking questions on hear about them and saking weather she is bad for him or not and whatever and...
  4. M

    Why is hollywood so obsessed?

    with the female armpit. That is probably the ugliest part of the human body besides the scrotum and yet that is the part that Hollywood loves to show off.
  5. S

    Why are people obsessed with famous people?

    Please help me, I need this!
  6. J

    Why are liberals so obsessed with class warfare?

    We live in a cohesive society. Without the middle class, the rich won't have workers. Without rich people, the middle class won't have jobs. What is it about rich people that the liberals hate so much? Why is it that Occupy Wallstreet people were mad at Wallstreet for getting bailouts, but...
  7. S

    I'm getting really obsessed with naruto?

    I love anime as much as the next person, but my problem now is, I watch anime so often that I can't get any work done. Every time i watch or read naruto I can't stop. I reread or go back to other chapters or watch different episodes. if i'm not doing that i'm looking into character descriptions...
  8. R

    lol i'm obsessed!!!!!?

    i like a guy but he has a girlfriend.. i only met him once but we text a lot, or well we used to. i haven't spoke to him in a week or two but he's just so precious. i stopped talking to him because i don't wanna be a home wrecker.. i also like his friend, i met him twice and he's a doll. but...
  9. Gaby

    Poll/survey: I'm obsessed with BMW, what do?!?

    Like seriously tho, I'm like been observing per this show I know I'm like 20 years Kate on this franchise but still. Best show ever *like I've been obsessing over this show(boy meets world) for since I started watching it 2 weeks ago. I k ow I'm like 20 years late but its the best show ever. Oh...
  10. 0

    Why am I so obsessed with music?

    I don't know why. But whenever I wake up to when I go to sleep I typically listen to music for about four hours a day straight. I feel like if I try to shorten this time I can't really do it. I mean, I have a fourth generation iPod touch and yet all I really do it listen to music on YouTube or...
  11. O

    How obsessed are you with music? Take this quiz?

    How obsessed are you with music? Be honest people! If you really have never heard of them. Don't mark it. it just makes you look faker. ALTERNATIVE: [x] Weezer [x ] Paramore [x] Panic! At The Disco [ x] October Fall [ x] The Academy Is... [x] Coheed And Cambria [ ] Bayside [x] Yellowcard [x]...
  12. L

    Who on here is obsessed w/ sci-fi?

    Just want to know how many of you are like me.:D And for those who are, did you hear about the alien landing that was going to happen on Friday, October 28th? I think it was sometime around midnight. P.S. I don't think this category really fits. :(
  13. I

    Why are women so obsessed with whether their boyfriend is gay?

    Inspired by Vicky's question below, and most of the answers she got. It seems like women view their boyfriend being gay as some sort of ultimate betrayal, worse than cheating. This is an ongoing issue in our society, that evokes a lot of strong reactions from women. I don't know of any man...
  14. Y

    Are Christians so obsessed about Israel because they want to see a self

    fulfilling prophecy come true? Yeah, I can see if someone did try to take that dome down that it probably would cause a great war.
  15. P

    Why is everyone obsessed with living the life of a celebrity?

    They seem to have quite a life...lots of friends and parties. They work, too. Except that kind of life doesnt make me happy for some reason.
  16. D

    Are there any female celebrities who are known to be obsessed with Bono of U2?

    I would like to know if anyone has ever heard of any female celebrities who are obsessed with the rockstar Bono of U2. I am not one who reads the tabloids or gossip mags, but I am thinking maybe someone on the internet would know. Inquiring minds want to know, ha ha!
  17. W

    I'm obsessed with pirates and pirate fashion and need an online shop? Know of one?

    I'd really like to find a website that sells pirate fashion, accessories, and even serious, authentic pirate decor. I tried looking online but came short from anything past Halloween costumes.. Please help :)
  18. N

    can anyone give me a link to some chowder theme for nokia c3? im just obsessed w/

    him xD haha pls help thnx :)? yeh
  19. M

    Are people too obsessed with gadgets they forget to live, should there be a health

    warning? When i am at work instead of people talking to each other they talk to you while staring into their ipad or iphone. Also the other day went out for a meal and even the man who was serving my meal was glued to his iphone. Also instead of having sex and making babies couples bring the...
  20. M

    I am obsessed with gay?

    I think I am obsessed with gay. I often look up gay statistics and other things about LGBT facts and such.. i think i am gay but im very confused but im almost positive i am. is it normal to keep searching for gay information? its almost like im looking for something to tell me im not gay.