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    Samsung Omnia HD i9010 Best&Latest Firmware?

    who know the latest and the best firmware of samsung omnia hd?
  2. R

    Where can I download iGo8 for Samsung Omnia i900 Windows 6?

    iGo8 Navigator Samsung Omnia i900 Windows 6.1 Thank you~
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    samsung i8700 omnia 7 mobile not connecting to windows xp x64 via usb?

    My samsung omnia 8700 i8700 is not connecting to windows machine. its windows xp x64 . i connected via usb cable provided with phone. initially usb symbol came and i searched for drivers but could not find any. and now usb symbol is also not coming . browsed through google but no luck. please...
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    Samsung i8000 Omnia II?

    I would like to know where to download .cab game/app files for Samsung GT-i8000 for free. Only .cab files please and no .jar or .jad files, but .exe is also acceptable. :)
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    Samsung Omnia i910 without data?

    I am ordering that online from amazon and adding it to my old verizon contract for 10 dollars and im wondering if the verizon people r going to make me use a data plan? and if so can i return it to amazon?
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    Samsung announces the launch of the Omnia W smartphone in New Zealand

    New Windows Phone "Mango" handset to be available through Vodafone New Zealand.
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    Samsung omnia w launching date in india?

  8. C

    sony ericsson satio or samsung omnia 7?

    which is best? x=)
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    POLL: Motorola Atrix 4g OR, Samsung Omnia II?

    Motorola Atrix -...
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    Samsung Omnia i900!!!! HELP!!!!?

    My friend was playing around with my phone this afternoon, after i told her she couldn't might i add, and she has changed the settings on my MESSAGES and now it comes up like a conversation, not like it used to with just the normal messages! How do i get it back to normal?!? please help me
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    Samsung Omnia 7 or LG Optimus 7 for a WP7 device?

    Well, Both don't have expandable memory but the Omnia has 8GB, Optimus has 16GB. The Omnia has a SUPER AMOLED Display which looks nice The Optimus has an uglier design, Omnia = $325 LG = $275 I could get a 16GB Omnia for $375 though, Opinions and thoughts please? And yes i will be getting...
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    Question about the Samsung omnia i910?

    Im thinking about getting samsung omnia i910 and i was wondering if you had to get the $10 data package or the $30 data package?
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    anyone with a samsung omnia 7 manage to use mp3s for ringtones?

    I read a bit about people with windows phones doing this using chevronwp7 anyone have sucess with this or another method? Please answer only if you have an Samsung Omnia 7
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    Samsung Omnia i900 Charger and its ori handheld?

    I'm just curious, My handheld is Samsung Omnia i900 and thats original one. But then last night, I bought the Charger which is NON-original. What is the side-effect if we use that Non-Original item for this case? I'm worried if the battery could eventually get broken faster than ever. Duh...
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    Is Samsung Omnia Pro is compatible for Android?

    I have a samsung window based handset. Model No. GT-B7610 Omnia Pro.I want to change the window 6.1 to android.How to install it? Is my handset is compatible for Android? If Yes How?
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    Can someone please help me out with the samsung omnia i920 verizon phone?

    For the samsung omnia i920 for verizon is there any possible way that i can jailbreak it? if so please explain step by step.
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    Enabling GPS on Samsung Omnia i8700?

    I got my i8700 yesterday, and i've been trying to enable my GPS on it.. but I can't find the settings anywhere, i've looked in the manual but it still doesn't seen to work. I can't find anything online about enabling it either... if anyone knows how i can enable it, it's much appreciated...
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    How can I get CNNMobile onto my Samsung Omnia SGH-i900?

    Hi, My wife has CNNMobile on her Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 (8 GB). She gets live news from around the world, etc. I also have the same phone, except mine is 16GB, but when I try to download the CNN app, I always get a message saying "Not compatible with this phone". Why would this be? they are...
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    Samsung Omnia Charging problem?

    I just bought an Samsung i900 Omnia, and i noticed it has charging problems. When i plug it in there is no notification that the phone is charging. If i plug it in when it's off, it starts normally with no charging message. Anyone have any ideas what to do with it? thanks, Sebastian