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    Contra The Daily Mail, Organic Milk During Pregnancy Won’t Make A Baby Dumb

    A headline published by The Daily Mail yesterday proclaimed that "Women who drink organic milk in pregnancy could be harming their baby's IQ." More » Contra The Daily Mail, Organic Milk During Pregnancy Won’t Make A Baby Dumb is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs...
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    Who Owns Organic? Kraft, Kellogg And Coca-Cola

    Who owns organic? That's a complicated question. In a new chart, Michigan State agriculture professor Phil Howard attempts to answer it by*linking 25 major conventional food processors (brands such as Kraft, Con-Agra, Coca-Cola and Hershey Foods) with the organic brands or products that each...
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    Spring Shopping Guide: Natural And Organic Face Powders

    My face is shiny all the time lately! I don't know why, but my normal, nominal face makeup routine—moisturizer or face oil; beauty balm; eye brightener—just isn't cutting it right now. More » Spring Shopping Guide: Natural And Organic Face Powders is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    Eat Less Pesticides: A Guide To Which Fruits & Vegetables To Buy Organic (And What Yo

    Eat Less Pesticides: A Guide To Which Fruits & Vegetables To Buy Organic (And What Yo A guide to pesticide loads in fruits and vegetables, from nonprofit The Environmental Working Group. Avoid the dirty dozen (or buy organic) & keep it clean! More » Eat Less Pesticides: A Guide To Which Fruits...
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    I need to write a paper on organic chemistry. It can be any topic that is

    organic chemistry that interests me.? It has to be 7-10 pages and apa format. Any suggestions
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    What is the nutrition value on 1 big organic carrot stick?

    Like, what is the carb content? The calories? The protien? The vitamin A content & etc....? Thanks! Also, is a carrot stick a good and healthy snack option if I'm trying to lose weight?
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    Kirstie Alley Sued For Claiming Organic Liaison Helped Her Weight Loss

    Kirstie Alley has long struggled with her weight, but she's turned her plight into a cash cow in recent years with her new company, Organic Liaison, a weight-loss program designed to "liaise" consumers from a junky diet to a healthy one with supplements, diet and lifestyle tips, and online...
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    Lesson From Kashi Controversy: ‘Natural’ Doesn’t Equal Organic Or GMO-Free

    Kashi cereals*is taking grief from customers for using non-organic and genetically modified ingredients in its 'all-natural' cereals and snacks.*The dustup started after Rhode Island grocer John Wood put up a sign alerting customers that he'd stopped carrying Kashi products*after learning the...
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    Cosmetic Label Decoder: What Natural, Organic And Cruelty-Free Really Mean

    Natural, organic, green, clean, cruelty-free ... Cosmetic labels*say a lot of things, and it's hard to know what really means squat. Throw in labels like 'vegan,' 'non-toxic' or 'made with organic materials' and packages gets even more confusing. Don't worry. We're gonna (try to) sort it out for...
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    Tea Time: 6 Healthy, Organic (And Delicious!) Teas To Try This Winter

    At Blisstree, we are big fans of hot tea. Matter of fact, we love it so much that many of us are ditching our morning mocha lattes in favor of a steaming cup of herbal tea. That means we've tried many. And the benefits--and taste--are clear. Not only can tea have a boat-load of antioxidants, but...
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    Organic Food Can Have High Concentrations Of Arsenic

    Rice is known to have concentrations of arsenic that find their way into the population, especially among people who consume more rice than other staples. New research is suggesting that even organic brown rice can have high concentrations of arsenic, and with processing to produce syrups and...
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    Afternoon Links: How To Find Out If Products Are Organic

    •* Strange remedies for women. (HuffPost Women) • Highest calories at Thanksgiving. (fitsugar) • Trying harder can equal less results. (Divine Caroline) • There are risks with avoiding the sun. (The Stir) • Similarities of arousal vs amusement. (YourTango) • Skin care regimen for 30 +...
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    Organic Energy Drinks: Are They More Healthy Than Rockstar?

    The refrigerated section at your corner bodega or local grocery store is growing. Coconut water, kombucha, more kinds of canned tea than you can shake a stick at...and energy drinks, as far as the eye can see. But it's not all Red Bull and Rockstar--there are some new...
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    Are Stars the Origin of Organic Life? [Space]

    Our Sun's energy is the source of all life on the planet, sure. But what if it was also the source of the first organic compounds that gave rise to life itself? A team of Hong Kong researchers believe they've proved just that. More »
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    Low-nicotine, low tar, all natural, organic, additive-free tobacco?

    I'd like some mild, low nicotine tobacco that is pure and natural with no chemical additives (flavors are OK, though) for casual social smoking from either a pipe or hookah. Any recommendations? Is imported tobacco free of additives? For example, from Turkey?
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    What's a interesting organic synthesis for a high school curriculum?

    We have to find a synthesis to perform ourselves, and we are struggling to find something that seems interesting. Any input would be appreciated ^^. Keep in mind we are limited to standard high-school (gymnasium) equipment and chemicals.
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    Poultry Farms That Go Organic Have Significantly Fewer Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

    Antibiotic use in conventional animal food production in the United States has created public health concern because it has been shown to contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can potentially spread to humans. A new study, led by Dr. Amy R. Sapkota of the University...
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    Alt medicine: what brand of organic green tea is good?

    A pure one to remove toxins and good for health.
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    organic cupcake recipe?

    i have a friend who trains fighters and on a very strict diet. no refined sugars basically... his birthday is on saturday and he likes white cupcakes with white frosting. are there any recipes for cupcakes and frosting that used no refined sugars??
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    Turkish/Blended Organic Tobacco?

    Ok a question for a tobacco expert. I'm a big fan of Turkish/blended or American tobacco such as is in Camel's or Bugler Tobacco. I've been rolling my own cigarettes with Bugler but would like to find an additive free organic tobacco tin to switch to. I've been looking and can't find any good...