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    Outfits for spring vacation?

    This weekend I'm going on a short vacation to Gettysburg with my bf. I struggle creating spring time outfits and would like some advice. I need 3 casual day time outfits and then 2 night outfits-and 1 night we'll be doing a ghost tour so I need something that works for dinner and then the ghost...
  2. E

    Why do women wear skimpy outfits and then complain about being called a hooker?

    I am all for women's rights and everything like that, but doesn't there need to be a sense of responsibility. What ever happened to dress like how you want to be perceived?
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    Daily Fail: ‘Unapologetic’ Awards Show Outfits Aren’t An Excuse For Christina Aguiler

    Christina Aguilera wore two outfits that revealed her body shape at the American Music Awards last night. But what does it all mean? A chance to go on a Christina Aguilera weight snark at*The Daily Mail, of course! Their interpretation of her "unapologetic" wardrobe is that it was an act of...
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    Question re sidecar outfits please?

    Recently 'hung' a chair on to my BMW R1150GS (medical-reason) and now have conflicting info re tyre pressures. Front on the bike I'm told 30 to 40psi, rear on the bike 38 to 44psi, s/car 34 to 38psi subject to load. I have in the s/car 50kg's of ballast to keep it down / until I get used to...
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    Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Look Playful and Pretty in Matching Pink Outfits

    This pair knows a thing or two about coordinating outfits! Being the fashionistas that they are, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise play with pink without getting too matchy-matchy (which is...
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    Ralph Lauren promises 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony outfits will be American-made

    After a firestorm erupted when it was discovered that Ralph Lauren's U.S. Opening Ceremony outfits were manufactured in China, the clothing company announced the outfits for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi would be American-made. [ Photos: Team USA uniforms through the years ] Ralph Lauren...
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    Goth fashion and outfits?

    Okay. I know for sure I want to be goth. It's my lifestyle choice. Anyways, I'd like to know where I can see some goth outfits to get an idea of how I want to dress. Also, where can I go to find Goth outfits. I love Hot Topic but it's really expensive and my family and I are very tight on...
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    Need ideas for cosplay outfits!!?

    I need help D: i was planning to dress as namine from kingdom hearts but i cant anymore due to my friend.. i need cosplay ideas !! please help
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    Where can I find pictures of ALL of Sasuke's different outfits?

    Either a link to a page where they all are or different link. It would really help me immensely guys, as I am only a bit through Shippuuden but intend to cosplay as Sasuke and need to choose one of his outfits. And not essential, but it would help if the different pics could include the minor...
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    Vacation outfits?? Help please?

    I'm going to Houston at the end of the month. Can I have some chic travel outfits?
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    How many outfits to bring on a seven day cruise to mexico in may?

    Ok i need to know..... How many: Shirts Shorts Swimsuits Dresses Skirts To bring on an ncl spirts cruise for seven days to mexico. I am a girly girl, 13, and am very tall. Please reply asap. And if you have ben on this boat before that will help. I no that there will be one formal night
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    My Life As Liz season 2 outfits?

    i wanna dress like Liz and i really love the outfits she wears in season 2. Where can i find some like them?
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    Cute outfits for a Cruise!!?

    I am going on a 5-day Carnival Cruise to Mexico and Catalina Island on March 21 with 9 of my family members. I am super excited and nervous at the same time!! :DDD This is my 6th cruise and they are always really cute guys on board!!! =) I need some cute outfit ideas, at least 2 bikinis, and a...
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    Where Can I Find The Outfits That Coby Bell aka Jason Pitts Wore On The...

    ...Current Season Of The Game? Can Anybody Give Me A List Of Websites or find the pictures of the outfits he's worn this season
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    New York Winter Outfits for teen?

    I'm going to NYC next week, and I don't know what kind of clothes to bring because I've never experienced snow/really cold weather. Are pants, boots, a coat, and scarf enough? Can you suggest articles of clothing that I should buy so that I won't freeze to death? Outfits appropriate for a 17...
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    Check out Roger and Rafa's 2011 Australian open outfits!!!?

    How do you rate them out of ten? Why? Personally I give Federer's outfit an 8.5/10. I think its a breath of fresh air. The design is elegant and tranditional and the colours are a lot more subtle than previous outfits in the last year or so. I give Rafa's outfit an 8/10. I think the colours...
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    Favourite Fashion Outfits?

    Put ur fave fashion outfits in da answers and best outfit will b chosen as best answer! girls only plz!
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    Design me cute outfits for a cruise!!?

    I'm going on a 4-day cruise to mexico and Catalina Island this December!! I'm really excited but I need some cute outfits. At least 6 outfits because I'm a girl Lolzz!!! I love stores like Wet Seal, Old Navy, and Kohls!! I love skinny jeans, converse, and those solid color, short sleeve shirts...
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    Can you name famous people/characters who have equally famous outfits?

    e.g. Santa Claus.
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    what are some fall trends or outfits?

    Im 14 & really into the new trends so yeahh ! :)