1. R

    Like my facebook page please? My page is called "Music Is My Escape", it was made 3 days ago and it has only 12 likes and i'm brainstorming ways to share it and this popped into my head
  2. W

    My Macbook (White) Is Stuck On The Apple Loading Page What Can I Do? Do You

    Need Some Kind Of Disk/DVD? I Was Making Videos On My Mac OnPhotobooth And It Died On Me. So It Was Off For A While And I Went To Get The Charger To Charge It And When I Turned It On It Was Stuck On A Blue Screen So I Turned It Back Off And Finally It Went To The Loading Apple Logo Screen But...
  3. M

    PLEASE HELP! Facebook won't let me change my band page username?

    I've tried countless times and it just keep saying an unexpected error has occurred. We go to change username then type in the username and click check availability, it says its available, then when we click confirm (every single time) it says an unexpected error has occurred. Please someone...
  4. S

    Do making and posting ads for your facebook page make you money?

    I made a facebook page for my blog and it asked to create an ad for my page and give payment information. If I create an ad, fill out the payment information, and post the ad, will every time someone clicks on that ad do I make money? And do I have to pay for the ads to be posted?
  5. I

    Rate my manga page??

    Rate my manga on a scale of 1-10 professionally. Also tell me why you gave me a certain number and what I need to work on. rate just the drawing
  6. S

    How to add apps on to app page on Android?

    This is kinda hard to explain, ok so there is this app called cocappa where you can get different looking icons and I want to change the 4 main icons at the bottom of the screen (phone,contacts,msg,and apps) into different icons ,apparently on my phone ( Samsung Galaxy S Blaze) it wont let me...
  7. J

    shut down facebook page?

    I want to close my facebook page down
  8. P

    How Can I increase Facebook likes for this page?

    Hello all, I need to increase facebook likes of my page. Can you tell me how can I get millions of like without paid methods. Please don't explain me advantages and disadvantage of facebook like. Please be static and give me genuine answer.
  9. K

    Can you recover deleted web page history on a droid 4 by motorola?

    If so how.
  10. G

    My phone is stuck on the location consent page and its a motorola photon 4g?

    It got wet and I left it in rice overnight and I rebooted it and it appeared on the location page and my touch pad wont work either
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    The iPad Cleverly Detects This Connected Picture Book's Page Turns

    The arrival of the iPad had many predicting the device would wipe out books, magazine, and newspapers once and for all. But their doomsday predictions were a little premature, and as the folks at engageLab demonstrate with this fantastic conceptual app, tablets and books can live in perfect...
  12. B

    my blackberry bold 9900 won't turn on, just shows reset page every time?

    It turns on but when it's finished turning on it just shows the white screen page saying reset, i click that and it just repeats the cycle again, i've tried plugging it in to my computer but it won't read it and i've tried removing the battery, charging but its just completely broken. Please...
  13. C

    How do I make a facebook page on a blackberry?

    Could some one pls tell me how
  14. W

    Can this Verizon phone be activated with Page Plus service?

    My hubby and I would like to start using Page Plus, but I'm not happy with their phone selection. We need only basic phones that will make calls and text. I found this phone from best buy, the Samsung u365, meant to be used with Verizon prepaid. It's just a basic flip phone, but it's Verizon...
  15. S

    Which trending topic on Yahoo's main page right now is most interesting to you?

    Mine is "Fox pulls Family Guy". Here's the full story: Weird coincidence, huh? (Which it is by the way. Some...
  16. U

    can you give me the page where almost katniss kissed gale?

    its where he says its like kissing a drunk person
  17. M

    why was the online indicator removed from rogers yahoo mail page?

    Rogers updated there mail page and they removed this feature...Online Presence IndicatorWe removed the icon showing whether your contacts are online or offline with Yahoo! Messenger. If they removed the icon showing whether your contacts are online how are you supposed to chat with them? Is...
  18. J

    which is the best Facebook app for creating static html page?

    what is the best free html app for hosting Facebook company html page, which can also host images
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    1/2 page Composition of things in my bag?

    I should write what is in my bag, purse, or backpack and I'm suppose to imitate the writing style in the novel, chapter 1, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. I have to include the tangible objects and intagible things, that are personal and reveal something about myself. I have to say the...
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    If I own a few websites and casually link between them, does it help build page rank?

    Does the server or IP address matter?