1. D

    How can i play torrent wii game (downloaded from a website) on my PAL wii ?

    I really don't get the ISO games exc.. , please explain for me how to play a torrent wii game on my PAL wii in verry Clear explanation , beacause i am a begginer in these stuff .. Btw i downloaded a wii game ''torrent'' (just dance 3 PAL wii) but i am thinking of putting in a CD and then play...
  2. S

    I would like to know the difference between a PAL Nintendo 3DS and a NTSC one?

    I would like to know the differences between the systems. I understand that PAL is for Europe, and NTSC is for North America. I was just curious if the games play different, if they look different.. things like that :D Thank you very much.
  3. R

    If I buy a pal Nintendo 64 from spain will my Australian Pal games play in...

    ...english still? help please.
  4. A

    does anyone know where I can buy dragonball Z/GT PAL DVD's ?

    I usually buy from amazon but they only have the PAL versions of dragon ball z seasons 1-4 so I was wondering if some one can tell me where I can buy them
  5. G

    Jennifer Aniston Enjoys Date Night With Fiancé Justin Theroux While Honoring Pal Ben

    Jennifer Aniston may have been at tonight's American Cinematheque Awards to honor pal Ben Stiller, but the real man by her side during the bash was fiancé Justin Theroux. The...
  6. C

    French pen pal? Leave emails/facebook/kik?

    I am looking for a french pen pal, a native speaker of french I can become friends with, I speak some french and I want to improve, I can help you learn english, italian or spanish
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    Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split: Connor Cruise's "Family" Tweet No Surprise, Says Pal

    Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split: Connor Cruise's "Family" Tweet No Surprise, Says Pal Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's son Connor Cruise has never spoken publicly about his famous family. But on Sunday, he apparently took to Twitter with a tweet that seems to have been...
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    Lea Michele Was Born a Star, Says Spring Awakening Pal

    It's really no surprise that Lea Michele is one of the big breakout stars of Glee. By the time the show rolled around, she'd already been a smash on Broadway. In...
  9. B

    What difference would it make if I got a Nintendo DSi that was PAL or NTSC?

    I want to buy a DSi but I don't want any problems or inconveniences.
  10. Y

    Where can I find a Japanese pen pal?

    Where can I go to make friends with Japanese people? Anyone Japanese that would like to email with me? I have always loved Japanese people but where I'm from, there are no Japanese people :-(
  11. W

    What are some methods to play NTSC DVDs on European DVD players? (ie. PAL format)?

    - Are there certain DVD players you can buy/modifications you can make to a DVD player? - Is there software you can install on a computer to play these NTSC DVDs? Thanks guys
  12. J

    Anyone have the App My Fitness Pal?

    Does it work? It says i should eat 1200 calories a day but i guess thats like the lowest of low, I want to make sure my body doesn't go into starvation mode Thank you conservative grandma I have lost 12 pounds in a month and a week with this app =]
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    Will a NTSC Region 1 and 4 DVD work in a PAL region 4 country such as Australia?

    I want to sell a DVD which says it's NTSC and region 1 and region 4 to Australia specifically. Australia is a region 4 country, but it uses PAL. Will it not work in Australia? The DVD says on it's bottom NTSC and then under it, is has two globes. One with a 1 and one with a 4 signifying it's a...
  14. B

    I need a DVD player to play a PAL DVD/Region 0?

    Bought a DVD from the Netherlands and my dvd player just says disc error-so I am looking for suggestions of brands to buy that would play this! Thank you
  15. S

    Is there a way to make my computer play a region 2 dvd that uses PAL system?

    I live in the US so I'm assuming I have region one, I do have a newer computer though. :)
  16. R

    How do I play a region 1 DVD on a Pal TV?

    What do I need to do it? I have a region-free DVD player but the R1 dvds I own have zigzag lines on the edge of the objects on the screen Actually, the player is more like a stereo that can play DVD's from any region, could that be why the quality is reduced?
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    Be A Pal: Easy Ways To Help Your Friends Stick With Their Goals

    As of today, it's mid-way through January, and if you're still going strong with your health and fitness resolutions, you're probably feeling unstoppably awesome. Unfortunately, this point in the month is also when you may start to notice some of the folks you love losing their motivation...
  18. M

    Where can I get PAL xbox 360 games in Singapore?

    Hey guys, Do any of you know where I can get PAL Xbox 360 Games in Singapore!?! I've been looking for a while but can't find many. to be specific, the game I want is WWE12 (Xbox 360 PAL) but this would also be good for future reference. hope someone can help me out!
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    Miley Cyrus' 19th Birthday Party: Expect "Madness and Craziness," Says Pal Kelly Osbo

    Miley Cyrus' 19th Birthday Party: Expect "Madness and Craziness," Says Pal Kelly Osbo Happy Birthday, Miley Cyrus! The teen superstar turns 19 tomorrow and guess which of her famous friends is planning the super-secret B-day bash? It's E!'s own Kelly...
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    Fitness pal question about calories?

    Hello, I started dieting about 2 weeks ago. But this week My husband told me about this app on my android phone "Fitness pal" I track all the calories I eat and how much i exercise and it tells me an estimate of how much calories i have burned... Well I wanted to know... When I type in how many...