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    Teens Protected From Sleep Problems And Depression By Parent And Teacher Support

    A new study suggests that disturbed sleep in adolescents is associated with more symptoms of depression and greater uncertainly about future success. However, perceived support and acceptance from parents and teachers appears to have a protective effect. Results show that disturbed sleep was...
  2. H

    how do you establish a parent child relationship?

    If you have not seen your children in the last 2 and 1/2 years and just about a 5 minute phone conversation every few days. you live out of state
  3. L

    What do Permanent Residence under the Parent category in New Zealand qualify for?

    Parents are sponsored for 5 years. Is there any assistance they can get.
  4. M

    Does anyone know any hotels in Alabama that admit 16 year olds with parent consent?

    So my son is driving to gulf shores alabama gmfor spring break and he is sadly 16 I need to know cheap hotel that will let him check in with a fax from me giving my consent?
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    Parent Sues McDonald’s After Child Eats Used Condom In Play Area

    I hate that I just had to type that title. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. More » Parent Sues McDonald’s After Child Eats Used Condom In Play Area is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
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    What in Christianity is continuous with its parent tradition, Judaism and what

    is discontinuous? Scholarly Info only please
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    Is Taco Bell and Imodium owned by the same parent company?

    If so, it's a great sales strategy.
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    How to meet up to parent's expectations?

    My mother has yelled at me everyday for the past 3 weeks because my grade in Government has gone down to a C twice. Not just Government, but ever since 7th grade, my mother just constantly yells at me, it's made me depressed, I always think: I'm not good enough, or I'm worthless. It sounds...
  9. A

    Any advice on how to handle hearing your parent having sex?

    This my seem sort of odd, but about 5-6 years ago while at my father's house for the weekend I experienced one if the worst things any 11-12 year old could experience. I don't live with my dad ( mom has full custody of me) but every now and then, I would spend the night. One the first night...
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    Did you hear about the Atheist parent who beat their child for being religious?

    Yeah me neither... However, a mulsim woman DID beat her son to death for failing to learn the koran. Isn't religion uplifting?
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    Focusing On Children Instead Of Relationship Problems Helps Separated Couples Parent

    New research conducted at the University of Missouri offers hope for divorced parents and suggests hostile relationships can improve when ex-spouses set aside their differences and focus on their children's needs. "Most people falsely believe that, when people get divorced, they'll continue to...
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    Child's Allergy Risk Higher If Parent Of Same Sex Has It

    Researchers have discovered an interesting fact about the genetic basis of childhood allergic diseases: a child is more likely to have a particular allergy if his or her same-sex parent has it. So for example, a girl's chance of having asthma is higher if her mother has it, and a boy's is higher...
  13. E

    Father wants parent rights terminated?

    My daughters biological father says he wants his parental rights terminated. I live in Texas and he lives in Puerto Rico and yes, he has paid child support all her life but, he has never been apart of her life so, we came to an agreement and he wants no part in her life whatsoever. I dont have...
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    1-Year-olds At Risk For Autism May Be Identified By Questionnaire Completed By Parent

    A new study by University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers found that 31 percent of children identified as at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at 12 months received a confirmed diagnosis of ASD by age 3 years... More...
  15. blackjiggs

    So how many times can a parent leave there youngest child home during a...

    ...vacation without having child services? He was 8 the first time and 9 the second the worst part is he lives in a really nice neighborhood that isn't gated, and you how burglars always hit those streets especially during the holidays(he was left alone both times during christmas time) hes very...
  16. E

    Would your parent care if you barely ate anything? +vent?

    Would they even notice? When do you think they wouldn't care, like do you think they wouldn't care if you were a certain age? Do your parents have healthy food in the house and try and look out for your health? Thanx for answering. My vent: I'm asking because my parents recently stopped buying...
  17. M

    I need help from parents? I'm surveying on parent and kids safety and

    connection concerns? Need help: I am a university student. I'm re-designing a phone application which is based on family connection and helps family to stay connected in a safe and private environment. The app helps parents to find their children's location, age 8 to 17, while they are out plus...
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    One in 10 U.S. Kids Lives With Alcoholic Parent; Are We Really That Stressed-Out?

    A new study just proved what is wrong with parents today: We are so stressed out that we're turning to alcohol to relax. So much so that one out of every 10 children in the U.S. now lives with an alcoholic parent. That's just troubling for so many reasons. And it makes me never want to drink a...
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    How A Parent's Education Can Affect The Mental Health Of Their Offspring

    New research sheds light on cycle of low socioeconomic status and depression Could depression in adulthood be tied to a parent's level of education? A new study led by Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, a medical sociologist from McGill University, suggests this is the case... More...
  20. L

    aside from the dc snipers can you name any other parent child murder teams?