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    How to convince your parents to buy a PSP?

    Can u give some suggest on convincing your parents to buy a PSP, but i already have a PS2, and they think due to the PS2 my grades are fallen and if they buy a PSP it will be worse. but my grades are almost ok 80%.please give me some suggestion on it to convince them.
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    Both parents experience highs and lows in sexuality after childbirth

    Partners of new mothers often experience shifts in sexuality, and these shifts are often unrelated to biological or medical factors pertaining to childbirth. The findings, which are published in a recent issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, expand current understanding of postpartum...
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    HELP! how to persuade parents to get me an iPhone?

    Alright, here's the deal. My parents don't want me to have an iPhone because last year I lost a phone and we haven't found it. We had to shut it down from Verizon. They said I'm not responsible and that I should get a regular flip phone. Some points I've told them include: 1. I have an iPod...
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    STFU Parents: 5 Facebook Maternity Pictures That Should Have Stayed Offline

    Last year, I dedicated a column to notable maternity picture trends, and since then, my inbox has continued to balloon with bizarre submissions. Also since then, the world has gained about a zillion “What She Wore” Kim Kardashian maternity photo galleries, which got me thinking about how people...
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    How to persuade my parents to get me an iPhone ?

    So I've now got my dad's old phone which is the iPhone 3GS BUT its hardly working ! Sometimes I can't even make phone calls! And other times when I want to end a phone all it ouch the end bottom and it doesn't end the call ! So I can get charged without even knowing and it has happened! My dad...
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    How can I persuade my parents to let me have breast enhancement surgery?

    I've been thinking about this for years, I've saved several thousand up, while researching and thinking about this. So, I do know what I'm going into. I know the recovery times, the risks, the issues and complications; I also have spoken to a few people who have had the same surgery.
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    How to convince my parents to get me a phone?

    All my friend has it but not me. I got an iPhone 3GS when it came out. And now I feel that phone is out dated. So I stopped using it for a year. And I wanted an iPhone 5 badly. If I could go to work, I would. But sadly I am just 13. I always ask my mom if I can change my phone. She said " You...
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    my parents want me to travel abroad?

    but i really don't want to. I know if i did i'd regret it cos im really attached to my home country, i have Aspergers so don't like change very much. the problem is my parents. They want me to do this and have threatened to disown me if i don't what should i do
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    How do I get my parents to let me have a smartphone?

    My name is Chase and I am 14. I really want a smart phone, preferably an iPhone 5, because of their usefulness, social connectivity, and entertainment. Also the plus of a phone. My parents don't like smart phones though, mostly because they don't want me to have internet access whenever. What...
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    What do I say to convince my parents to let me adopt a the smallest breed...

    ...of dog that can live outdoors??? My dad said I can adopt any breed of dog,but she has to stay outdoors! I need to Know the smallest breed for a small house that can tolerate cats. And can you give me dog care tips THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Will's parents' names on Glee...?

    I am writing a fanfic. Many people know me, and I am popular, as I write the story "Family." So, Will assigns his parents to teen-sit those rascals. What do you think that the first names of Mr. and Mrs. Schuester could be? I need some possibilities. I'm not good with names. And, if you have...
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    My parents want to go on a Carnival cruise?

    but I read in the newspaper that on Carnival cruises you have to poop in plastic bags. I'm trying to convince my parents not to go but they aren't listening.
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    My parents want to go on a Carnival cruise?

    but I read in the newspaper that on Carnival cruises you have to poop in plastic bags. I'm trying to convince my parents not to go but they aren't listening.
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    Kobe Bryant settles memorabilia lawsuit, parents apologize for trying to auction his

    It's like my mother always says: "Daniel, sometimes, love means having to say you're sorry for trying to auction off more than 100 of your son's things without his permission." Kobe Bryant reached a settlement with New Jersey-based Goldin Auctions to allow several items from his storied...
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    Poll: Would your parents be proud of you if you managed to log onto YA from a Zenith?

    television made in 1981?
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    Chicago suburb installs fantastic signs to get parents to chill out at youth sports g

    It’s not unusual for an athletic field to feature signs that advise about the rules of the game being played at the site. What is more unusual is for those signs to offer rules and reminders for parents rather than the athletes themselves. In an endearing and humorously heartening response...
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    How to convince my parents to let me get a VW van?

    I really want a vw westfalia (think 1970's), I'm planning on saving up my money and buying one for myself. I talked to my parents about it, and my dad said no since that's my sisters dreamcar. I've always liked the car too, she just expressed it more in front of everyone, and my dad says that...
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    Parents Think 1 In 100 Teens Using "Study Drugs" But Actual Figure Is More Like 1 In

    Parents Think 1 In 100 Teens Using "Study Drugs" But Actual Figure Is More Like 1 In As high schoolers prepare for final exams, teens nationwide may be tempted to use a "study drug" Â*- a prescription stimulant or amphetamine - to gain an academic edge. But a new University of Michigan poll...
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    Blame your parents for bunion woes

    A novel study reports that white men and women of European descent inherit common foot disorders, such as bunions (hallux valgus) and lesser toe deformities, including hammer or claw toe. Findings from the Framingham Foot Study—the first to estimate the heritability of foot disorders in...
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    My parents know I smoke cigarettes. Can I get away with smoking in my bedroom?

    My parents have no problem with me smoking. They just don't want me doing it in my bedroom. I'm desperate for a cig and there's no way I won't wake them up if I light one. Can I get away with smoking a cig in my bedroom?