1. C

    BackStage Pass Otome Mp3?

    Anyone who preordered Backstage Pass, have the mp3 for the song I Can't Believe It by Junko Fujiyama and Mili?The Opening Song? Please Help!
  2. L

    When Gallstones pass, do they increase ALT levels?

    I had an extremely high ALT reading, when it is usually normal. But I suspect I passed one or more gallstones. Could the passing of gallstones increase ALT levels?
  3. J

    What do I need to pass inspections on a sport bike?

    I'm gong to buy a 08 ninja 250 in Missouri and was wondering what all do they look for when passing an inspection? In Missouri.. What all do I need
  4. L

    a day does not pass without remembering my hiking trip. is it normal?

    what should i do. i feel like i am addicted to hiking. this hiking trip was a little bit difficult because i did not have food with me. i burned almost 7000 calorie and i eat about 700 calorie. after sleeping 4 hours and walking 16 hours with 2-3 minutes rest in between. i could not sleep the...
  5. A

    Pass or Fail: Dallas Stars? new home and away uniforms

    The 2013-14 season will be the first full year of the Tom Gaglardi era in Dallas, and with new ownership often comes new threads. On Tuesday, the Dallas Stars became the second NHL team of the day to unveil a new jersey design. Here's what they'll be wearing next season: As expected, the...
  6. A

    LeBron James fires a ridiculous pass to Mike Miller for a 3 at the halftime buzzer (V

    Miami Heat uber-star LeBron James is widely acknowledged as the best player in the NBA, but merely calling him such doesn't communicate just how amazing he is to watch on a daily basis. In seemingly every game, LeBron does something no other player in the league can do, turning a creative idea...
  7. H

    How you pass the mysterius ruin in rpg machine knights android games?

    what i need to do after i found SO1, how to use it?
  8. H

    How you pass the mysterius ruin in rpg machine knights android games?

    what i need to do after i found SO1, how to use it?
  9. N

    Last time i smoked weed was 34 days ago will i pass my urine drug test?!!?

    The last time i smoked weed was 34 days ago and the last time before that was 32 days ago. For the past year i smoked 2 times a month tops and most months i didnt smoke at all. I lift weights 3 to 4 times a week and drink lots of water. I am skinny and in pretty good shape. I am going to drink 4...
  10. A

    If i buy an Itouch 4th generation that has a pass code?

    My friend forgot his passcode and wants to sell me his Itouch 4th gen, could i just plug it into my Itunes and restore it and the pass code will be gone?
  11. J

    Battlefield 3 Online Pass Question?

    I dont really know how this works so excuse me if i sound stupid, but i just bought battlefield 3 pre-owned and i wanna play multiplayer but i need a online pass. is there any way the previous owner's online pass can be passed over to me or do i have to cough up $10 for a pass?? :l i still have...
  12. E

    Don't know the pass code for itouch?

    We found my sisters old itouch (first generation, without a camera) there was a passcode on it and we can't figure it out, is there anyway to reset the itouch so there is no passcode?
  13. D

    Should I get a Gym class pass for my ingrown, infected toenail?

    My toe hurts when I run or even fast walk. I just need to get out of gym until my Dad can take me to the doctor and get it removed.
  14. K

    Will I pass a saliva swab test after not smoking for about a week?

    I smoked pot pretty regularly and havent smoked for 4 days have a job interview on saturday (2 days from now) for a company that will be administering a swab test. Im not exactly sure when i will be tested but, worst case scenario, it will be saturday. if so is it likely ill pass?
  15. A

    Well North Dakota, At Least You Didn’t Pass Personhood…

    The North Dakota legislature has been extremely busy this year passing every anti-abortion measure that they could dream up. And as the bills started to pile up on Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple‘s desk, the main question became, “Which one would he sign?” Well, it looks like we have an...
  16. M

    How to pass a nicotine test in 19 hours?

    Ok so I'm 16 years old, 105 lbs., and I have been trying to quit smoking lately. I smoked three cigarettes today and sprayed aerosol in my car. I have been caught before, which prompted me to stop smoking, although it hasn't been easy. I'm down to about two every day, sometimes only one...
  17. G

    How do I pass Facebook Identity check without a mobile phone?I won't provide?

    government ID's per their request.
  18. S

    Basketball: What's a pocket pass?

    I was at my rec center today. We won our first game but this college guy had next. He was doing all these crazy dunks on the other court. He had a kid with him who was only 11. Looked like a random cute little green eyed bi-racial kid but damn he had the ball on a string and he never missed...
  19. M

    Can you fail gym and pass to 10th grade?

    Ok so I failed gym I'm horrible at it and I just not the sporty type . I don't know if I'll pass to the next grade without it . I'm doing good in everything else exempt for that
  20. Marcos1

    Does Anyone Know if Verizon sends texts to iPhones letting them know if they pass...

    ...their data limit? I was wondering if Verizon wireless sends Messages To phone (iPhone 4) telling them if their at 50% of their data or if they just passed it or what ? Help ...