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    Battlefield 3 Limited edition xbox 360 Does it contain previous patches?

    I'm planning on buying Battlefield 3 Limited edition the one with all the dlc and stuff. And i wanted to know if i buy the game will it have all the previous patches from before the limited edition came out on the disc already. I love battlefield 3 and i regretting selling but i had to because...
  2. A

    Ticket Punched: Iona wins the Metro Atlantic after some rough patches

    Iona won't have sweat through another Selection Sunday this year. The Gaels put an ugly final month of the regular season behind them and won the Metro Atlantic Conference tournament Monday night to secure a second straight trip to the NCAA tournament after earning an at-large bid last season...
  3. X

    Arm aches related to pregnancy or nicotine patches?

    I started wearing nicotine patches over a week ago, the very first day I put the patch on my left arm, an hour or so later I started getting really bad left arm pain, like a really strong ache so I swapped it my right arm, I then got right arm pain. The pain comes and goes and isn't as strong...
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    2013 All-Star warm-up jackets have patches showcasing players? career accomplishments

    HOUSTON — When LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and the rest of the participants in Sunday night's 2013 NBA All-Star Game come out of the locker room to take the court at the Toyota Center, you'll be able to see exactly how much they've been able to achieve in the league, not just based on...
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    i am wearing three nicotine patches and chewing a piece of nicotine gum.... it safe to smoke a cigarette? am i gonna die? edit: well i'm not wearing them to quit smoking i just wanna get nicotine high jeez
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    i am wearing three nicotine patches and chewing a piece of nicotine gum.... it safe to smoke a cigarette? am i gonna die? edit: well i'm not wearing them to quit smoking i just wanna get nicotine high jeez
  7. B

    Could someone answer my question about Nicotine Patches?

    I have just applied a Nicotine patch and I have noticed it is on a very tiny cut where I shaved my arm. Is that ok? As I have stated it is a very tiny cut, like you have to look very close to see it. Is that fine?
  8. K

    Problem with NBA 2k12 rookies patches, help me please!?

    It is possible to have the "rookies patch"(With new version of My Player) for xbox 360? I can't use xbox live, how do I install the patch on the game? There is a download game + patches? Thank you, I would like to have the new version of my player. Sorry if my english isn't correct but i'm italian.
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    NicoDream's nicotine patches and daily exercise?

    So my doctor told me to exercise 5 times a week, and he prescribed me NicoDream 21mg because I told him I want to quit smoking. The problem is their manual does not cover exercising while using their 24/h patches. Will I risk an overdoes if I exercise while a patch is on? Do I have to use 2...
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    Do liberals sit in pumpkin patches waiting on the Great Pumpkin?

    And all the freebies he will bring?
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    I'm nervous about staeting nicotine patches?

    I'm 17 and just got them today, but I've read so many negative side effects of them, they scare me. I take iron medication on top of Dianette and doctor didn't say anything about these being a harmful mix. What happens if I smoke whilst on the patches? (I don't plan to but just incase) Any...
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    Grant To Study Microneedle Patches For Polio Vaccine

    The Georgia Institute of Technology will receive funding through Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that enables researchers worldwide to test unorthodox ideas that address persistent health and development challenges... More...
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    my cat hair is coming out in patches and I noticed his ear seems brittle and...

    ...a piece tearing off what is this? I was told by a vet in februrary 2011 that my male cat was 1 and a half years old, I am concerned as I am noticing patches of his hair coming out and his ear tearing. I am now unemplyed so I don't have the finances to take him to a vet, How can I help him ?
  14. K

    Sony Ericsson W995 patches?

    I have sony ericsson w995... my question is there any patches to extend my sms alert tones longer than current timing. e.g more than 60 seconds... Please enlighten me on the steps how to patches it....My firmware version : R1FA035 Thank you.
  15. H

    How much are nicotine patches? $?

    And do you need to be a certain age to buy them? Do you need a prescription? NJ Thanks
  16. E

    Are there any stores that sell Iron on or Sew on patches?

    I've found some in amazon, but I was mainly wondering if anyone sold them by the bag? or in bundles. I'm looking for some cause I'd like to have some on a vest or jacket,so most sizes are around 3inchs, anything bigger might be okay,it seems like patches are now considered a old fad, I still...
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    about nicotine patches?

    What are some of side effects and how common are they? What about stroke or heart attack chances?
  18. L

    Nicotine Patches harmful?

    Is wearing nicotine patches the same as if i was smoking? is nicotine harmful? or the tar? im currently wearing the nicorette patches 25mg it works for me i haven't smoked and not feel any urge. Thanks
  19. R

    Cutting nicotine patches up to save money?

    I only smoke 10-15 a day and am not eligible for free prescriptions so I have to buy them (£20 a pop). I've been told by family it saves money if you buy the strongest ones (21mg) and cut them into 3rds. Use 2/3's when you first start out then 1/2's then 1/3's then 1/4's. Does this work? Cheers
  20. L

    I'm writing an article about nicotine patches?

    and one of the requirements for the article is to include reactions involved. i'm not sure what this means. the reactions to make nicotine patches? or nicotine itself. I researched on google, and found nothing that relates to reactions, just silly things on how to make pure nicotine. so far for...