1. J

    Delete my long path files?

    Hello Friend's, I'm james, and I have problem in my long path files please suggest me best tools to delete my long files?
  2. D

    Bittorrent: system cannot find the path specified?

    Why do I keep getting the message? The program worked perfectly for ages and now I get this message for everything. It will start downloaded for maybe 10 seconds then give me this message. I press to start downloading again and it will do so for another 15 seconds or so and then I get it again...
  3. G

    A path to lower-risk painkillers

    illers such as morphine and Vicodin are often essential for pain relief. The body’s natural tendency to develop tolerance to these medications, however, often requires patients to take higher doses – increasing risks of harmful side effects and dependency. Now, new research from the University...
  4. L

    If I am born in a home without religion, how do I know what path to take?

    If I am am brought up without being taught one way or another, but I feel something missing in my life, and I wish to preserve my soul for all that I can... There are so many religions out there. And some of them differ greatly. Some of them are exactly the same, but the words are just...
  5. W

    Factors that affect a boat's path?

    For example: A river a boat is travelling on flows at 2m/s in the middle and decreases symmetrically to zero at the banks. In the likeliness that a river's banks are not parallel, what assumptions and effects of these assumptions, can be made when modelling the flow of the river/ position vector?
  6. A

    bitTorrent Error: The system cannot find the path specified?

    i get this error and the download stops, i did not do anything to the files and i have looked for solutions online, they said to change the download location to something simple as D/torrents but that did not help. This has never happened to me in a few years, and its only for this one torrent...
  7. LB

    A book that follows the path of insanity of a person?

    like in higurashii in the Meakashi-hen chapter
  8. T

    Biochemists Open Path To Molecular 'Chaperone' Therapy For Metabolic Disease

    University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers, experts in revealing molecular structure by X-ray crystallography, have identified two new small "chaperone" molecules that may be useful in treating the inherited metabolic disorder known as Schindler/Kanzaki disease. This offers hope for...
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    You desperately want to choose the right path but how? - Oct 07,2012

    You know what you want to do but how do you do it? You keep making all the wrong decisions so what makes you think you can make the right decision? There are simple steps to making good sensible decisions. You can never know how any decision is going to turn out so dont beat yourself up over it...
  10. A

    Smoke Pot, Do Yoga: This Could Totally Be Your Path To Enlightenment

    When most yoga teachers tell us to inhale deeply and then exhale and "let it all out", we don't think they are instructing us to do so with pot. But if you ask Liz McDonald, owner of Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles, getting high before yoga class is like, totally, the hippest way to...
  11. T

    TB Vaccines: The Progress, Path Forward, Highlighted By NIH Researchers

    In the past decade, scientists have made significant progress building the critical knowledge and infrastructure needed to identify and develop novel tuberculosis (TB) vaccine candidates and move the most promising ones into human clinical trials. The results of those trials, coupled with...
  12. R

    What career path should I choose? Interested in economics/modeling/business?

    I like math, economics, business and am interested in modeling. I also enjoying tutoring/coaching (I am a swimmer). What would be a good career to look into? I am currently a sophomore in college (plan to study abroad in London next year). I also plan on going to graduate school. Also, I...
  13. D

    I want to become a fitness trainer and I had questions about the career path.?

    I'm writing a research paper on what it takes to become a fitness trainer, since I plan on becoming one, and I don't know any fitness trainers, so I was hoping that someone would be able to provide me with some information. What made you decide to become a fitness trainer? What educational...
  14. J

    Why is Jesus' path to Heaven considered blasphemy by some of those who follow Paul?

    . Reference: The theme of Jesus' Beatitudes: "If you seek harmony when you can, you will be set-aside for Heaven" . ... (no requirement to believe in God in order to go to Heaven)
  15. L

    I believe gossip is POISON. I call it VERBAL VOMIT. It harms everyone in it's path?

    Do you agree or disagree ?
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    Career path question about Holistic Nutrition?

    Hello, I just have a question about the career path of a holistic nutritionist. I am currently attending a community college and I am trying to obtain an associates degree in science. I just don't know what my next step is. I would like to go to a university but I find that I am limited in which...
  17. M

    I was just thinking: Isn't the Path of Naraka (the "Hell Path"), a bit like the...

    I was just thinking: Isn't the Path of Naraka (the "Hell Path"), a bit like the... ...Catholic concept of Purgatory? They're both supposedly a state of extreme, but temporary suffering, meant to cleanse a soul in some way. (Now, what happens AFTER that is different... But taken alone, they...
  18. T

    Nanosensors Made From DNA May Light Path To New Cancer Tests And Drugs

    Sensors made from custom DNA molecules could be used to personalize cancer treatments and monitor the quality of stem cells, according to an international team of researchers led by scientists at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The new nanosensors can quickly detect a...
  19. N

    Which one is the best path to take on youtube?

    Singing, dancing, or vlogging?
  20. O

    Why did Christ say the path was narrow?

    Why does Christ say the path is narrow to get to heaven? does he mean most Christans Will not get to heaven. are we all damed to hell?