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    Will Tim Tebow Work in New England? If Patriots Have Their Way

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    Kyle Love Diagnosed with Diabetes, Released by Patriots

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    Robert Kraft would welcome a gay player on the New England Patriots

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is one of the most influential figures in the National Football League and has congratulated Jason Collins for becoming the first male athlete in one of the four major sports leagues to reveal that he is gay. Kraft added that he would support a gay...
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    Danny Amendola Patriots Fantasy Football Preview

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    Gisele Bundchen is Patriots MVP

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    ?Shutdown Corner? offseason TPS report: New England Patriots

    Over the next few weeks, "Shutdown Corner" will pay homage to "Office Space" (TPS reports) as we take a quick look back at each team's 2012 season and a look at what lies ahead for the 2013 offseason. We wrap up the AFC East with the New England Patriots. 2012 record: 12-4 What went wrong...
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    Video: Rob Gronkowski talks about injuries, the Patriots, and the Super Bowl

    Shutdown Corner Editor Doug Farrar sits down with Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, and catches up with the prolific tight end on Radio Row. How is the forearm coming along, which Super Bowl tight end impresses him the most, and what specific challenges do the 49ers' and Ravens'...
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    Patriots Crush Jets

    The New England Patriots took on the struggling New York Jets. The Patriots got up early and showed no mercy. At halftime, New England led by a score of 35-3. Following an unwatchable second half, the Jets were finally put out of their misery by a final score of 49-19. Tom Brady and his...
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    Thanksgiving Day Picks: Texans and Patriots look to gain holiday momentum in the AFC

    Houston Texans at Detroit Lions The Texans' usually excellent defense got a major wake-up call last Sunday, when they allowed 37 points to a Jacksonville Jaguars offense that had not scored more than 23 points all season. That Chad Henne replaced Blaine Gabbert certainly helped, but now, the...
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    Report: Patriots ask Rob Gronkowski to stop being so Gronk

    Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski enjoys a good party. He is, as the old saying goes, fiesta. He makes no secret of his love of a good time, and he is not shy around television cameras. Maybe not so much anymore. The Boston Globe quotes a league source as saying that the Patriots would like...
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    Thoughts on the patriots getting another penalty call in their favor after...

    ...complaining? happens every week, people should get use to it now
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    Are these guys pinhead or patriots?

    Bill O'Reilly Bill Maher George Bush Barack Obama Al Gore Sarah Palin George Carlin Dan Quayle
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    Scouting Notebook, Preseason Week 1: Jaguars at Patriots

    A few personnel notes from New England's Thursday win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Pats celebrated a home beatdown, trumping Jacksonville, 47-12.** New England Patriots Having watched a lot of tape of Ryan Mallett at Arkansas, I didn't expect to see him moving as well as he did in his...
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    Chad Ochocinco is the newest Patriots reclamation project

    </p> They're no longer the New England Patriots. They're Father Belichick's Home for Wayward Youths. After acquiring defensive tackle/tub of goo Albert Haynesworth earlier in the day, the New England Patriots have now pulled the trigger on a deal that nets them former Cincinnati Bengals star...
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    What do you think about the Tea Party Patriots Of America wanting to shut DC...

    ...GOV down for budget cuts? for cchildren's childrens futures and fuck the hear and now?
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    Who should the patriots sign or trade for?

    Fitzgerald, floyd as deep threats or tamba Hali,Jason babin, woodley and who should they draft?
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    opinions on patriots rookie Rob Gronkowski?

    I think hes a great tight end. Hes fast for his height and weight and is easy to spot among the defense.
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    why do the patriots always beat the steelers when ever they meet ?

    i mean the the steelers are a great team but when ever they paly the pats they look so weak and inferior. i expect this game to be a close one but it always end up with patriots winning big.
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    Bears vs Patriots predictions?

    predictions? i would say bears win 27-23
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    Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots Super Bowl 45 predictions?

    I predicted this at the beginning of the year, and I know this will be a good game, who wins and what score, and if you have another super bowl prediction what is it?