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    Is budda the most peaceful religion?

    I'm considering practicng budah because I need spirituality and something to believe in. I can't believe in god because christianity, muslims, catholics and scientologist all have history of war, killing, rape, molestation and slavery. It seems that budah is the only religion that preaches peace...
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    If Islam is the most peaceful religion, then why are most Islamic countries...

    ...poor and corrupt? Don't say the interpreted the Quran wrong. If the Quran is so clear and morally correct, then how come it's so confusing in it's message and how come it inspired killers. The Quran demeans Women and homophobic people. Muslims, don't delete this question because ''it's a hate...
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    Peaceful Warrior: Was Dan's accident really necesary to change his

    vision of the world? this question is about the movie called peaceful warrior explain your answer
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    Peaceful instrumental songs for travel video?

    I'm making a video about Bali (Indonesia), showing pictures of the beaches and other stuff, so I need a good background music along with it. Any recommendations?
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    How does the fulness of Christ: graceful, merciful, peaceful differ from

    what Jesus was? Jesus was: - made under the law: Galatians 4 - accuser of the brethren: Mt 9:13b - not just damnation, but greater damnation - not merciful: Matthew 23:14; 25:46 - partial to sheep: Matthew 25:31-33 - swordy division, and not peace: Luke 12:51 - numbered with the transgressors...
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    what is it about the fire, which is so calm and peaceful?

    but inside, all power and destruction, its hiding something. just like people do, sometimes you have to get close to find out whats inside. sometimes you have to get burned to see the truth.
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    what's a peaceful anime?

    i want a little bit of violence in it i didn't like elfen lied too much killing on there i hate lucy too i like lucy but i don't like her evil side nyu
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    Peaceful only march on Washington DC & NY a grass roots movement from all...

    ...states get on buses take a stand by? We The People? We know in one form or another the government cannot control what the banks do. Only a major movement by we the people can cause any change. Look up how it was done in the 1960's we can learn by example that being peaceful we cannot break...
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    I dreamed that my bedroom was a forest. It was warm peaceful and I saw a...

    ...bird flying. I got up to walk out...? ... and I was worried that there may be snakes under the stone paths. I saw a rattlesnake tail. It did not move or shake so I stepped over the stone that it was under. I then told the kids they could no longer walk barefoot. What does this mean?
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    Why is Buddhism intelligible, logical, enlightening, peaceful unlike

    Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc..? Even to an atheist, this deistic philosophy is interesting.
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    To those who believe Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. . . .?

    Do you believe there ARE some Muslims that have goodness in their heart and don't agree with violence or terrorism?
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    When people say that Islam is a peaceful religion, are they joking ? B/c I thought...

    ...they were serious but ...? it would make perfect sense if they were just being sarcastic. Kind of like if I said "Sharks are vegetarians. " with a perfectly straight face. Or if I said "There's an omnipotent entity who loves us". I sincerely hope I haven't pissed off any marine biologists.
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    Is Islam REALLY a peaceful religion?

    I would describe myself as a pretty liberal, and tolerant person. I believe in world peace and equality for all races and ethnic groups. However, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about Islam. Muslims claim that it is a peaceful religion, but that's particularly hard to believe when you have...
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    How often would you say you have a peaceful dream?

    Most,actually, more than most of mine are terrifying. But last night I just dreamed that I was walking with my husband and I was overcome by love for him. It was such a sweet dream and such a switch from the usual rape, demon type deals.
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    Why do people call religion peaceful?

    90% of all wars in the world have been started due to religion and the argument of "where did we come from". First off, I do not understand why people get so tense if someone disagrees with their believes of the origin of human life. To be honest, NO ONE knows where we come from, not the...
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    where to go for a peaceful summer holiday?

    my mum and i are hoping to go on holiday at the end of june this year and were thinking of a greek island or croatia or somewhere like that. we'd like to be near a beach where we can swim (sandy if possible) but without any watersports as my mum hates the noise.. does anywhere like this exist...
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    Would "peaceful" be an example of tone?

    for a poem
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    How can we judge a religion to be peaceful in modern times?

    Any religion that calls itself peaceful must give their followers hope and not use them as control freaks or indoctrinate them towards fundamentalism or extremism or acts of hate or violence of any kind what do you think?
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    How do I get myself to pay less attention to details and be relaxed, peaceful and...

    ...calm? I don't know if this is a problem or not. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy like I see all these details and I can't make it stop. Other people are looking for ways to become more detail oriented and I get lots of compliments but I feel nervous all the time like I have to keep...
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    If the muslim religion is so peaceful, can someone explain this to me? Orchard Park police are investigating a particularly gruesome killing, the beheading of a woman, after her husband -- an influential member of the local Muslim community -- reported her death to police Thursday. Police identified the victim as...