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    New moms and obese people risk complications from influenza: McMaster study

    Although up to 500,000 people world-wide die of severe influenza each year, there has been no clear evidence about who is susceptible for influenza complications and it may not be who people think, says a study from McMaster University. This is important because issues during past influenza...
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    Do famous people go to school?

    Famous people like from The Teen Wolf cast, Tyler Posey, Dylan O' Brien, tyler Hoechlin etc. Just wanted to know
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    How do famous people go to concerts?

    I saw an interview of demi lovato and she said she went to a meylene and the sons of disaster concert but if you don't know the band personally you don't just get to chill out backstage just cause ur famous or do you. Cause they aren't just gonna be in the huge crowd of people and get mobbed so...
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    Why do more people travel to China and Korea when much more people seem to like

    Japan? Why is Japan much less visited than China and South Korea every year? isn't it mysterious? Japan has a popular culture like anime and manga. i thought Americans HATED China for political reasons. maybe because of FUKUSHIMA nuclear disaster !! Asia and the Pacific[edit source |...
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    Is it possible that people in the future will sell themselves to live in a

    fantasy game like GTA, WOW etc? Just read in the news today how addicted some people are to games. I myself am but sitting in front of the screen continuously for 50 hours is something I can never imagine.
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    Is it possible that people in the future will sell themselves to live in a

    fantasy game like GTA, WOW etc? Just read in the news today how addicted some people are to games. I myself am but sitting in front of the screen continuously for 50 hours is something I can never imagine.
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    People are unfollowing me on twitter!!!?

    Hi, I have like 51 followers and when someone follows me it becomes 52 but then the next day it becomes 51 again and I've even counted them and it goes down to 51 and this happens every single time, it's like someone doesn't want be to have more than 51 followers and its getting really annoying...
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    Has there ever been a scientific investigation in to religious people...

    ...speaking in tongues or possessions? Many Christians claim that people speaking in tongues or possessions is proof that supernatural exists but has there even been any real proof or investigations into it?
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    Why do people pick a religion and say their religion is the one true

    religion, including Christians? Can't people see that when you have so many different beliefs in so many different religions and even opposite beliefs with some religions. That what makes sense is ( There is no one true religion) They are all based on only beliefs not any absolute facts
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    Why do people who claim to be Christian emphasize certain Bible passages over others?

    I am a Christian and I am sick of Christians who will condemn homosexuals yet engage in heterosexual fornication, which is also forbidden. I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle but it is not for you to judge and meanwhile you should be trying to fix the problems in your own life instead of...
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    Why do some people treat Judaism as a race?

    My grandmother is jewish, and my mother is jewish, and I'm an atheist. But they both say that I'm jewish, even though I've told them that I'm atheist several times. They think it's a race. Why do people think that Judaism is a race? You can choose to be jewish or not! Thanks! Judaism is a...
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    How many people in a car from a turnpike picture?

    Can someone say how many people in a car from toll picture
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    Why do some people try to show off their expensive gadgets?

    Like they always keep their iPhone on their hand or wear sunglasses and try to act cool and what not. In reality, they're just losers with no life. So why do people do this? Are they just really insecure?
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    More people learning how to restart a heart could save 100,000 lives per year across

    The very first 'European Restart a Heart Day'-to teach members of the public how to help restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest-will be held this autumn, organised by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). The initiative, which takes place on October 16, is aimed...
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    More people beating skin cancer - UK report

    Cancer Research UK says more and more people are surviving malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Their latest statistics, published online this week, reveal that more than 8 in 10 people diagnosed with malignant melanoma will now survive the disease. Forty years ago...
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    People with the lg motion or/also known as lg optimus regard?

    I'm getting the phone next week And I wanna know all the good things about it, special tricks, how you feel about it? what you love about it.. what you don't.. thanks in advance
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    How many people turn their old iPhone into a iPod after you get a new phone?

    I just replaced my old iPhone 3GS with a Nokia Lumia 920. The iPhone is deactivated now, but instead of selling the phone, I kept it around to use as a MP3 player. Who else does this with old iPhones?
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    Movies that merge real people with cartoon characters? Example: Who Framed Roger

    Rabbit? The movies I can think of that do this are: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Cool World Space Jam Looney Tunes: Back in Action Last Action Hero (briefly) Can you think of other movies that combine real people with cartoon characters?
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    Why do people always take picture of cars when the car does not belong to them?

    So yesterday I ask my dad if I could use his bugatti since my mustang gt 500 super snake is getting work on. I took the Bugatti and me and my girl went out to eat I the guy that parks the cars for the restaurant we went to park it right in front of the restaurant. After we had our meal I got my...