1. G

    Dimension Data's cloud solution performance measured in report

    Independent testing carried out in May 2013 by The Tolly Group reveals that Dimension Data’s Public Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) cloud servers showed consistently high performance across CPU, memory, storage and networking measures. The report shows dramatic differences between providers and...
  2. D

    what is the best way to become an overall better health and athletic performance in

    sports (GNC and all).? i want to become physically built and have the best performance possible. i just want to know what to do and take ( from vitamins and shakes to pills and work out plans) i play ball everyday and im good but not good enough for the NBA but i'm going to tryout for the NBA D...
  3. S

    which live performance does john mayer seem to have sex with his guitar?

    there is a live video i saw a while back in which John Mayer goes to the front of the stage, sits on the floor and starts going up and down with his guitar held in front of him... it looks like he is having sex with his guitar. can anybody tell me which one it is??
  4. E

    GNC Mass XXX Pro Performance Questions?

    I bought this super protein supplement it has 50g of protein and 990 calories per serving. Im trying to gain weight over the summer I run 70-80 miles per week but don't do weight lifting. Im 16 6' 1" 135 and need to gain weight will this do the trick? Also when should I take it before or after...
  5. G

    Fusion-io achieves breakthrough shared storage performance

    Fusion-io achieves breakthrough shared storage performance Posted on 13-Jun-2013 11:34. | Filed under: News :*Computing. Fusion-io has announced breakthrough shared storage performance results achieved in collaboration with Brocade Networks, HP, and QLogic. Featuring Fusion ION Data...
  6. G

    New family of Intel processors combines low power consumption with performance

    New family of Intel processors combines low power consumption with performance Posted on 4-Jun-2013 20:43. | Filed under: News :*Computing. Intel Corporation has introduced the 4th generation Intel Core processor family, delivering optimized experiences personalized for end-users'...
  7. G

    AMD launches Opteron X-Series high performance small core x86 server processors

    AMD launches Opteron X-Series high performance small core x86 server processors Posted on 29-May-2013 18:37. | Filed under: News :*Computing. AMD has unveiled a new family of low power server processors, the AMD Opteron X-Series optimized for scale-out server architectures. AMD says the...
  8. R

    Irig performance on Ipad 4?

    I was thinking of getting the Irig for ipad 4 but i've discovered a lot of people have been complaining about the noise feedback being very loud which makes it unusable. I've heard its mainly on the ipad 3. Most people which are using it on the first ipad or 2nd seem to say it works just fine...
  9. K

    GNC Pro Performance Mass XXX?

    I'm 14 year old male, I weigh about 110-115 my goal is to weigh 135-145 by the end of summer. Is this a good Mass builder to use to get bigger and stronger? and if not which one is? (I will be working out 3-4 times a week)
  10. vicky

    if i update my iphone 4 to IOS 6 will it reduce performance?

    i have iphone 4 and want to upgrade with ios 6 is it ok with performance?
  11. T

    Lower Extremity Physical Performance Tests May Help Identify Kidney Disease Patients

    Kidney disease patients who have slower walking speed on physical performance tests seem to be more burdened by their disease than patients who perform well on lower extremity physical performance tests, according to a study appearing in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society...
  12. T

    Suppressing The Brain's "Filter" Can Improve Performance In Creative Tasks

    The brain's prefrontal cortex is thought to be the seat of cognitive control, working as a kind of filter that keeps irrelevant thoughts, perceptions and memories from interfering with a task at hand. Now, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that inhibiting this filter can...
  13. C

    What hat was Marilyn Manson wearing during his performance of Coma White...

    ...during the Twins of Evil tour? I've been trying to figure it out forever now. Does anyone know?
  14. S

    GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX risks?

    I've spoken to my doctor and he is not concerned with me taking this. But what health risks are there with this?
  15. A

    Does being in an air conditioning room improve vocal cords or speech performance?

    I find that after I've finished class for the day, my throat doesn't feel so... Blocked up with mucus or saliva. I speak more clearly too for someone who has a speech problem.
  16. G

    How to optimize BitTorrent for its best performance?

    I have BitTorrent version 7.7.3. my download speed is only reaching upto 20kb/s please help me to change its settings to make download speed faster I need more information please! Im from India and i have BSNL broadband My download speed is 50kb/s but im only getting 20! I want 2 make all my...
  17. NeedCar

    How can upgrade the performance of 1997 es300 Lexus? Paypal reward included!?

    I am already getting lowering springs, to make it more aerodynamic, although I am not sure how much that will help. I am looking for engine performance parts that are compatible with my engine, I already searched for super chargers, turbos, and other things, but I couldn't find anything...
  18. T

    Even After Rehabilitation, Drug Abuse Impairs Sexual Performance In Men

    Researchers at the University of Granada, Spain, and Santo Tomas University in Colombia have found that drug abuse negatively affects sexual performance in men even after years of abstinence. This finding contradicts other studies reporting that men spontaneously recovered their normal sexual...
  19. T

    AllPurposeRoto Hero's n Zero's Work Out & Performance Notes - Dec 18,2012

    AllPurposeRoto Presents the weekly HEROS & ZEROS The fastest 30 minutes of fantasy football coverage on the web and on radio. We cover all the recent performance news for NFL players and rookie prospects.Fantasy Football | Free | NFL | NFL News | Fantasy Depth Chart More...
  20. L

    is the GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60, beneficial?

    I just recently bought the Wheybolic extreme 60 at GNC for about $40 dollars and I know it's known to be more of a lean muscle mass drink. But I have seen a lot of mixed reviews about it and want to know if anyone based off of experience knows if it actually helps you lose weight or just at...